It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

Looking for a memento from all those trips to the winery, but can’t quite fit a barrel into the backseat of your car? Why not go for a clock? Rick Serna of Lodi Barrel Designs has taken our Lodi Appellation by storm, crafting unique furniture […]

Ask the Experts

Local pros answer questions on everything from home design to how to save money on your energy bill. Do you have any tips for adding an accent color to a neutral-colored room? “Some people want to paint one wall, but you can paint the ceiling […]

Don’t Hate, Propagate!

  They are Instagram stars, a go-to décor choice for designers, and a best friend to our ongoing drought. Booming in popularity—both aesthetically and environmentally—succulents are a hot trend that’s here to stay, especially in the San Joaquin Valley. Our poor plants—lately, it seems nearly […]

Tip Toe along the Flagstone

The functionality of flagstone as a decorative focal point is endless. It adds charm to the foliage sprouting up and around your gardens and offers you the perfect surface upon which to build a patio. It makes for an excellent pathway alongside your home and, […]

SJ City Guide

4 Reasons to Opt for a Water Fixture

Amp up your outdoor entertainment, enjoyment, and aesthetics with the sweet, bubbling serenade of a water feature! Excite the kids, relax the wife, and entertain guests while simultaneously building on your already well-renowned landscaping capabilities. In addition to your water feature, why not install a […]

Featured House: Carey Court Residence

Venture off the roads well traveled and discover your own exclusive corner of paradise in the quiet suburbs of Morada. Tucked neatly away from the street and hidden behind the sway of trees is the Carey Court residence, a two-story, 7100 square foot home on […]

Room to Spare

Does a too-small house have you clamoring for more room? Are your clothes haphazardly thrown into a large closet with no organization? Whether space is limited or you possess the square footage but lack the know-how to make the most of it, re-designing your closets […]

Flower Power

Never underestimate the power behind your flowers, because these blossoming beauties were born to be bad! And by bad, we mean good for you and hazardous to the pesky insects and rodents that plague your garden. Whether you’ve got aphids or beetles, fleas or mosquitoes, […]

Parents Magazine

The Facts on Artificial Grass

Grass sucks. And we mean that. Literally. Those luxurious green blades are impeccable at sucking up every droplet of water poured over them. Grass is also great at sucking up a heaping ton of your water bill and-if you haven’t yet installed sprinklers-your precious time. […]

What’s Cooking in Kitchen 2016 Trends

By Lindsey Rodrian As the desire for all-granite-everything evolves and homeowners welcome an innovative industrial look-one thing remains the same: The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families gather to play games, complete homework, create projects, make memories, and promote tradition. The […]

Someone’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

By Melissa Hutsell Revive the old and make anew with the latest home décor trend – refurbishing old furniture to match your own home and personality. Someone else’s trash easily becomes your brand new treasure with a little TLC and some DIY inspiration. Pick Your […]

It’s Easy Bein’ Green

By Lindsey Rodrian Green Man Materials, a locally owned and operated landscape materials supply store in Stockton, is the only local distributer of EasyTurf Synthetic Grass: a do it yourself fix for your yard needs. Say goodbye to brown patches, itchy grass, mowing and weeding […]

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