Manteca Park Golf Teaches Life Lessons

Chipping Away at Life’s Challenges

Youth programs at Manteca Park Golf
Course teach life lessons

 By Angela Rudolph / D By Sophia Elle
Fresh air, beautiful greenery, and the chance to work on physicality—there is a lot to enjoy for anyone who steps onto a golf course. The combination of both the physical and mental challenges that accompany the game of golf makes it an excellent sport for teaching kids not only about how to improve their swings but also how to meet and overcome obstacles they face in their daily lives.
Anyone who has played golf knows that it will quickly teach patience and humility. It’s not an easy game to master and it requires concentration, mental fortitude, and a willingness to try new techniques.
Manteca Park Golf Course is not only a stunning landscape, but it also offers many youth programs through its ACE Junior Golf Academy, helping kids ages 7-17 learn the fundamentals of the game and elevating skills for those who have golfed before. ACE stands for Athletic Commitment to Excellence, a slogan junior golf program instructors coach by not just in the game, but in learning life skills like responsibility and respect.
There are four programs offered: Beta, Alpha, Gamma, and Delta, and some of the programs can build on one another. Alpha and Beta programs are best for beginners, and the Beta program allows participants to attend Alpha weekend clinics. Participants in the Gamma program aim to become elite golfers and must be at least 12 years old and have experience. Delta is geared toward kids who are homeschooled.
Respect, integrity, and hard work are all major tenets of the programs that are taught beyond the basic rules of the game and the obvious skills of improving the golf swing and learning to putt and chip. “The game of golf mirrors the game of life,” says PGA Director of Golf Jeff DeBenedetti. “It’s the only sport where players call a penalty on themselves. Without integrity, respect for others, and hard work at your game you won’t succeed in golf.”
The ACE Junior Golf Academy not only fosters a love for the sport, is also helps build friendships and teaches resilience.


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