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  • Gloves Up!

    Gabriel Flores, 19, started boxing at seven years old. Growing up in Stockton, the sport gave him an outlet to keep himself out of trouble. He knew early on that boxing professionally was his main aspiration, and today he’s signed to Top Rank Promotions, boxes […]

    Kids Taking a Stand

    When life gives you lemons, why not turn it into an opportunity to give back to the community? That’s what three young entrepreneurs did in 2006 when they started what would become the community’s largest lemonade stand, with more than 75 young participants involved each […]

    Life in the Bike Lane

    What has two wheels and is good for your health and the planet? Chances are you already know the answer, but Bike Lodi, a newly minted 501c nonprofit, is encouraging people to leave the car at home and put the pedal to the pavement—the bike […]

    Pumpkin Fields Forever

    By October, every kid is excited about pumpkin season. But the preparations for what most of us don’t consider until Oct. 1 have been happening under the soil since at least June. For four months, farmers pre-irrigate land, hand plant seeds, cultivate weeds, fertilize soil, […]


    Suit Up!

    For the last five years, Jazz Dhatt has been at the helm of Tuxedos of Lodi, slinging suits with an inspiring amount of insight, honesty, and joy. “I just like talking to people as friends,” he reveals. “I’m not trying to make anyone buy something.” […]

    Día de los Muertos

    Día de los Muertos is often incorrectly celebrated as a Mexican Halloween. In reality, the two holidays have no relation, except that one falls the day after the other. The joyous (and colorful) celebration of life and death known as Dia de los Muertos is […]

    Chalk Talk

    Merrin Straw is leaving her mark on Lodi—and it’s written in chalk. The Lodi resident, artist, and owner of Chalk Talk is decorating the town one a-frame and menu board at a time. “I’ve always been an artist so whatever job I’ve had I’ve always […]

    An Elegant Fall Tablescape

    When it comes to fall décor, it’s all about bringing autumnal beauty indoors. But that doesn’t necessarily mean decorating with brightly colored pumpkins and amber leaves. There are many beautiful seasonal colors and textural elements that can be used to create a tablescape that isn’t […]

    SJ City Guide

    Introducing Calli Grace

    High school honor student, varsity athlete, dancer, student body vice president, and iTunes recording artist—that is Calli Grace in a nutshell. Calli Grace started writing her own music at eight years old, when she received her first guitar as a Christmas present. By 12, she […]

    Field of Dreams

    In 2018, the St. Mary’s baseball team lost the second round of playoffs to Davis Senior High School (who went on to play in the SEC championship). The goal had been to take that SEC title, but for the varsity high school team, the win-loss […]

    Time to Downsize

    There are a lot of reasons that seniors might choose to downsize to a smaller home. After children move out there is less need for space, the costs associated with retirement may make a lower mortgage look more appealing, or you may need to find […]

    The Night Shift

    But when most of the city has gone to sleep, there is a group of nocturnal workers just starting the day. After dinner they shuffle off to odd shifts, ready to work a long night by streetlight. From medical professionals to service workers, these individuals […]

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