15 Cities in 15 Days

After months of being quarantined in one city, we’re all itching to get out and explore. But when we’re allowed to travel again, where will we go? If you’ve spent months dreaming of all the spots you’d visit when it was all over, it likely […]

Fire Prevention on Four Legs

Wildfires have always shaped California’s landscape, but as warmer spring and summer temperatures return year after year and cause earlier snowmelts, the state’s wildfire season is starting earlier and lasting longer. Before the hoses and fire retardants ever come out, California deploys a different kind […]

Fulfilling A Civic Duty

When COVID-19 caused shelter-in-place orders in San Joaquin County, the Community Foundation mobilized to start the San Joaquin Emergency Response Fund, a fund used to support food banks, essential social service providers, homeless shelters, and schools as the disease and closures quickly affected everyone in […]

Wild Blooms Flower Farm

Nestled in the midst of Ripon’s cherry and almond orchards sits a dreamy little flower farm where guests are welcomed with a picturesque self-service farm stand beckoning locals to pick a wrapped bouquet of fresh in-season blooms. In the summertime, the fields behind the stand […]

SJ City Guide

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

There are two types of non-native mosquitos on the CDC’s radar this year, Aedes aegypti (the yellow fever mosquito) and Aedes albopictus (the Asian tiger mosquito). Both mosquitoes can live and reproduce in California, however the prevalence of the yellow fever mosquito is much greater, especially in Northern […]

The Lost Sierras

The Lost Sierra sounds like a mystical place better suited for a J.R.R. Tolkein novel or James Cameron film than the real world. But many will be surprised to hear that this real-life wonderland is not only in California, it’s just three short hours from […]

Video Game Addiction Questions

What are some of the negative affects of video game addiction in kids? As the school nurse, disrupted sleep patterns are one of the first signs I see at school. When students are not getting enough sleep, they are not ready able to come to […]

When We Meet Again

Hey, we miss you. And I bet you’ve missed us—and everyone else—too. While it’s been necessary to shelter in place and keep our distance for quite some time due to Covid-19, we’ve spent the whole “break” dreaming of the days we can start seeing people […]

On the Town

Give it a Spin

Disc golf is a hybrid of golf and frisbee with the objective of getting a disc into a target in as few throws as possible. Like golf, courses feature 9 or 18 holes, and discs are thrown from a starting “tee” to a finishing “hole.” […]

Destination Downtown Lodi

Whether you live in Lodi or just outside of it, chances are you’ve been to the area to explore, but when we live somewhere it can be hard to see our hometown for the tourist destination it is. Step out into Downtown Lodi and enjoy […]

Breaking Through Glass Ceilings

Kathryn Nance, 45, is the second female police officer to promote to captain at the Stockton Police Department. However, she isn’t fulfilling any great lifetime dream with her success. In fact, Kathryn never had any intention of becoming a cop at all. It was a […]

Mosaic Stepping Stones

Want to add some color to your backyard? There is no better time than the present to take on an art project that doubles as a home renovation, and mosaic stepping stones are just the piece to add function and frivolity to a playful backyard […]

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