1-Click Car Buying

Buying a car has rarely been easy. It’s time consuming, it’s stressful, and some people feel like they are being taken advantage of. Car dealerships in San Joaquin County work hard to make the car buying process easier, and to reassure customers they  aren’t working […]

Rise & Grind

In Lodi wine country, sustainability is more than a marketing term. It’s a way of life. Sustainability encompasses all aspects of Lodi wine country. From the vineyard to the bottle, our local farmers and winemakers continue to lead the nation in their efforts to make […]

Hispanic Heritage Month

As of 2019, the US Census Bureau estimated that 42 percent of San Joaquin County’s population is Hispanic or Latino. For Gracie Madrid, who spearheads efforts to bring cultural events to the community through the Mexican Heritage Center in Stockton, Hispanic Heritage Month is an […]

Time After Time

Marie and Joe Hohn opened House of Clocks in Lodi in 1970, which means 2020 marks the company’s 50th anniversary, now owned and operated by two of Marie and Joe’s sons, Steve and Chuck, and Chuck’s wife Sandy. “They would be shocked. I’m pretty sure,” […]

On the Town

Watercolor Whimsy

Creativity grows in the Valley and for San Joaquin County’s watercolor artists, there is no shortage of inspiration. Patti Kennedy, who has been teaching art with programs like Artists in Schools for nearly two decades, shows her work at the Lodi Community Art Center.  “I […]

Tech Talk

As people get older, it’s normal for social circles to become smaller. At the same time, their independence may begin to slip, they get out of the house less often, and loneliness sets in. Now add a pandemic into the mix and it isn’t hard […]

Fall Colors in Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is an adventurer’s paradise. Year-round the outdoor activities—from skiing and snowboarding to fishing and hiking—beckon travelers from across the world to come for a visit. About four hours from here, the locale is easy to get to, but it sets itself apart. A […]

California Champignons

Cherries have come and gone, asparagus has had its day, and tomatoes are winding down for the summer, but mushroom season is just getting started. “Some of the mushrooms are going to show up in the fall,” says Michael Sampson, President of Sacramento Area Mushroomers […]

At Home Mag

Whip It Good

Sometimes great ideas find us. For Ashley Parham, that was the case with her business The Beekeeper’s Honey, which she started in 2017. The story goes a little like this: Ashley was working at a local fruit stand when a customer asked if they sold […]

Beyond Plastic

It’s hard to escape plastic in today’s day and age. The petroleum oil byproduct permeates nearly every facet of daily life, from the kitchen stocked with water bottles and food storage bags to the closet hung with synthetic clothing. While states like California are slowly […]

Ride in Style

Lodi is a cycler’s dream. Not only is the city overflowing with gorgeous vineyard views and easy trail rides, there is an entire community working behind the scenes to encourage safe rides as a sustainable alternative in San Joaquin County. Between Bike Lodi’s initiatives, which […]

Saving Face

I don’t think any of us could have predicted that face masks would become the hottest fashion accessory of 2020. With mask-wearing mandates across the state, and even over state lines, it’s become clear that we will be wearing these cloth coverings for the foreseeable […]

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