2015 Winners: BEST OF Health, Beauty, & Fitness

Best of San Joaquin

of CrossFit 209

By Melissa Hutsell

Since 2009, Gabe Subry has helped San Joaquin become healthier through his Stockton-based strength training and conditioning program, CrossFit 209. As one of the first facilities of its type in the region, Gabe made his lifelong dream a reality by introducing his elite fitness courses, which consists of Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and aerobic exercise, to the Central Valley.

Gabe, who grew up in Lodi and returned to the area after graduating with his BA in Business Marketing, was always athletic. In addition to going to the gym on a regular basis since the age of 15, “I played soccer, baseball and board sports- snowboarding, skateboarding, and wakeboarding.” As a natural step for him, he maintained his love for fitness by working as a personal trainer, that is, until he discovered CrossFit. “Initially it was something new and exciting to do with my clients.” After learning more about the benefits of CrossFit, he became more intrigued. “It was less about teaching people and myself how to change their physic, but rather how to make them healthy.” He explains that the programs extend far beyond just daily regimens or strength building by helping to maintain function and live independently as we age. “The more I learned about the science behind the whole program, the more it made sense,” he adds, “It’s hands down the best program for building true fitness and it’s been proven time and time again, and backed up with scientific research.”

On a typical day, you can catch Gabe and his team programming workouts (so that each day is different and there is a balance of fitness), teaching classes, and coaching. “A cool part about the job,” he says, “it’s so different for everyone.” He coaches for a broad range of needs, from 70 year old beginners to 22 year old athletes that are deadlifting 500 pounds. “Awareness of health and fitness through CrossFit is seemless. Health should be a part of everyone’s life- but gets put on the backburner because it takes time and it’s hard. But, it could be the difference between you living and dying.”

Gabe is certified in level one and level two CrossFit certification ISSA, and is a member of the level one CrossFit seminar staff, which takes him around the world to teach the seminars. His passion for the sport, which continues to gain international momentum as an effective form of exercise, weight loss and fitness for both men and women, not only stems from his own desire for bodybuilding but from seeing the significant difference it makes in the lives of his clients. He sees it as an opportunity to help people change their lives, “it’s more than just losing body fat and gaining muscle. I’ve see so many people’s lives changed just from working out; they gain confidence, have more energy, learn how to fight harder, and that applies to everything in their life,” he adds, “It’s rewarding to watch those transformations.”

Where do you go to unwind in San Joaquin?

Paddle boarding at Lodi Lake.

Your favorite Happy Hour in San Joaquin?

Garlic Brothers



Hayes Chiropractic
Lodi: (209) 368-6639
Stockton, Fremont St.:  (209) 463-6639
Stockton, Thornton St.: (209) 952-6639
Galt: (209) 745-6639

Stockton’s Hayes Chiropractic does much more than treat back and neck pain by offering patients a wide variety of treatment options for disorders that include Carpal Tunnel, neck, back and foot pain, obesity, Diabetes, headaches, and Fibromyalgia among much more. A diversity of treatment approaches encompass physical therapy, non-force activator methods, and nutritional advice are used for an all-inclusive and well-rounded treatment.


Central Valley Dermatology
423 N. Lincoln Center, Stockton
(209) 477-SKIN (7546)

The team at Central Valley Dermatology in Stockton has helped the Central Valley bring out their most beautiful skin by sharing their secrets with San Joaquin. They are so dedicated to their products and services, they use them themselves…giving customers a guarantee they can see for themselves! The highly trained team has earned their way to the top as the county’s best with their years of experience in services including facials, peels, laser treatment and waxing among much more in their full-scale skin service business.


Wheeler Orthodontics
4568 Feather River Dr., # D, Stockton
(209) 951-0151

As the prime location in San Joaquin for orthodontic care, Wheeler Orthodontics offers a relaxing environment combined with the latest technologies so that you can achieve your best smile with the most efficient care. Whether you are looking for Invisalign or ceramic braces, Dr. Wheeler and his team recognize each patient’s individual needs by offering a broad range of services suited for you. Comfort and quality is their top priority!


Total Body Cosmetic Surgery Center
1805 N. California St., Suite #201, Stockton
(209) 939-3800

Achieve the ultimate rejuvenation at Stockton’s Total Body Cosmetic Surgery Center. Creativity, vision and experience come together at this state of the art cosmetic facility to give San Joaquinians total wellness through their surgical, spa and0- medi services. Whether you’re looking for instance radiance, laser treatment or even liposuction, the Surgical Center is a one-stop shop for your beautifying needs.

Hair Salon

Pomp Salon
349 Lincoln Center, Stockton
(209) 954-9255

The style, feel and energy of this salon will have you feeling brand new in no time! In order to stay up to date with current fashion trends, each stylist has a constant stream of education, guaranteeing confidence and knowledge. These hair gurus go far beyond a cut and color, but focus on enhancing your overall style for a look that will turn heads. Their obsession with your hair means a fierce attention to detail, tailored for you.  So sit back, relax with a complimentary beverage and get ready for a pomped-up transformation.



The Spa at Wine & Roses
2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi
(209) 334-6988

Escape the Central Valley and step into Wine and Roses, a true Eden for San Joaquin.  Rose bushes and oak trees set the whimsical, romantic tone for the ultimate spa destination and all-inclusive experience. Their full-scale salon offers topnotch amenities such as a hair and nail salon, steam rooms, facials, massages and hot tubs, to name just a few. To ensure a tranquil customized spa experience, the spa offers a brief consultations with experienced therapists to address your individual needs. From a Spa Decadence package to a Couples Interlude, organic deep pore cleansing facials (for both men and women) to body treatments, you will step out feeling like a new person. This is more than your average spa!

health- WINNER wine and roses Spa Element-Girl in plunge pool

Tanning Salon

Lodi: (209) 333-8267
100 N. Cherokee Ln., Lodi
Stockton: (209) 476-8267
7145 Pacific Ave., Stockton

At Havatan, it’s always sunny. While our San Joaquin summers make for plenty of sun-filled days, we turn to our regional salons to achieve that perfect, consistent glow so we are always bikini ready. This boutique-tanning salon prides itself in its spacious, inviting salon with a variety of products to guarantee flawless color. Look good and feel good with their assortment of services, including merchandize and an oxygen bar.

Personal Trainer

Ben Mackie Fitness
840 W Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton
(209) 955-0360

As the premiere private studio in Stockton, Ben Mackie Fitness offers complete package deals for all aspects of your health. From Pilates to nutrition, massages and structured workouts to pain and stress management, Ben Mackie trainers will work with you to accomplish your goals whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or just improving your performance through workout routines tailored to your needs. With a team like this, becoming a healthier you will be enjoyable.

Yoga Studio

Bikram Yoga
2341 Pacific Ave., Stockton
(209) 948-9642

One step inside Bikram Yoga and you will see why it’s been voted best in the County several years running. With a plethora of studios, satisfied customers, workout gear and activities, Bikram has made a name for itself as a San Joaquin (and American) favorite. The Pacific Avenue location is passionate and dedicated to your health, with instructors that inspire from the beginning. Each customer is assured both physical and mental benefits as Bikram Yoga focuses on healing our mind and body to gain clarity.

DIY Luscious Locks (Editor’s Picks)

Sir Gauuan’s Superhair Salons and Beauty Supply
1209 W. March Ln., Stockton
(209) 957-4244

Going far beyond a great place for a cut and color, Sir Gauuan’s stocks their selves with designer and professional products for the public to enjoy at home. Their helpful staff will navigate you through their seemingly endless supply, ranging from make-up to nail polish and hair treatments. Just let the gals know what you’re looking for, hoping to achieve or desperately need and you will head home with a quality solution. One of our favorites is the Joico K-Pack Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment to revitalize, nourish and repair locks for shining, strong, show-stopping hair.


Just for You (Editor’s Picks)

Perfect Balance Day Spa
401 W. Pine St., Lodi
(209) 333-8117

Perfect Balance Day Spa offers completely customized skin care regimens, mixing and matching products created by Dr. Murad, in addition to the Age Reform Line, Redness Therapy, Vitamin C and many others from covering every concern from acne and pore refining to aging. Within Dr. Murad’s line, numbers organize formulation of the products; cleansers being number one, treatments number two, and hydrators and sunscreens number 3. Just stop by the spa and discuss your concerns and needs, and the educated staff will help you identify your skin type and varying needs, with products to match- resulting in your best skin ever!

Shape it, Baby (Editor’s Picks)

Bloom Wellness Lounge
4557 Quail Lakes Dr., Stockton
(209) 476-1930

Stockton’s Bloom Wellness Lounge caters to residents looking to improve their health and wellness. Their services are perfect for men and women on the go, offering services affordable and easily integrated into a busy schedule. Their Herbal Contour Body Wrap allows you to pin point problem areas and lose their unwanted inches. The wraps help to slenderize areas like the abdomen, his and thighs, or you can opt for a full body wrap, all boasting weight loss results, toned muscles relief of chronic pain, removal of toxins and much more!

Connect the Dots to Better Health (Editor’s Picks)

Inner Balance Medicine
801 S. Ham Ln., Lodi
(209) 369-5008

The Lodi location is dedicating to treating San Joaquin with a holistic approach that manages and promotes health through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their Acupuncturist is skilled in Japanese Meridian Therapy, a style offering gentle, painless and relaxing experience dependent upon the equal distribution and movement of qi (your body’s energy) throughout the channels. Through restoration of all 12 channels it is believed that the body essentially heals itself.

Bat your Lashes (Editor’s Picks)

Total Body Cosmetic Surgery Center
1805 N. California St., Stockton
(209) 939-3800

Total Body Cosmetic Surgery Center is your one stop shop to an even more beautiful you. Their eyelash perm service creates bigger, brighter eyelashes with no make-up or eye lash curler required! The perm keeps your lashes upturned resulting in fuller, longer looking lashes every second of the day. You really did “wake up like this!”

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