Caring For You

There is no single definition of self-care. For everyone, it means something different. Ultimately, it’s about remembering to take the time to care about one’s self physically, mentally, and emotionally. For some, this is as simple as a trip to the spa or a hot […]

Mouth Myths

There’s a lot more to dental care than brushing and flossing, and a dental hygiene routine that leaves one person with those picture-perfect pearly whites might not work so well for another. With so many misconceptions about the best approach to dental health, we’re here […]

Allergies and Your Pet

What to do when Fido itches Just like people, our pets can react to allergens in their environment or diet. If your pets are constantly licking, biting, or scratching at themselves, they might be dealing with allergies. Here’s how to recognize if your pet has […]

Natural Remedies

Artesian Natural Foods is committed to community health Whether you fancy yourself a health nut, are on the lookout for healthy alternatives to your favorite snacks, or want to combat a specific issue like headaches or allergies, Artesian Natural Foods has got the goods. The […]

Parents Magazine

Sizzling Summer Survival

After a long, wet winter most native Californians can’t wait for warmer weather. But with those sunny California days come sky-high temperatures and the very real danger of overheating. Overheating isn’t just a matter of being uncomfortably hot or getting hot to the point of […]

Men’s Health Feature

Healthy living is in. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building, body contouring, a better diet, or a total health overhaul, San Joaquin County has the resources to help you make it happen. We’ve rounded up three local men, experts in weight loss, fitness, […]

Not all Vitamins are Created Equal

Vitamins are like an insurance policy. You take them because they give you a baseline of nutrients to serve as a backup to your (mostly) healthy diet. However, not all are created equal, and there are some that are definitely better for you than others. […]

The Million Dollar Question:

Fitness experts weigh in on how to burn fat and maintain muscle From low carb diets, to intermittent fasting, to replacing meals with protein shakes, fitness fanatics around the world spend their whole lives searching for the correct answer to this question: how to burn […]

At Home Mag

What is Your Skin Telling You?

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it can be the first indication that something isn’t quite right inside. Pay attention to changes in skin to keep an eye on overall health. Those recent breakouts or sudden rash most likely are not […]

5 Practices to Help You Age Well

Your lifestyle is a major determinant of how well you’ll age – and we’re not talking about wrinkles or a lack thereof. If you acknowledge that you can continue to grow as you transition into your senior years, then aging doesn’t have to be about […]

Choose Your Baby’s Gender

Forget old wives tales that claim to help families choose a baby’s gender. Diet changes and the timing of sexual intercourse most likely won’t help fulfill your dreams of birthing a boy or girl. Want to accurately dictate the gender of your next child? Well, […]

Sexual Health Checklist

Sexual health is important at every age. Throughout our lives it’s important to get regular check-ups, screenings and vaccines in order to stay healthy. Learn when it’s time to get each of these appointments for yourself and your children—and then schedule any you may have […]

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