Ask the Experts: Dr. Sam Varon, Venetian Pet Hospital

September 19, 2018

My dog’s breath smells horrible, is there something wrong with his teeth? Bad breath is usually caused by significant infection in the mouth and is a sign that your pet may need veterinary attention! It is important to have your dog examined on an annual […]

50 Ways to Women’s Wellness

September 18, 2018

Helpful Tips for a Healthier You Wellness is an ongoing journey. Sometimes we may feel like we’ve gone off course, and it can be intimidating to try and get back on the right path. But all it really takes is just a few steps in […]

Steps to Perform a Breast Self-Exam

September 18, 2018

Camille Abeldt, Breast Health Nurse Navigator, RN, VSN, with Sutter Health Medical Foundation sat down with San Joaquin Magazine to talk prevention in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Monthly breast self-examinations should begin as soon as you develop breasts. “Why?” Camille asks, “Because cancer […]

Top 5 Food and Nutrition Trends for Women

September 18, 2018

Activated Charcoal Activated Charcoal is a form of charcoal that is “activated” by processing it at very high temperatures. The high temperatures change its internal structure, making it extremely absorbent. Activated charcoal’s negatively charged, porous texture helps trap toxins, preventing your body from absorbing them. […]

At Home Mag

Not Just Skin Deep

September 18, 2018

Self-care begins with skincare Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and certainly one of the most important, but knowing how to properly care for your skin isn’t an exact science. We walk past shelves of products everyday, see commercials and advertisements with […]

Dental Care As We Age

August 20, 2018

As we age, our bones lose density and become more brittle. It’s also not uncommon to get sick more often and stay sicker for longer. Oral health is no different than any other physical health conditions for seniors; being older simply increases risk. But what […]

Dental Care for All Ages

August 20, 2018

Experts weigh in on oral health, from newborns to baby boomers From a young age, kids begin to learn the importance of brushing their teeth and having a healthy smile. As adults, our smiles are linked to our confidence. So why does oral health and […]

Striving Against Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Student Athletes

August 20, 2018

Dr. Ramin Manshadi Leads the Crusade Through Education, Training and Giving Few things are more tragic than a life taken at an early age. Many have read versions of the horrifying headline: ‘Young, promising high school athlete dies suddenly while playing their sport.’ In the […]

On the Town

Take a Bite Out of the Raw Food Diet

June 30, 2018

Everyone’s health could benefit from the natural vitamins and nutrients found in raw fruits and veggies. In fact, the power of leafy greens alone are a guaranteed way to get more fiber, iron, potassium, and calcium into a diet. But the raw food diet isn’t […]

Hey, Sunshine

June 30, 2018

Sun-kissed shoulders aren’t cute when it comes to longtime dermatologist and owner of California Skin & Laser Centers, Dr. Gerald Bock. He’s been in practice since 1974 and says he tells his patients that sun exposure to the skin is like cigarette exposure for the […]

Understanding Arthritis

June 30, 2018

Arthritis is a condition that can, and does, affect millions of people as they age. According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is the leading cause of disability among adults in the U.S. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which affects an estimated 31 […]

Treating a Sunburn

June 30, 2018

The best course of action to protect against sunburns is prevention. But when SPF isn’t enough, it’s time to go on the defense. Use these quick tips for soothing bad burns, especially those on young, sensitive skin. 1) Whip out the dairy. This all-natural approach […]

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