Twin Arbors Barre Fusion Program

Barre Fusion Build long, lean muscles  By Angela Rudolph / D By Sophia Elle Diana Brown, who has taught fitness classes since 2008, is dabbling in a new exercise field—barre fusion. Taught at Twin Arbors Private Sports Club, the fitness instructor is all in […]

Local OB/GYNS answer our biggest questions

What is a good age for a woman’s first visit to an OBGYN and what can she expect? The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends initiating gynecologic visits between the ages of 13 and 15. “A patient’s first visit is just a talk between […]

How one orthodontist spearheaded a cause to care for SJC families

Manjeet Samra was born and raised in Lodi. But his parents and other family members migrated to Stockton in the 1980s from Punjab, the Indian state near the Pakistan border often targeted by extremists. Self-sustainment was the family’s priority in California; orthodontic care wasn’t apriority. […]

Get healthy without ditching carbs

Jay Slater, a former bodybuilder, worked in the fast-food supply business. It’s a line of work he says contributed to obesity and other problems in the world. After 30 years, Slater decided it was time to chase his health and fitness passion as a career. […]

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Dr. Gary Alegre of Alpine Orthopaedic Medical Group weighs in

Since as many as 85 percent of individuals will experience lower back pain in their lifetime, it’s important to understand—and explore—the different reasons for your discomfort. Anything from a strained muscle to degenerative arthritis can be at play, and the appropriate treatments for each vary […]

Do the pros of vaping outweigh the cons?

Vaping was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist and smoker who believed if he could simulate smoking, it would help him cut back on his three packs of cigarettes a day. He hoped to lessen the risk of dying from lung cancer like his […]

Read Up On Your Workout

Whether you’re a long-time fitness enthusiast or just barely clinging to your New Year’s resolution to get back into shape, Stockton-based sports cardiologist Dr. Ramin Manshadi’s new book can help motivate you to get up and moving. The book, The Wisdom of Exercise Health, aims […]

Samra Orthodontics gifts confidence to kids

A straight smile can do a whole lot more than just boost your confidence. Studies have found that people with straight teeth are twice as likely to be seen as competent, intelligent, trustworthy, and healthy, which can have a huge impact on both personal and […]

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Zeiter Eye answers who is a good candidate for LASIK

Who said perfect vision wasn’t possible? According to Zeiter Eye Medical Group’s Dr. John Canzano, more than 90 percent of people who have LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) end up with vision between 20/20 and 20/40 without any need for glasses or contact lenses. The […]

Infant Swimming Resources (ISR) Saves Lives

It’s never the wrong season to focus on swim safety. With mild weather, indoor pool options, and year-round classes, kids in San Joaquin County tend to swim long into the fall and maybe even beyond. And while infants should never be left near a pool […]

Mattress tech encourages better sleep

Quality (and quantity) of sleep is a key component of optimal health. In fact, for the average adult, both the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society recommend a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night on a regular basis to stave […]

A doctor’s dos and don’ts when eating out

It can be hard to exercise self-control when you’re looking at a mile-long menu packed with tastebud tantalizing options. But your healthy habits don’t have to suffer just because you’re away from home. With the right knowhow—and a few tips from cardiologist Ramin Manshadi—you can […]

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