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  • Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

    Old futuristic movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey that depicted a design style of modern elegance with classic white and stark contrasts in their set designs could have become the blueprint for some styles now […]

    Cool It

    Summer is right around the corner and ready to kick our thermostats into the triple digits. Make sure your electric bill doesn’t follow suit by getting your air conditioner checked before our Central Valley’s lovely […]

    Real Estate Rebound

    How the San Joaquin Housing Market Has Recovered and what it means for the county’s economic future. [one_half]It’s been almost a decade since the housing bubble popped, since California home values plummeted and foreclosures threatened […]

    Art by the Barrel

    Sometimes memories are made by more than a moment behind the selfie stick. Every now and then, they’re etched into a signature stem glass, or prepared through a nostalgic dish you’ve enjoyed as far back […]

    SJ City Guide

    Tree Huggers Unite

    Trees help clean our air—removing fossil fuel emissions, improving air quality, and reducing nearby indoor air pollution by more than 50 percent. They provide us with oxygen, help clean our drinking water, and as the […]

    It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

    Looking for a memento from all those trips to the winery, but can’t quite fit a barrel into the backseat of your car? Why not go for a clock? Rick Serna of Lodi Barrel Designs […]

    Ask the Experts

    Local pros answer questions on everything from home design to how to save money on your energy bill. Do you have any tips for adding an accent color to a neutral-colored room? “Some people want […]

    SJ City Guide

    Don’t Hate, Propagate!

      They are Instagram stars, a go-to décor choice for designers, and a best friend to our ongoing drought. Booming in popularity—both aesthetically and environmentally—succulents are a hot trend that’s here to stay, especially in […]

    Tip Toe along the Flagstone

    The functionality of flagstone as a decorative focal point is endless. It adds charm to the foliage sprouting up and around your gardens and offers you the perfect surface upon which to build a patio. […]

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