Jen Howell’s artsy ornaments add local flair to every tree

Your Christmas tree is more than a simple piece of holiday décor and this year your holiday spirt is going to shine through when you deck the halls with photojournalist-turned-alcohol artist Jen Howell’s handcrafted ornaments. “My main focus is alcohol ink art. It is abstract and […]

This summer, say yes to faux!

Perhaps you’ve considered synthetic grass before and been turned off by some of what you’ve seen or heard. When turf isn’t done right, the aesthetics can be off-putting, but with proper installation, faux grass can be a big benefit, requiring less watering and less maintenance. […]

What your lawn really wants

If you looked out your front window this scorching summer afternoon and were dismayed to see your lawn falling victim to the soaring temperatures, chances are your first thought was “more water!” But when it comes to lawn care, how you water is just as […]

Reduce back strain and joint pain

Gardening can be such a powerful outlet for stress relief or boosting a bad mood, but as we age the up-and-down and added pressure on hands and knees can become troublesome for joints and even lead to pain that affects daily life. While there are […]

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Brightening the Backyard

If California is queen when it comes to colorful gardens, then annuals are the crown jewel that give that grandiose glam, the pop of pizzaz that every backyard gardener is dreaming about. Arguably the easiest and fastest way to add a splash of color to […]

Add a structure to your backyard for style and shade

It’s no secret that the valley gets hot in summer. With plenty of days reaching beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, homeowners are often looking for shade from the unrelenting sun. And while trees can provide some of that shade, they also take up space, require maintenance, […]

The owner of Sunset Nursey will help your garden grow

April is a green light for gardening. The spring month signals the start of growing season where all the rules go out the window—the frost fear is long gone, sunny days are here, and most plants will thrive going forward. With more time spent at […]

How to choose a dream home for your golden years

A dream home. Many people strive to find that “forever” home that will serve their family for years to come. But some don’t consider that everything you need now won’t be everything you need later. As we age, our needs change, and that three-story Victorian […]

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Goodbye Garden Pests

Few things are more frustrating to a gardener than watching a perfectly healthy plant begin to wilt, yellow, mold, spot, or get chewed on. Often times, if the perpetrator of these offenses is left for too long, the plant will need to be regularly treated. […]

Tour Extravagant Holiday Homes

For one day only, Omega Nu—Lodi’s invitation-only sorority—is hosting its annual holiday home tour, a philanthropic event created to raise money to fuel the group’s charitable efforts year round. Get prepared to ooh and aww at the decorations inside six appointed Lodi homes, a celebration […]

Style with Tile

Tile is more than an option for durable flooring and simple bathroom countertops. The material that is perhaps best known as flooring for your home’s wet spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, etc.), is also giving homes new life with colorful bursts for backsplashes or luxury finishes […]

Outdoor décor

Stockton averages more than 260 days of sun each year and there’s no better way to enjoy those sunny afternoons than in your own backyard. It’s no surprise that tonnes of residents visit the Charming Bench website to find inspiration for their backyard. This is […]

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