Goodbye Garden Pests

Few things are more frustrating to a gardener than watching a perfectly healthy plant begin to wilt, yellow, mold, spot, or get chewed on. Often times, if the perpetrator of these offenses is left for too long, the plant will need to be regularly treated. […]

Tour Extravagant Holiday Homes

For one day only, Omega Nu—Lodi’s invitation-only sorority—is hosting its annual holiday home tour, a philanthropic event created to raise money to fuel the group’s charitable efforts year round. Get prepared to ooh and aww at the decorations inside six appointed Lodi homes, a celebration […]

Style with Tile

Tile is more than an option for durable flooring and simple bathroom countertops. The material that is perhaps best known as flooring for your home’s wet spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, etc.), is also giving homes new life with colorful bursts for backsplashes or luxury finishes […]

Outdoor décor

Stockton averages more than 260 days of sun each year and there’s no better way to enjoy those sunny afternoons than in your own backyard. It’s no surprise that tonnes of residents visit the Charming Bench website to find inspiration for their backyard. This is […]

SJ City Guide

Living Coral

Pantone’s Color of the year belongs in your home Every year Pantone announces a new color of the year, and those who want to remain trendy find chic ways to incorporate the color into their lives. While wearing living coral is one way to don […]


Vintage and rustic pieces give spaces character, turning houses into homes. But how can you take what you already have and turn it into something you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family? Here are a few ideas for how to make the […]

How To: Master the Gallery Wall

What is it? An artistic display of items that are important to you, ranging from frames to photos to wood signs and more. What to include: A gallery wall can honestly include whatever you like, but sentimental items are often at the top of the […]

Flower Power

Who said fresh flowers are only for special occasions? The many benefits associated with keeping fresh flowers in your space suggest otherwise. Got a case of the summer blues? It’s a proven fact that just being around fresh flowers increases one’s happiness, reduces anxiety, and […]


Bring the Outside In

Home trendsetters are telling us to start letting the outside through those doors and into our homes. But we’re not going to do it just because some hip interior designer told us to. The fact is that there are reasons this trend isn’t slowing down. […]

Get Your Art On!

DIY: Make Your Own Art Experts say that those who work creatively every day are happier overall, and creating art has even been linked to reducing stress and boosting mood. Get your happy on around town with local, creative outlets. From building terrariums to the […]

The 4 Stones to Know

According to Geno Gonzales, vice president of operations at Marble Palace, Inc., 98 percent of San Joaquin County residents have one of four types of stone in their homes. The big players are granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite, and each one has its own perks. […]

Color Pop!

A neutral color palette is all the rage—have you seen Kim and Kanye’s all-white mansion?—but a complete lack of color can feel a little dull for some. A lot of people are embracing the neutrals—tans, greys, and white—and a punch of bright color may be […]

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