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Although the fight for a matching wardrobe may prove difficult, Sassy Pants Boutique is a fashionable, creative outlet for both mother and child. Most women cannot fight the temptation to ‘ooh and awe’ at the precious sight of teeny, tiny suits, socks and jumpers. Angela Scannavino Karp, a Stockton native, is no different. Throughout her college years, she dreamt of owning a women’s boutique. But, after having her own children, her interest moved toward children’s attire. “When I began shopping for my own children, I realized how fun it was to dress them! With kids, there are just so many cute, bright, over-the-top looks to choose from,” Karp explains. Although she’s a professional now, she was not exempt from the sometimes tedious and stressful struggles dealt with when dressing a child. Most have found themselves tempted to let their child out in the ridiculous ensemble of their choice in order to avoid an argument, but, as Karp exclaims, “There is peace (and fashion) found in meeting in the middle!”

When asked if she allows her children to dress themselves, she replies, “Yes, but not entirely by choice! My daughter is very opinionated. My son has always been easy… So when she came along, with an opinion of her own, we had to meet in the middle. Now, for the most part, we agree and I have learned to let both of them express their personalities through their wardrobe.” Karp’s children have always been a staple in her business. Even influencing the name, Sassy Pants Boutique. “I was getting my daughter out of the car when she was about three,” she explains, “and I said ‘just hurry up Sassy Pants!’ I literally thought at that moment, if I ever get the chance to open my store, that will be the name.”
DSC_0114 DSC_0107 DSC_0064In March of 2011, she got her chance, and Sassy Pants Boutique found its home at Lincoln Center. She grew up shopping there, so the location was no question. The boutique mirrored her passion and vision with an array of styles and price points. Pinpointing European, funky, and classic styles, Sassy Pants offers an array of clothing, accessories, shoes, blankets, toys, books, children’s luggage and backpacks, and baptism and communion attire. Since the 2011 opening, Sassy Pants has moved to a larger building in Lincoln Center. This has allowed for an expansion in product, and Karp is excited to be carrying a larger inventory of fun gifts like books, toys and jewelry. Be sure to make your way to Sassy Pants for the remainder of the holiday season. The shop is stocked with amazing, adorable outfits for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. And Sassy Pants is welcoming the Spring season with their extensive line of bright, vivid colors and funky, fun styles. The adorable boutique and amazing styles available are a perfect reflection of the passion and excitement that drives Karp. Her father (and biggest supporter) once told her, “To be successful, you have to do something that you know and love.” The growing success of Sassy Pants is surely due to her passion and knowledge. The children of San Joaquin County will be styling and smiling for years to come!

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Sassy Pants Children’s Boutique
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