With cute corner stores, ritzy restaurants, and other memorable pieces of history—such as the Tracy Inn—this corner of San Joaquin County continues to bring our roots back to life in all the right ways. Known as the archway to the Central Valley, it’s just a skip away from the Bay Area and home to many new and growing families.

Location has everything to do with Tracy’s founding, which was built by the Central Pacific Railroad as a station that could efficiently connect the Central Valley to the Bay Area in the 1870s. Tracy’s success was the end to Ellis, another nearby station whose population moved its wares and homes to its successor only three miles away. Since its inception, Tracy has continued to work the land and grow in residents.

If you have a few hours:
Every foodie knows that Tracy is the gateway into the Central Valley and the perfect beginning to fine cuisine. Grab a bite at Café Dazzling, where ramen and hot pots go hand in hand with a wide selection of confectionary delights! Next, get your grub on with Papa Urb’s Grill where you’ll find the best Filipino food around. Wrap this all up with a sushi boat as you’ve never seen at Mikasa Sushi, and grab something for your sweet tooth at Pink Turtle Shoppe.

Insider Tips:
Looking to get the kids out of the house? A taste of the great outdoors is none too far away when you’ve got Eagal Lakes down the road and the plethora of fishing spots, water ski opportunities, trail walks and more. Carnegie SVRA is another excellent spot for those with a motorbike and a sense of adventure.