Eat Lean This Holiday Season

It is so easy to give in to over indulgence during the holidays. Whether your kids are encouraging extra baking hours for bonding time, you’re opting for heavy, comfort meals in the cold months, or your social calendar is packed with dinner parties, we all […]

Turkey Talk

It’s that time of year again – turkey time! Here’s a little turkey 101 for anyone who wants to know more about what America’s favorite holiday bird is like before it’s rubbed in butter and cooked to perfection. Head Although a turkey’s head is usually […]

Pearls of the Bay

The “R” Rule. If you eat oysters, you’ve heard it before, and depending on who you ask, the rule either matters a lot or not at all. If you’re not familiar, here it is: the “R” Rule refers to the months that it is safe […]

Three Asian Spirits

Sake Sake is most akin to beer, made with grains and fermented with yeast. Served cold, hot, or room temperature, there are a lot of ways to enjoy sake and, like beer, it offers a range of flavors. Traditionally, sake is served in ceramic flasks […]


What’s Happening

Bringing Home the Gold Calivirgin’s Lodi Olive Oil Ascolano Wins Gold on a National Stage It’s no secret that Calivirgin Olive Oil produces liquid gold for culinary lovers year after year. But when we heard news they brought home a Gold SOFI (Specialty Outstanding Food […]

Top 5 Thanksgiving Sweets

This Thanksgiving, why not let someone else make dessert? We’ve rounded up the top 5 Thanksgiving sweets, and trust us when we say you’ll want to save plenty of room on your table for these local treats! Apple Bread Cake       The Farm Café at […]

Let’s Get Fired Up!

Piping hot pizza. If there is one thing we can all agree on in 2020, it’s that America’s love affair with pizza isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Americans devour over 3 billion pizzas a year. Crazy right? Pizza is as American as apple pie and […]

Turkey Cranberry Tidbit

Eating our fair share of Thanksgiving food is something that most of us look forward to in November. As delicious as it is, the traditional turkey dinner can be a little bit too heavy at times. If you’re craving something that’s still festive, but on […]

Parents Magazine


Whether you’re entertaining guests this holiday season or were chosen to bring an appetizer to a holiday gathering, a charcuterie board is a season staple. These decorative platters are overflowing with delicious accoutrements from cured meats to soft cheeses, seasonal fruits to dips and spreads. […]

Perfect Persimmons

Talk about the underdog of fall fruits. Believe it or not, the persimmon, native to China, is a berry. The perfect fall food, persimmons are in season from September through December and can be used in both savory and sweet recipes. They add a delicate […]

Hot Chicken Meets Taco Tuesday

What do you get when you cross Nashville hot chicken with Mexican cuisine? Only Nash & Tender can answer that question! Every Tuesday the hot chicken hotspot Nash & Tender celebrates with a special taco offering. Their Tender Tacos are available for $2.99 each, every […]

Say hello to the Pop-ibilities

Longtime local favorite Calivirgin has always been known for their gourmet flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars, must haves for any Lodi-area foodie. Recently they added a new product to the lineup for your pairing pleasure: three different varieties of popping corn that can be […]

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