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  • Downtown Tastings

    Downtown Lodi wine tasting rooms are bringing a new atmosphere to the area. Tucked away between restaurants and boutiques, wineries are offering a laid-back way to taste their featured wines in a relaxed setting. Lodi […]

    Sip Tips

    Wine sales have hit record highs in recent years, 2016 alone came in at around 238 million cases of wine totaling around $34 billion dollars, according to the Wine Institute. With so many of us […]

    Berghold Vineyards and Winery

    Taking to Lodi’s picturesque countryside to delight your palette with a day of wine tastings is far from a novel concept. A trip to the family-run Berghold Vineyard and Winery promises not merely savory flavors […]

    In Season: Grapes

    If San Joaquin is known for anything, it’s our farm-ability and grape-growing goodness. Grapes love our Mediterranean climate and rich soil, making us a top producer of nationally recognized and enjoyed wines, and the grapes […]

    On the Town

    Long Live Lodi

    With history as rich as its soil, Lodi Wine Country has made quite a name for itself in recent years. Fourth and fifth generation farmers and vintners have taken the reins, guiding our appellation through […]

    Sips in Store

    There’s nothing quite like a sip of wine by the waterside. And that’s why we can’t wait for this year’s Taste of the Delta event to hit the shores of the Stockton Yacht Club on […]

    Zinfully Delightful

    If you’re driving down Lodi Avenue, odds are, you’ve passed it over and again without batting an eye. But that’s the true beauty of this hidden gem tucked along Avenue Plaza. Its name is brazenly […]

    Off the Vine: Klinker Brick Winery

    A century ago, you might have found rows of juicy strawberries growing at Klinker Brick Winery. Today, one of the winery’s best-selling vintages is Bricks and Roses, a rosé with notes of strawberry, grapefruit, and […]

    At Home Mag

    A Tropical Taste

    Nothing screams summer quite like a Pina colada. The fruity aroma somehow perfectly complements the scent of sun screen, and the luxury felt while lounging under an umbrella with one in hand is practically unparalleled. […]

    Nacho Friend Anymore

    Be warned, my foodie aficionados. What I’m about to cover here has been known to cause harmful, if not outright volatile effects between friends, acquaintances, and long-standing relationships. DJ’s Tri-Tip, one of Stockton’s leading food […]

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