• Wine Storage 101

    Living in the heart of Lodi Wine Country, we have access to some of the finest wines around. But the real question for wine lovers is always this—how do you store it? Whether you have a wine refrigerator, a closet, or a wine cellar, we’re […]

    12 Wines to Try

    1)  January You can never go wrong with a bottle of bubbly. Especially, when ringing in the New Year. There is something about the tiny effervescent bubbles and the clinking of glasses that will make you want to keep the celebration going! 2) February February […]

    Wine Dine 209

    By the Numbers 1850 The first grapes were planted by Captain Charles Weber, founder of Stockton 1852 The first major vineyard was established at the southern edge of the appellation 1886 The world renowned Bechtold Vineyard is planted by Joseph Spenker 1986 The Lodi Appellation […]

    The S’mores Shake at Pink Turtle Shoppe

    Celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day on September 12—and then celebrate s’more—with Pink Turtle Shoppe’s most popular chocolate-centric shake, the s’mores shake. This graham cracker crumbled, marshmallow-toasted beauty is piled high with all the classic s’mores fixings. The shake starts off with Pink Turtle’s ultra chocolate […]

    At Home Mag

    Pre-Made Pie Fillings

    Pie season is upon us and Cheree Hill and her homemade, premade, ready-to-bake pie fillings are here to save the day—and the dessert table. Made with mostly local-grown fruit, Cheree offers pie flavors including peach, strawberry, cherry, and four-berry (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry). Her […]

    Fall in Love with Apples

    As the weather begins to chill and fall approaches, we look forward to the apple harvest. Few fruits are as synonymous with a season like the good ol’ apple is to fall. Some of my favorite childhood memories include sipping hot apple cider from a […]

    Hopeless Ramen-tic

    With a history as long and twisty as the wheat noodles themselves, ramen has evolved beyond its origins as a cheap and quick meal for the early twentieth century working class in Tokyo’s Chinatown to the well-loved, flavor-packed comfort food it is today. A far […]

    Oh, my!

    Gone are the days of buying a sheet cake from the grocery store the day before a big family event. “Birthday cakes are not just a simple border and a happy birthday anymore,” says Tiffany Torres, owner of Fizz Bakery in Stockton. “People are making […]

    At Home Mag

    Off the Beaten Path

    Just off the beaten path on the outskirts of Lodi Wine Country lies Know Place. Its nestled amongst old buildings in the tiny town of Victor, population 293, and it’s one of those places that is hard to explain; everyone has a different impression of […]

    Local Food and Wine Scene

    Wine News Cliché Wine Co. Another new tasting room is open in Lodi Wine Country. Cliché Wine Co. is the second location for Peltier Winery. But this isn’t just the same business at a second spot. Owners Rodney and Gayla Schatz are changing up the […]


    Paskett Winery, a small estate off of Peltier Road that specializes in small lots of lesser known varietals and award-winning blends, isn’t like any other winery in Lodi. In addition to focusing on grapes not found at many Lodi wineries, Paskett’s owner and winemaker, Lorraine […]

    Fall in Love with Fall Blends

    The hot weather is beginning to fade as warm days give way to cool evenings, welcoming wine drinkers to pull out that stash of darker reds they’ve been hiding all summer. When summer turns to fall, I reach for a red blend to celebrate the […]

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