It’s like a shrimp cocktail, but better

Seafood Cocktail

Michael Midgley doesn’t do anything the conventional way. Instead, this inventive chef puts a twist on the classics to create a diversified and creative menu. One of our favorite appetizers this time of year is the Seafood Cocktail. Similar, but of course not identical, to the shrimp cocktail, this hearty starter offers up bay shrimp, prawns, and crab for a trifecta of fresh seafood goodness.

The cocktail is served over a sauce made from Bloody Mary mix and beer, then completed with luscious crab and fresh celery, onion, avocado, and cucumber. Then, Chef Michael Midgley mixes in a proprietary blend of spices before topping the concoction with wonton chips for that satisfying crunch.

It’s all served up in a glass goblet so you can feel a little extra fancy as you dine.


Midgley’s Public House

296 Lincoln Center, Stockton

(209) 474-7700