Sweating for the Wedding

By Nora Heston Tarte

Looking to lose weight or tone up before the big day? Check out these tips for doing it right.

Set a goal.
The goal doesn’t have to be strict, such as, ‘I want to lose x amount of weight in x number of months.’ In fact, that type of goal setting can cause unnecessary stress and lead to unhealthy habits. Instead, consider the areas of your body you wish to target. For example, are you hoping to slim down all over or simply tone your arms to look better in that strapless gown? Having targeted goals in mind helps brides tailor a workout regimen to meet specific needs, and allows them to communicate those desires to a professional.

Give yourself time.
Instead of crash dieting 30 days before ‘I do’, make diet and exercise part of the early planning stages. It’s best to give yourself as much time as possible—as most begin to see significant results after six to 12 months of hard work. If a short engagement is the plan, start working out as soon as possible!

Do it together.
It’s easier to eat healthy and hit the gym regularly when your partner isn’t chowing down on cheeseburgers while you pick at a salad. Get your spouse on board with the new plan. Even if your goals are different, doing it together will help you both be successful. It doesn’t hurt to start practicing partnership early, either.

Hire a professional.
A personal trainer may be pricey but they all but guarantee results. Not only will a professional—like those at Ben Mackie Spin & Movement in Stockton—know what moves couples need to do, they also hold clients accountable.

Diet is just as important…
…Especially if weight loss is your goal. Find a quality meal planning service to help keep you on track throughout busy weeks of work and wedding planning. R Healthy Meals in Stockton offers packages that cover one to four meals per day starting at $33/week. Counting calories is part of the game plan, but science says what you eat is just as important—so read up on some basic nutrition information before meal planning on your own.

Enjoy it!
Or at least try. Not everyone loves to exercise but it only takes three weeks to make a lifestyle change stick. Ease the transition by finding activities you love. Swap dreaded long runs for moderate hikes or enroll in cardio kickboxing classes at Valor Training Center in Stockton to burn calories fast.