Home, Made Easier

By Caitlin Hamer

In a world that’s growing busier by the second, it can be hard to stay on top of all your daily household tasks. But, with advancing technology, innovative companies are working hard to make life just a little bit easier for all of us.

If you’ve ever let your laundry sit for so long that it becomes sentient, you may need Whirlpool’s Smart Washing Machine. The washer’s app alerts you when you’re running low on detergent, welcomes you to create custom cycles, and, best of all, allows you to stop and start cycles from anywhere! Smart Top Load Washer with Remote Control, $1,499, Whirlpool.com

Meet the world’s only intelligent convection oven! With automatically updating software, the June Oven gives you control on the go and allows you to create pre-settings for your favorite go-to dishes. The only thing this oven can’t do is take the food out of the fridge for you. June Oven, $1,495, JuneOven.com

If the refrigerator is already your favorite appliance, get ready to love it a lot more. With Samsung, their connected touchscreen refrigerators allow you to leave notes, coordinate schedules, play music, create a shopping list, and, most importantly, take a peek into your fridge from anywhere! Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator, $4,315, Samsung.com

The only downside to making a cup of coffee in the morning is that you actually have to get out of bed to do it. But wait—Nespresso is here to put an end to that! Simply connect the machine to your phone, and you can store recipes, personalize your brewing temperatures, and even schedule your daily brew times. Nespresso Expert, $246.75, Nespresso.com