Going Solar in San Joaquin: A Financial Return with Every Sunrise

By Melissa Hutsell

shutterstock_165964631Rich Remington, Engineer and owner of Stockton’s family owned and operated BTA Solar, says installing solar panels can supplement or eliminate electric costs for decades to come. As a clean and abundant source form of energy, solar power uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity, ridding you of staggering utility bills, or oil prices. Other than environmental factors, the benefits of solar power include; reliable power, protection from increased electrical bills, and no monthly utility bills. Sounds great right? Here’s what you need to consider before starting your solar project.
To start receiving the many benefits of solar power, Rich urges San Joaquinians to do their research and get an accurate picture of the market to find the best option for your home or business, even agricultural industries. “Based on today’s market, return on investment has never been better with the price of solar coming down the last several years and the increase cost of utility rates.” The solar market continues to change, but those who invest now may see the most benefits before rates and regulations increase in 2016. As Rich explains, the current 30 percent federal tax rate allows full retail credit – but laws are going to change soon. “Eventually it may not be as beneficial as it is today,” he adds that beginning your project sooner rather than later means being “grandfathered into something that’s very beneficial.”
Anyone with a utility bill can qualify, but those who own their home may see the most benefits, as solar projects are substantial investments. Depending on the size of your project and household energy consumption, costs range from $10,000 to $20,000. However, solar projects are ventures that pay for themselves beyond the initial installation fees. For example Rich, who installed his own solar panels on his home several years ago, describes paying nearly $600 per month in utility fees before going solar. “That’s $6,000-$7,000 per year.” After a decade, Rich has continued to save nearly $100,000 in energy fees while also paying off his original investment. “It’s a real WOW Factor.”
While the cost of such a project is no cheap endeavor, there are plenty of options to finance your solar development. “The financing community is very focused on the solar market right now, offering very flexible terms and competitive rates. BTA Solar can finance as long as 20 years if cash flow is there,” he adds, “We work with local financial institutions to offer zero down, easy financing. It is very simple to qualify in today’s market.” Though several companies offer leasing options for solar equipment, owning your own system is preferable, explains Rich. “You are protecting yourself from future energy increases. If you own the system, eventually you will have free power once you’ve paid it off.” Simple payback can take anywhere from three to seven years on average, depending on rate schedules.
The size of your project will determine how much you will save, and takes an average of two-four weeks to complete. Decide whether you aim to cut costs or rid your energy bill all together? The company has the capability to complete projects from one kilowatt to multi-megawatts, from small to large scale projects ranging from residential to agricultural and commercial. Whether you are in the market for solar panel modules mounted on the ground or roof, the team at BTA Solar will engineer a system that works best for you and your needs with the most cutting edge and engineer-driven service. “We are a one-stop shop with a wide range of warranties and affordable leasing options at competitive prices,” says Rich. The company offers a 25 year warranty (including labor fees) so their customers save on upkeep fees.
BTA is engaged at the forefront of the industry and works with state of the art technology and materials, says Remington who serves customers all over the Central Valley, Bay area and Mountain communities. Customers can maximize their return on their investment with the company’s innovative technology that collects the maximum amount of sunlight, and keeping up to date with the newest advancements. They are confident in our reliable service.” Not only can BTA Solar build a cost efficient power supply that does not generate any pollutants, they can help you take advantage of tax incentives.
Whether you have a ranch, business, or are looking for an alternative energy solution for your home, BTA Solar can help you make the most of your solar power by creating an efficient and independent system that’s affordable.

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