From Italy to Lodi: The Rich History of Peirano Estate Vineyards

By Melissa Hutsell

After emigrating from Northern Italy to San Francisco in the late 1870s in hopes of striking it rich during California’s Gold Rush, Giacomo Peirano settled in Lodi. Here, he planted the cuttings that would grow to become a proud family business and passion that continues to extend beyond several generations.

Giacomo and his wife, Maria, brought Italian Zinfandel cuttings from his family’s vineyard in Italy to their new home in Lodi, where he purchased 300 acres of land. After planting the Zinfandel vines, the Peirano’s became one of the first to grow what would later become an internationally recognized staple to the region. The vineyard has since grown to produce quality grapes and wines, and has prospered throughout both World Wars, the Prohibition era, and the Great Depression. Since its inception in the 1890s, Peirano has been deeply rooted in Lodi’s history where is remains as one of the area’s pioneers.

Today, the family tradition of the estate vineyard carries on through the sixth generation of Peirano’s, Lance Randolph. In 1992, the Peiranos set out on a new venture to produce their own wine. The winery now offers several varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah, as well as its famous blends, the Other Red, the Other White, and The Unknown. Peirano’s wines have claimed gold, silver and bronze honors from The California State Fair, San Francisco Chronicle, and Wine Enthusiast, to name a few.

Peirano Estate Vineyards opened its tasting room in 1997, one of the first wineries to do so in the region, says Tasting Room Manager, Steven Gomez. The tasting room sets itself apart from others by being the “non-wine club” winery. In other words, the tasting room does not offer a wine club membership, but instead offers all wines at “wine club” prices, every day. Buyers can select their favorites rather than being forced to take what the winery offers for its wine club shipment. “We are trying to take the pretentiousness out of wine tasting. Our whole goal is to be as accessible as possible,” explains Steven, “The wines are a reflection of our identity.”

In addition to the open environment and exclusive tasting experience, Peirano Estate Vineyards stand out by creating wines made for every day enjoyment. “Wine shouldn’t just be for special occasions! It should be for every day, and meant to be enjoyed with every meal.” Steven adds, “It may not be the wine you are going to drink on your 40th anniversary, but it will be the wine you drink every day from your first to 40th anniversary.”

The goal of Peirano Estate Vineyards is to be an inviting part of the community, and a staple for wine lovers. In addition to the one of a kind tasting experience, the company welcomes the public to an ‘overall experience’ at the estate where they can relax with a picnic on the property’s lawn or tables, and enjoy the rose garden. “We want to be a part of everyday life,” adds Steven.

For More Information:

Peirano Estate Vineyards

21831 N. Highway 99, Acampo

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