Lodi Wine Industry Opens the Door to Inclusivity

Rodney Tipton, co-owner of Acquiesce Winery, felt helpless when he watched the nation struggling with the George Floyd incident. And he wasn’t about to stand idly by. He and his wife, Sue, immediately began to research how to make a difference within the Lodi wine […]

Harvest Season Wines

Lodi Wine Country is officially in full-blown harvest mode! It is a magical time of year for farmers and winemakers, where they both get to see the fruit of their labors come to fruition. So, in honor of the newest vintage, we’re sharing some of […]

SJ City Guide

Battle of the Wine Glasses

What kind of wine glasses does one need to enjoy their favorite bottle of fermented grape juice? The truth is, it only matters if it matters to you. But if you’ve taken the time to pick out a special wine, or even age one in […]

Tia Linda’s brings a twist to wine country

Since their launch in 2020, Tia Linda’s Margarita—a quick-growing, Lodi-based, and family-owned and operated business—has carved out a loyal following among local wine and beer enthusiasts and is ready to take summer by storm. Lodi native Meghan Hayward, along with brother Graham Christy and good […]

It’s white wine season

It’s a hard time of year for those red-only drinkers. As we head into hotter months when a glass of wine on the porch on a Sunday afternoon sounds delightful, we know sipping anything darker than a rose is going to be hard. And while […]


Barely Buzzed teaches custom cocktail classes

Summer has a way of running away with our imagination and leaving us on a beach somewhere with a fruity cocktail and not a care in the world. Thanks to Amin Mozeb, at least that perfect homemade cocktail is within reach – even if your […]

Spring in a glass

We’re going to call it: gin is the liquor of spring. Made from botanicals, gin offers earthy and sometimes floral flavors, conjuring up images of blooming flowers and wet earth in springtime. With its natural infusions, we can create a cornucopia of cocktails ideal for […]

The Ultimate Cheese and Wine Pairing With a Local Twist

One of life’s greatest pleasures derives from the act of swirling a glass of wine, taking in the aromas, observing the color, and detecting flavor profiles. But this spring, let’s take our wine drinking experience to the next level by adding one of life’s other […]

Broken Arrow Saloon specializes in themed drinks

Broken Arrow Saloon opened in October 2019, an official rebrand after Lori Fountain bought the infamous Irish Pub, Shamrock, in Tracy. She describes the process as a “bar rescue” without all the help, remodeling the large space that, she says, was run down when she […]

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