Spring in a glass

We’re going to call it: gin is the liquor of spring. Made from botanicals, gin offers earthy and sometimes floral flavors, conjuring up images of blooming flowers and wet earth in springtime. With its natural infusions, we can create a cornucopia of cocktails ideal for […]

The Ultimate Cheese and Wine Pairing With a Local Twist

One of life’s greatest pleasures derives from the act of swirling a glass of wine, taking in the aromas, observing the color, and detecting flavor profiles. But this spring, let’s take our wine drinking experience to the next level by adding one of life’s other […]

Broken Arrow Saloon specializes in themed drinks

Broken Arrow Saloon opened in October 2019, an official rebrand after Lori Fountain bought the infamous Irish Pub, Shamrock, in Tracy. She describes the process as a “bar rescue” without all the help, remodeling the large space that, she says, was run down when she […]

5 Best Mardi Gras Cocktails

Hemmingway Daquiri Bistro 135 $10   Rosemary Lemon Gin Fizz West Oak Nosh, 10 W. Oak St., Lodi, (209) 224-8157 The gin fizz was invented by Henry C. Ramon in 1888 at Imperial Cabinet Saloon, a bar he owned in New Orleans. It remains one […]

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Wine Sips & Tips: Make the most of Lodi Wine Country

A Sunday afternoon strolling through wine country, an after-work glass with a group of best friends, or a Friday evening shindig over a bottle paired with charcuterie… the ways to enjoy Lodi Wine Country are endless. Our team got together and rounded up some of […]

Three Asian Spirits

Sake Sake is most akin to beer, made with grains and fermented with yeast. Served cold, hot, or room temperature, there are a lot of ways to enjoy sake and, like beer, it offers a range of flavors. Traditionally, sake is served in ceramic flasks […]

Turkey Cranberry Tidbit

Eating our fair share of Thanksgiving food is something that most of us look forward to in November. As delicious as it is, the traditional turkey dinner can be a little bit too heavy at times. If you’re craving something that’s still festive, but on […]

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Sustainable Sipping

In Lodi wine country, sustainability is more than a marketing term. It’s a way of life. Sustainability encompasses all aspects of Lodi wine country. From the vineyard to the bottle, our local farmers and winemakers continue to lead the nation in their efforts to make […]

Sip Kit

2020 and the Pandemic have led the charge for new wine-tasting trends in San Joaquin County, and when tasting rooms were closed local vintners were finding creative ways to share wine with visitors. Lodi Vintners was especially inventive, offering more than bottle discounts and curbside […]

Celebrate National Mojito Day July 11

Summertime Mojito If we had to pick one cocktail to sip all summer long, a mojito would rank high on that list. The combination of white rum, tangy lime juice, fresh mint, simple syrup, and soda water, is a magical potion, meant to be enjoyed […]

Cocktails to Go

It’s safe to say, we never thought we’d be able to order cocktails to-go from our favorite local restaurants. But when the Coronavirus pandemic hit California, everything we ever knew about the food and beverage industry went out the door. The Department of Alcohol and […]

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