New Year, New You

By: Caitlin Hamer

Become Your Best Self in 2019

For many of us, January 1st signals not only the start of a new year, but a chance to start fresh. From diving into a new fitness regime, to undertaking a beauty regimen, or finally making good on that promise to diet, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. Read on to get stellar tips from some of San Joaquin’s fitness, beauty, and diet pros!

Q. How can I minimize signs of aging?
A. First things first – eating habits, exercise, hydration, sun exposure, and stress levels all play a huge part in how you look. “Seventy percent of the results we want to see in our skin will be by following a skincare routine at home using professional skincare products,” says Georgina Lopez Garcia. “The other 30 percent are professional services.” From facials to microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and LED Light Therapy, there are plenty of options to keep your skin looking and feeling its very best. Each treatment at The Healing ReiSpa includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and moisturizers and serums, which are packed with antiaging ingredients like antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, and SPF.

Q.How quickly is it possible to lose weight?
A. With Medifast, a safe, clinically proven, doctor recommended diet plan, the guaranteed weight loss is at the rate of 2 lbs of fat per week. First, however, you need to determine just how much weight you want to lose. “We do a body scan to determine what a healthy weight would be,” explains Kimberly Standridge. From there, their nutrient rich meal replacement programs help individuals get to their ideal weight, whether they want to lose 15lbs, 120lbs, or more.

Q. Are there any treatments for taming frizzy hair?
A. “Frizz can be controlled through keratin smoothing treatments,” assures Melissa Boyes. By adding a layer of keratin protein to the hair, frizz can be reduced by up to 95%. Keratin also adds shine, strengthens your lovely locks, and reduces blow dry time by half! You can try temporary leave-in treatments, but to experience the full benefits, an express blow out is recommended. These treatments will give you 6-8 weeks free of frizz, but a full keratin treatment will last 3-5 months. “There is a frizz fighting product or treatment for anyone wanting to avoid the winter poofiness!” she promises.

Q. Is there a time of day that makes working out more effective?
A. If you’ve got hectic mornings or overloaded afternoons, it can be a struggle to fit a work out in. But is it true that there’s a time of day that’s best for working out? “Definitely not,” declares Krystal Gouveia. “Working out at a time that fits in with your schedule and is something that you can do consistently works best.” Morning people who feel energized in the AM would likely benefit from early workouts, while those who thrive as the day wanes should get their exercise in at the end of the day. “It all comes down to being consistent and trusting the process,” she adds. You could even get some sports beverages to help boost your energy levels before you work out. These will keep you hydrated and energised throughout your workout session. If a sports drink sounds like something you need on a workout, we suggest going to or a similiar website.

Q. I’m starting to go gray – how can I cover it up in a subtle way?
A. Going gray is perfectly natural, but if you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your hair color yet, take comfort in knowing you have options! First up: “Demi permanent color, which gently blends gray, and naturally fades off the hair after 6-8 weeks when using a proper color safe shampoo,” suggests Melissa Boyes. “Another popular option is the ever so trendy babylights, also known as strandlights,” says Melissa. Strandlights are created when lightener placed in subtle sections blend those unwanted silver strands as they grow in. Natural highlights are another popular option and are low maintenance.

Q. How can I keep the weight off after I’ve lost it?
A. A lifestyle change is the first and foremost way you can keep your weight off, according to Kimberly Standridge. “Our goal is that you are not just changing to lose weight – you’re changing to keep it off,” she says. As Medifast offers meal replacements that get you through the initial weight loss weeks, the transitional period may be worrisome. But if you follow their guidelines – little meals throughout the day (half carb, half protein), and drink 64 ounces of water a day, with a serving of green vegetables and healthy fats, you’ll stay in shape.

Q. If I have acne, can I still get a facial?
A. “Yes!” says Georgina Lopez Garcia. “It is highly recommended to get facials either weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month, depending on the severity of your acne condition.” Like all good facials, these treatments include exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells, even out your skin tone, and help diminish scarring. Extractions are also included, as this process removes debris from your pores. But the treatments at the Healing ReiSpa also include blue light LED therapy, which reduces inflammation and redness, and neutralizes bacteria, preventing future breakouts. “Results are seen right after the treatment,” promises Georgina.

Q. Can I just target one area of my body instead of doing a full workout?
A. “Yes, absolutely!” promises Krystal Gouveia. While some people prefer to train while targeting every muscle group, others may decide to take on more of a “bodybuilding” approach and stick to training individual muscle groups. “I prefer to train lower body and upper body on separate days, and also incorporate a full body workout one day of the week,” she explains. But, she notes, she went through many different fitness approaches before she found one that worked best for her and her body. Talk to a trainer about what you want, and program your workout from there!

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