How one orthodontist spearheaded a cause to care for SJC families

Manjeet Samra was born and raised in Lodi. But his parents and other family members migrated to Stockton in the 1980s from Punjab, the Indian state near the Pakistan border often targeted by extremists. Self-sustainment was the family’s priority in California; orthodontic care wasn’t apriority. […]

The Yin Crowd

Namaste. That’s the respectful and honorable greeting spoken as a Hindu customary and deeply rooted in yoga practices across the globe. Vinyasa. That’s a style of yoga focused on moving seamlessly from one position to the next, pairing movement with breath. Yin. It means to […]

10 Great Dates

Every Brilliant Thing Tour March 4 & 5 Changing Faces Theater This one-man show comes to Lodi for two days only to cover the heavy themes surrounding suicide with a lighthearted touch. The show is rated PG-13. Tickets are $20 each. Bob McMillen Memorial […]

Parents Magazine

Patrick Langham plays, performs, and teaches the craft

“It all started when I was in elementary school,” says Patrick Langham, director of Jazz Studies at University of the Pacific. “I went to audition for elementary school band and already had it in my mind that I wanted to play trumpet. The band instructor […]

Bomb food on a beer budget

Getting a filling meal at a decent price that doesn’t come from the nearest chain drive-thru may feel an impossible feat to master these days, especially with the constantly rising cost of goods (including food). Luckily for San Joaquin County residents, it is possible to […]

Big, bold wines are centerstage at Mettler Family Vineyards

When Valentine’s Day hits and you’re looking to romance someone special, it’s hard to look past the sparkling wineries in Lodi’s backyard. With plenty to choose from, we’re highlighting one option for big, bold reds that match the winter season, and the gorgeous red hues […]

February is the month for crab (and lobster) feeds

If you’re a fan of noshing on these fine dining ocean dwellers, lets’ just say we hope you don’t have plans on February 12. San Joaquin County is packing in the community feeds this month in Stockton and Lodi. Check our list of upcoming events […]

At Home Mag

How a life in Stockton launched a social-political revolution for one man

Is ending poverty possible? Michal Tubbs, former mayor of Stockton, thinks it is. “I definitely think that ending poverty… is achievable,” Michael says, “And achievable doesn’t mean easy, it doesn’t mean quick.” Instead, Michael describes it as political will—with the right focus, resources, and structural […]

The Stockton Heat are on fire in more ways than one

The Stockton Heat is back—with fans—for 2021-2022, with just shy of four months left in the regular season. A talented team of Calgary Flames draft picks, promising rookies, and team main stays have led the AHL team to more than 13 game wins and only […]

Life in the spotlight can be a real drag

As the lights dim, and the music ramps up, Hellen Heels steps on stage. A vision in a glittering gold pantsuit and platinum blonde wig, she stomps in a pair of sky-high heeled boots, performing high energy moves to tracks by J. Lo. Bouncing from […]


When the weather gets gloomy and temperatures begin to drop, you have two choices: bundle up and embrace it or get the hell out of dodge! If you’re taking the latter approach, the best direction to head is south where warmer days ignite your soul […]

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