Diving Into Delta Bistro

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By Copper Williams

Skirting the rippling edges of the main channel is the Delta Bistro, a delectable gem located in University Plaza Waterfront Hotel that provides its guests with a sample of some of Stockton’s culinary charm on each and every visit. With an equally exquisite view over the waterfront and Stockton Arena only a stone’s throw away, it’s the go-to destination for anyone looking for a night on the town in our port-side city.

Delta Bistro’s menu has no specific theme or particular culinary genre it stringently follows. It’s true aim? To suck you in with its variety of succulent flavors. As Jeff Stogsdill, the Birstro’s Executive Chef, explains “My menu is not geared toward any style. I’m just trying to put something, when people are traveling, that they can find surprisingly good inside Stockton. Something comforting [that] makes people happy.” This sort of thinking has brought both out-of-towners and locals alike back into the restaurant again and again.

But when you have such delicious menu options like the Bistro’s bruschetta, a freshly prepared appetizer of diced tomato, garlic, basil, and Parmesan, with balsamic on toasted slices of Genova bread, how can you not come looking for a second helping? And let’s not pass up an opportunity to talk about the Braised Lamb Shank, an entree so tender it’s ready to fall off the bone after being braised in vegetables and doused in an au ju sauce crafted from its own juices.

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Being just off the water opens Delta Bistro up to numerous channels of clientele- literally! Sunday brunches, with their ever-changing dining options, have been particularly popular for people riding the river currents. “People come from their boat.” It’s the perfect way to stay out and about on the waterways without compromising on a high quality meal. And that, in turn, lands you the perfect view of fireworks that flash across the skyline each Fourth of July, a holiday that Delta Bistro always plans a big BBQ bash for! “We let families come and enjoy it,” Jeff elaborates. “It’s kind of a BBQ Buffet. Employees love it. We draw in at least 500 people every year. Very family oriented. We’re super proud of it.”

Events have always been a key specialty of the hotel that goes hand in hand with the Bistro. And with Jeff’s culinary expertise on the menu since 2010, guests are always stopping by before a big baseball game or Arena-based event. In fact, specials are almost a requirement when the Stockton Heat is home for a game. “We normally run specials on those nights, pre-game buffets. If there’s hockey Saturday night we might do a nice tri-tip!”

It’s the passion for smiling faces and tasty food that helps spur Jeff into experimenting for his guests. “[We’ve got] culinary freedom. [We can] pretty much delve into anything that we want to do.” Being able to express their creative talents in the kitchen has brought incredibly popular dinner favorites to life. The Chorizo and Prawn Cavatappi, a dish composed of red pepper pesto sauce with Spanish chorizo and cavatappi noodles, garnished with shaved parmesan and basil, was an instant dining sensation from Jeff’s own genius.

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Pair all these magnificent mouth fulls with a few specialty drinks, like the Portside or the Cranberry Almond Lemonade, and take your meal outdoors and onto the expansive courtyard. Lounge at a table along the waterside with someone special or a few close friends and you have a dinner date ripe for remarkable memories.


Dig Your Fork Into:

Delta Bistro

110 W. Fremont St., Stockton

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