Indoor Playtime

Get the kids out of the house—while staying inside!  If Santa’s shiny new deliveries have lost some of their luster and you’re scrambling for new ideas to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the Central Valley’s rainy season, consider these five options. Ginger […]


January is National Bath Safety Month.  Bath tub slips are dangerous for more than just the elderly. For children under four years old, bath time has hidden risks. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics says that a caregiver should always be present when a […]

Kids on the Block

The show opens with two young girls talking. The first girl is telling her friend how she travels back and forth between her two parents’ houses week to week. It’s a common result of divorce in many families, and one that kids may struggle to […]


I write about my kid a lot because he’s my favorite thing that exists in this world, a sentiment I’m sure most mother’s share. He’s funny, bright, adorably clueless, and profoundly wise all at once. What I don’t write about often is how being a […]

On the Town

What is Super Lice?

It’s a parent’s nightmare: tiny bugs infiltrating the house through your children’s hair. What’s worse? California has been identified as a super lice state. What are super lice? Super lice are a genetically mutated form of lice that resists the active ingredients in shampoos used […]

24 Hours of Family Fun in Reno

Less than three hours from San Joaquin County’s major cities, Reno is a quick winter escape perfect for families. Low-cost hotels make it budget friendly while the mountain atmosphere creates a feeling like you’re a million miles away. Follow our itinerary to make the most […]

Tough Talks

Discussing Divorce with Kids Most divorces are filed in January, leading the month to be dubbed “National Divorce Month” “Honey, we need to talk.” The statement is rarely followed by good news. And while that phrase is likely the one that started divorce talks between […]

Get Artsy with Us

For many people, art is an outlet that presents itself early in life. When school art classes just aren’t enough to allow teen’s creativity to flourish, Jagged Lines of Imagination (JLI) offers a solution. Founded in 2006 by local artist, teacher, and father—Jon Guerzon—the goal […]

On the Town

Lodi Pediatric Dentistry

Dental Care & Education for Families Anisha Ranchhod DDS, MSD, owner of Lodi Pediatric Dentistry, is a proponent of oral health education. Whether it’s during preschool visits where she performs puppet shows or at her local dental practice, Dr. Ranchhod spreads awareness of good oral hygiene […]

Eat Your Heart Out

Valentine’s Day school lunches and family dinners Make your most special little valentine feel loved this holiday with a surprise treat for your sweetie. Sure, you spend time together creating Valentine’s Day Cards for friends and classmates, but this year you can take it a […]

Just Say Yes

Have you ever heard of Yes Day, the one day a year that can compete with Christmas, where parents answer every child’s request with yes? It’s a concept that was made popular by New York Times best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who wrote the family […]

Parenting is Like a Reality TV Show

My husband is an avid reality TV show fan.  And a few days ago, I caught a few minutes of Top Chef. When one of the contestants was asked to pack up his knives, I laughed out loud, realizing the parallels of the show and […]

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