Exspearience Asparagus

Ever been so desperate to get your kids to eat their vegetables that you’ve considered resorting to veggie-based desserts? This year’s Asparagus Festival has the solution to your woes: asparagus churros and asparagus ice cream. This April the popular festival is back to serve up […]

Learning to Speak, Again

Cleaning up your vocabulary is part of getting pregnant. It’s like the day you learn you are with child you start actively avoiding the expletives that probably found their way into your conversations more often than you’d like to admit. And then, you get lucky, […]

Make Tech Time Count

The mom guilt is real. Letting kids watch television or play games on tablets is taboo in some circles. So when moms give in to electronics, guilt can overwhelm us. The good news is not all tech time will rot your child’s brain. Kids can […]

Mommy Me Time

A mother’s job so often is to take care of everyone around her. But let’s not forget self care—you can’t pour from an empty cup and all that. Instead of burning out while fulfilling roles as housekeeper, short-order cook, and full-time caretaker of tiny humans, […]

SJ City Guide

Make a Smaller Family Footprint

The message is crystal clear. Whether you’re tuning into the radio, watching the news, or running errands around town, it’s obvious that everyone is going green. And why shouldn’t you? After all, recycling that Kombucha bottle is much better for mother earth than the landfill. […]

Have a WILD Time

Kids love animals. Expand your child’s knowledge and exposure to animals in the San Joaquin Valley (and beyond) with exciting animal encounters for families. Micke Grove Zoo Lodi The five-acre zoo in Lodi is filled with family activities. Admire cute rodents, amazing amphibians, birds, reptiles, […]

Tough Talks – Discussing Divorce with Kids

Most divorces are filed in January, leading the month to be dubbed “National Divorce Month” “Honey, we need to talk.” The statement is rarely followed by good news. And while that phrase is likely the one that started divorce talks between you and spouse, it’s […]

Childcare with Culture

If your childcare provider is a little lackluster and you find yourself wishing you were able to show your child the world beyond the screen, hosting an au pair might be the right choice for your family. Following a growing trend of au pairs living […]

SJ City Guide

Indoor Playtime

Get the kids out of the house—while staying inside!  If Santa’s shiny new deliveries have lost some of their luster and you’re scrambling for new ideas to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the Central Valley’s rainy season, consider these five options. Ginger […]


January is National Bath Safety Month.  Bath tub slips are dangerous for more than just the elderly. For children under four years old, bath time has hidden risks. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics says that a caregiver should always be present when a […]

Kids on the Block

The show opens with two young girls talking. The first girl is telling her friend how she travels back and forth between her two parents’ houses week to week. It’s a common result of divorce in many families, and one that kids may struggle to […]


I write about my kid a lot because he’s my favorite thing that exists in this world, a sentiment I’m sure most mother’s share. He’s funny, bright, adorably clueless, and profoundly wise all at once. What I don’t write about often is how being a […]

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