Reinventing You: 22 Local Ways to Renew and Recharge Yourself

3 - Reinventing You in 22 waysSan Joaquin Magazine brings you 22 fantastic ways to Renew and Recharge your body in 2014. Now that the New Year has come and gone, don’t let your New Year’s resolutions go by the way side. We give you 22 inspiring tips on how to be the best you can be.


Organize a team for a charity run/walk.

Make exercise fun while supporting a local cause. Get a group together for St. Joseph’s Run & Walk for Wellness 5K on January 25.

St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Stockton, (209) 467-6347,


2.         Add some variety to your exercise routine.

It’s easy to lose motivation after repeating the same workout everyday. Re-energize your fitness routine with a Zumba class at In Shape Health Clubs.

Locations in Lodi (209) 370-3500, Stockton (209) 472-2105, and Tracy (209) 836-8787,


3.         Educate yourself on staying healthy.

Make 2014 a healthier year through educational health classes at Health Plan of San Joaquin. Classes cover topics such as asthma, heart health, and nutrition and weight management.

7751 South Manthey Road, French Camp, (209) 942-6300,


4.         Invest in a new pair of running/workout shoes.

Old footwear can negatively impact workout safety and productivity. Fleet Feet Sports is ready to help gear you up with the proper workout attire.

277 Lincoln Center, North Stockton, (209) 952-1446,


5.         Do a healthy juice cleanse.

Juicing is the perfect way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, especially ones you normally wouldn’t eat. Boost your daily nutrient intake with the help of a juicer from Home Thyme.

2111 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 451-3986,


6.         Take supplements.

Nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and minerals or proteins, can make a noticeable difference in your energy level, immune system and overall health. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition offers a variety of health products to fulfill these needs. 4343 Pacific Ave, Stockton, (209) 951-6299,


7.         Manage your eating habits. 

Eating healthier just got easier, with the assistance of the mobile app Fooducate. Available on Android and iPhone, it grades products based on their nutritional value. Conveniently use Fooducate to scan products while grocery shopping to discover the healthiest purchasing choices.


8.         Try a body wrap.

Body wraps are a perfect avenue for exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin. Feel beautiful inside and out with a Silky Skin Body Polish at the Spa at Wine & Roses. Forty-five minutes for $75.

2505 West Turner Rd, Lodi, (209) 371-6165,


9.         Get a facial peel.

Improve the glow and vitality of your skin with the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance at Total Body Cosmetic Surgery Center. $60 per peel.

1805 North California Street, Suite 201, Stockton, (209) 939-3800,


10.      Book a soothing massage.

Start the year off less stressed with a Deep Tissue Massage at Kym with a Y Organic Spa & Studio. A massage will renew your sense of relaxation while removing any lingering traces of tension.

307 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 952-2299,


22 Ways to Keep you refreshed and Renewed in 2014


11.      Pamper yourself in your own home.

Soak in a soothing bath treatment to relieve minor aches and pains and renew the texture of your skin. Try an Oatmeal Honey Dead Sea Bathing Salt from Sea Salt Cottage… your body will thank you later.

13 North School St., Lodi, (209) 339-8400,


12.      Drink more tea.

Raise up your cup of tea and cheers to a healthier new year. This month is national hot tea month, which honors the positive benefits of drinking tea. Benefits include improvement in heart, brain and bone health. Find a spot in your kitchen for a new teakettle from Lodi Cooks.

5 North School St., Lodi, (209) 334-5751,


13.      Take a yoga class to reduce stress.

Consider incorporating yoga into your weekly workout schedule. Consistent yoga practice is essential for healing and strengthening the body.

Bikram Yoga Tracy, Stockton and Lodi

2800 Auto Plaza Way, Tracy, (209) 835-9642,

2341 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 948-9642,

1110 West Kettleman Lane, Suite 46, Lodi, (209) 368-9642,


14.      See a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can be beneficial in treating back, head and neck pain.  Let the Valley Chiropractic Center safely assist you with those needs.

438 West Beverly Place Suite 101, Tracy, (209) 832-9221,


15.      Volunteer.

It feels good to make a difference in the community. VolunteerMatch makes it easy to get connected with local volunteer opportunities. Search listings on the website or mobile app for a cause that you’re compassionate about.


22 ways no 1516.      Take an art class.

Personal time for self-expression is important for renewing day-to-day motivation. Channel your creative energies in an art class at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts in Tracy. Choose from classes such as ceramics, acrylic and oil painting, sculpting and digital photography.

715 Central Avenue, Tracy, 209-831-6276,





17.      Foster an animal from a rescue group.

Studies show animals are instant stress relievers. If you often find yourself in a frantic state, adopt or foster a furry friend from the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society.

933 South Cherokee Ln., Lodi, (209) 365-0535,

 22 ways no 19

18.      Try acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a targeted method for pain relief that should not be overlooked. It’s a natural technique to minimize pain and has several therapeutic benefits.

Persimmon Community Acupuncture, 6860 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA 95207, (209) 955-0805,


19.      Kick the bad habits to the curb.

It’s never a better time than the New Year to make positive life changes. In order to stay focused on your goals, Kaiser Permanente offers wellness coaching. Whatever healthy habit you’re wishing to bring into 2014, a coach can help you stick to a realistic plan and track your progress.

7373 West Ln., Stockton, (866) 862-4295,


20.      Keep your home healthy.

Maintaining a healthy atmosphere in your home can significantly influence your wellbeing. Invest in products from Rydel’s Healthy Home, such as an air purifier.

26 West Lodi Ave., Lodi, (209) 333-2941,

21.      Give your home a makeover.

Refresh your space with interior design consulting. Whether it’s one room or the entire house, redecorating can transform your home to better reflect who you are.

Swass Interior Design, 4119 Wayside Ln., Suite F, Carmichael, (916) 489–1499,


22.      Join a hiking club and make new friends.

Throwing some new, fun friends in the mix can really spice up your social life. If you are new to the area, or have been a little anti-social lately, try a hiking group.

San Joaquin Hikers,

Written By Stephanie McIntosh