An Unmatched Menu at Midgley’s Public House


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By Copper Williams   

Welcome to Midgley’s Public House. A show-stopping dining experience that first opened in the late months of 2014, represented by a coat of arms honoring Michael’s English roots. “A public house, historically, is a huge community meeting place. I thought it was a fitting name.”

Michael Midgley, chef and owner of Midgley’s Public House, has been dedicated to bringing his own culinary tastes to San Joaquin from the moment he first began his cooking career. “My thoughts about it were to cook wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted,” Michael points out. “I really like the fact that I can come in on a whim and create specials.”
DSC_0441These specials are often inspired by local tastes and flavors that surround him. “I like to try and get out, even if it’s just a local destination.” From a backyard barbecue to the great outdoors, Michael is always on the lookout for inspiration. The results of these excursions are on display as weekend specials or week-long menu options.
With so much around him to pull ideas from, it’s no surprise he’s developed such delicious menu options that have stuck around for the long haul. The Prime Rib Dip is a hot sandwich composed of pepper jack cheese, horseradish, caramelized onion, and au jus prepared from roasting the beef. Served on a soft roll, it’s layered on with hearty prime rib and sent on its way! If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth you’ll enjoy the Midgley Mudd Pie, a warm triple chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Add whip cream on top and pile on caramel, chocolate sauce, and candied pecans for the ultimate dessert.

When you need catering for your special occasion, try on Midgley’s larger than life main course! Customers can order a full sized pig for their event, seasoned with a simple blend of salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. “We have a really special hog roasting machine,” Michael explains. “We roast a 30 to 40lb pig. [It] cooks in its own fat and steam. We bring it out and guests can take pictures with it.” The platinum hog roaster is a prime specialty of Michael’s that has made his restaurant the talk of the town. Whether you’re dining in or planning for a delivery, the porker will easily provide for up to twenty guests.

As a certified steakhouse, Midgley’s takes pride in serving only the best in meat selections. Whether a customer orders a Tomahawk steak or an Angus burger, they’re receiving top quality, certified Angus beef and nothing less. These dishes, and so much more are offered on Midgley’s ever-changing menu, and that includes drinks! “We have a nice selection of signature cocktails with a unique and modern spin. A really great selection of local wines, draft beers… Some rotate, some have been on from the very beginning.”

DSC_0498_editMidgley’s Public House and its chef have also become a huge beacon for his community. When he’s not in the kitchen, Michael is constantly donating his time and efforts toward various charities from across San Joaquin. “My father told me, growing up, that if you do for your community, your community will do for you. Whether it’s a gift card, or giving a demo for a luncheon, I try and give back as much as I can.” His efforts have helped support March of Dimes, First Tee of San Joaquin and more. It’s fitting then that on the coat of arms situated in his restaurant, the motto reads: Reach out to give and take. As Michael states, it really does go “Hand in hand with helping and serving in the community.”



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