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We’ve got a confession to make. We’re not sure if it’s all the trips we’ve taken together across the Lodi appellation, or maybe the cold winter nights we’ve spent curled up on the couch, sharing with you all the latest trends. But, well… We love you. Oh, man. There. We said it.

The truth is, San Joaquin, there could be no better bunch of fun-loving folks and that’s why we want to make sure that this Valentine’s Day is just as perfect as you. We’ve scoured the streets on the lookout for only the best appetizers, drinks, and desserts to wrap your taste buds around. So go ahead, lovey. Head out for a night on the town with your special someone. Because the Valentine’s Day dining experiences we’ve found for you were built for two!



Got a hankering for something you and your sweetheart will enjoy? Then take a look at some of these dishes and know that we had you and only you in mind! From plentiful plates that are larger than life, to recipes whose simple flavors, when embellished together, boast delectable results. We’ve got your back for tantalizing apps!









Mikasa Japanese Bistro’s Mercedes Benz

There’s a reason this sushi roll touts such a classy name. The Mercedes Benz is the high roller among rolls. Weighing in at nearly five pounds, this masterful dish of unrivaled flavor holds within its depths an assortment of tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, and cucumber. On top you’ll be sinking your teeth into mounds of fresh salmon, albacore, and crabmeat. Would you like your cherry on top? What if that cherry was a garnish of cilantro, tempura bits, and fried calamari? It’s no wonder this revolutionary roll keeps guests coming back for more.

Market Tavern’s Devil “ish” Eggs

Show your sweetie how you really like to turn up the heat! Market Tavern’s Devil “Ish” Eggs can kick your date night up a notch with each and every bite of choice bacon, hot jalapeno, and a special blend of Market Tavern’s own spices. Enjoy that delicious, creamy tang that only a platter of six can provide to your palate.

Papapavlo’s Flaming Cheese

The flames of love are burning bright down at Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar! Especially when that scorching heat is served direct to your table. Enjoy this exquisite performance as a breaded block of Kasseri Cheese is doused in Ouzo apéritif and lit on fire. Once your delectable dish is melted and a crisp shell has taken shape over the top, your show-stopping server will ebb the flames with a little bit of lemon, presenting you with your savory appetizer and a side of warm pita bread.

Towne House’s Artisanal Cheese Plate

Looking to sample something just as smooth and exquisite as your lovely self? Then turn your undivided attention to the platter of sublime cheese choices at Towne House. Layer on each artisan cracker with Mt. Tam, Red Hawk, or Devil’s Gulch, rich and creamy selections made all the more tantalizing when mixed with the sweet taste of white Hawaiian honey. Tie it all together with the crunchy goodness of blanched almonds and you have the beginnings of beautiful foodie bliss!

Delta B 2Delta Bistro’s Tempura Prawns

Settle down alongside the delta channel with your
Valentine’s Day buddy and share an artful arrangement of Tempura Prawns. These juicy morsels are dipped in tempura batter and deep fried until a golden brown has settled across their surface. Drizzled with teriyaki sauce and dusted with spring onions, you’ll be digging your fork in for one more bite while finishing off the cilantro lime rice and fresh vegetable sides!

Midgley’s Steak & Eggs

Does this dish sound a little too simple? Then allow me to elaborate, because you and your cute companion there simply cannot miss out! Stop on by the Public House and dip your spoon into a Certified Angus Beef Filet Mignon tartare, a concoction brought to life with choice capers, parsley, and red onion, blended together in egg yolk and Dijon mustard. Smooth some of that rich flavor over a serving of garlic toast and dig into diced hardboiled eggs for one appealing appetizer!


Why not get the party started off right with a few drinks, some friendly faces, and a host of fun! If you’re stopping in for a bite to eat or sitting at the bar before the movie begins, scoop up a few of these concoctions and carry on with your romantic adventures!

Shangri La’s Volcano

There’s no reason to leave San Joaquin with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Just head on over to Shangri La Asian Bistro and dive into a drink that will send you spinning off and into the tropics! Served in a rather large bowl with a center brim high above the rest of the surface, Shangri La’s Volcano is exactly what the name depicts! This bowl is filled with iced rum and at the very middle is a small volcano with an equally dazzling flame dancing across its surface.

Ernie’s Food and Spirits’ Martini FlightErnies Drink

Fall into the spirit of the sweetest day around by swinging into Ernie’s for a few rounds of their martini sampler! You and your dining companion simply can’t miss out on selecting your favorite, flavorful combinations for a cocktail hour of epic proportions! Try out exceptional blends such as their Bloodhound, French Revolution, Chambord Sour, and Lemon Candy cocktails. Go bold and try a double date for your big day, so your lovely consort and fellow friends can sample each’s favorite!

Lodi Beer Company’s Beer Flights

Take a seat down at Lodi Beer Company and let the fun begin with seven hopping brews! These drinks are served in small glasses and set over a sheet that tells you just a little bit about what makes each blend so wonderful! Enjoy the Lodi Lite Lager, the Umna Heseweizen, Gilt Edge Maerzen, School Street Brown, What the Helles IPA, Doppelbock, and the Plowshear Porter.

Komachi Sushi’s Sake Flights

Unleash your inner sake aficionado when you drop in for a sample of Komachi’s sake flights. These outstanding samples are selected in such a way as to bring you a thorough understanding of the styles of sake, keeping your taste buds entertained with every sip! Enjoy a nigori unfiltered, a premium smooth, a dry sake, and a sparkling flavored sake.


Weibel Vineyards’ Sparkling Wine Sampler

Wining and dining across the Valley? Why not pull up a chair, then? Because when you visit Weibel Winery’s exquisite tasting room in downtown Lodi, you’re taking a seat for a five-star flight of exceptional, sparkling flavors. Select from over six flavored varieties that include almond, peach, peach-mango, citron, raspberry, and pomegranate or pick a few from the non-flavored sparkling wines to create a five sampler arrangement you and your date can clink your drinks to!

Casa Flores’s Tequila Flights

Do you know your tequila? Because Casa Flores is ready to take you up on that with samples of their bartender’s premium selections! Have yourself a seat at their bar and prepare for three flute glasses filled with an outstanding blanco, resposado, and añejo tequila. These varying flavors are definitely for those who know how to have a good time!



Show your date just how sweet it really is to be loved by you! From customized cakes and bundles of bundtinis, to decorated apple delicacies and more, there’s just so many confections that we’ve compiled that you have in store. So take your pick and set the time, because no magical night is ever complete until you’ve found that perfect treat!

Frosted Flour’s Custom Cakes

Tired of the constant cookie cutter date nights? Looking to add a little charm to your evening that’s just as classy and distinct as your romantic self? Then why not begin with a cake that’s crafted according to your stylish specifications! Frosted Flour knows all the right moves when it comes to the pastry tango. They offer a wide selection of cake flavors, from traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, to banana, coconut, and snickerdoodle! Choose your favorite frosting or go fondant and add even more pizazz! There’s simply no end to the amazing creations that Frosted Flour can bake to life!

Kyodai Sushi’s Tempura Fried Cheesecake

What do you get when you serve two large scoops of sweet, chilly ice cream between three tempura-fried helpings of cheesecake? After being drizzled with strawberry sauce, dotted with pieces of fresh fruit, and topped with two crunchy pirouette cookies, you’ve concocted an artistically delicious dessert that’s pretty hard to share! When it comes to that final flaky bite of cheesecake bliss,
you better break out the knife and slice it down the middle,
because the chivalry ends here!

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ Bundtinis

Try a bite-sized dessert on for size, whose flavor is larger than life! Introducing the Bundtini, an adorably delicious accessory to your lovely day, bundled up by the dozen for on the go dates! These cuties are covered with thick layers of icing and produced in popular flavors like lemon, red velvet, and white chocolate raspberry. Choose your absolute favorites and spend your special evening out on the town with nothing, “bundt” you and your special someone!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s Treats

Indulge in something just as sweet as holding hands with the one you love! Rocky Mountain has got the drop on dipped cherries, strawberries, and apples galore, all lovingly wrapped, boxed, or ribbon-garbed in Valentine’s Day spirit! Treat your honey to some delicious truffles and heart shaped-chocolates, perfect for taking with you on a tour of the ultimate Valentine getaways in our local area!

Ernies 2


Ernie’s Food & Spirits’ Dessert Sampler

Ready to pull all the stops for your sensational Valentine’s Day extravaganza? Then set your sights on Ernie’s line-up of picturesque desserts! For it is here you’ll find the chance opportunity to reel in such delicacies as a Valrhona double chocolate cheesecake, chocolate macaron, raspberry sorbet, cabernet huckleberry topped panna cotta, a rich crème brulee, or Ernie’s tres leche cheesecake. Find out by placing your reservation in for a Valentine’s Day dinner not soon forgotten. Interested in ensuring your sampler’s sweet combinations? Plan your next event at Ernie’s with a party larger than 10 to choose your confections personally!


Flight Lounge’s Flight of Desserts

You’re on a collision course for a sampler of delectable opportunity! Check out Flight Lounge’s triad of tasty treats, all lined up and ready to hit the runway! Enjoy the rich flavors of cheesecake with strawberry or chocolate drizzle, each luscious bite of their delectable brownie a la mode, and last, but certainly not at all the least, their chocolate chip walnut bread pudding!

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