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Our community is dedicated to the support and success of its future: children. As our community continues to evolve and grow, education in San Joaquin does the same; offering an abundance of diverse education options including accredited charter schools, preparatory, parochial and performing arts academies, and special education and alternative education programs in addition to the 14 school districts of San Joaquin. They are constantly looking to improve and upgrade their operations to ensure their students thrive. From investing in modern classroom technology to looking into operational improvement when it comes to communicating with students, they want to provide a good environment for those that attend the schools.

The San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE), is a regional agency focused on providing educational leadership and improving the effectiveness of school districts through resources and services. SJCOE works in hope to ensure that, regardless of circumstances, our children receive quality education. Through partnerships with local districts, regional programs, community members and state government agencies, SJCOE is able to provide our children with an array of innovative, personalized learning opportunities.

Huntington Learning Center

Whether your student is looking to improve grades or excel in college entrance exams, Huntington is your tutoring solution. Since 1977, Huntington has helped students of all ages achieve academic success. Using individualized lesson plans, highly trained tutors focus on each students’ unique needs. Students begin with an in-depth academic evaluation that identifies problematic subject areas. After sharing results and recommendations with parents, a personalized tutoring program is developed, typically in the areas of Reading, Writing, Study Skills, Math, Phonics, Spelling, or Vocabulary. Certified teachers then work with each student individually, at his or her own pace, to master each skill level before moving on to more advanced tasks and learning. This approach helps ensure that the student truly understands the content, and develops skills to learn and solve problems independently.

Huntington Exam Prep programs prepare students for crucial college entrance and scholarship exams like the SAT/PSAT and ACT, as well as high school entrance exams and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Unique one-to-one tutoring programs are designed to help each student reach their test score goal. Through this personalized tutoring method, students master test-taking skills and develop a lasting ability to solve problems – two important skills proven to help significantly raise test scores and lower anxiety levels.

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363 S. Lower Sacramento Rd., Lodi

(209) 333-8900,

be.OurGuest Hospitality & Tourism Academ

OurGuest Hospitality & Tourism Academy, a Manteca Unified School District Charter Academy, prepares a diverse group of high school students for a career, or post-secondary education in hospitality and tourism. The HTA curriculum engages students through a series of career exploration courses including Lodging, Customer Service, Sustainability, Marketing, Geography, Sports, Entertainment and Event Planning. All courses use project-based learning techniques with an emphasis on strengthening literacy, project management, leadership, and team building skills, all while fostering creativity and innovation.

In addition to studying career-focused curriculum and working on collaborative projects, HTA students gain critical career knowledge through a series of work-based learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. These activities include job shadowing, mock interviews, resume writing workshops, and culminate with a compensated internship. Local business partners work with educators to provide opportunities that round our students’ education. By serving on advisory boards and as mentors, business partners provide a real-world connection to academy coursework, helping students understand pathways to career success.

As a member of the National Academy Foundation (NAF) network, our academy is part of a national movement offering exceptional opportunities for students to learn, achieve and advance as professionals along a chosen career path. The NAF curriculum is vetted by industry professionals to ensure that the content is current and relevant.

The curriculum has also received Industry Validation from the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP) and the Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT). Graduates of NAF academies complete college faster, earn more, and have stronger ties to their communities than their peers. NAF’s 97 percent senior graduation rate is a testament to this effort.

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New Vision Education Center

4726 McCuen Ave., Stockton


Contact: [email protected]

Presentation Parish School

Presentation Parish School has educated students to become well-rounded ,young adults with a response to life based on Catholic truths and values for the last 50 years. Located on a secure and safe campus, Presentation, in the Diocese of Stockton, is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and by the Western Catholic Education Association.

With a student body of just over 260 students, Presentation offers a safe, family-centered environment with a rich curriculum. Teachers in Pre-K to 8th grade are committed to challenging students by offering a variety of experiences supported by the Common Core State Standards, in addition to supplemental instruction designed to meet individual needs. Students benefit from specialists in math, science and music. Enrichment experiences such as Pioneer Days, Valley Days, Science Camp and an East Coast Trip are offered throughout a students’ academic journey.

Presentation students are exposed to the latest technology, as the staff is committed to keeping students up-to-date on skills crucial to future success. Presentation also offers an extended care program before and after school. Athletic opportunities are offered through the Catholic Youth Organization including basketball, volleyball and cross-country. These experiences allow 87 percent of students to achieve academic and athletic success at Saint Mary’s High School and beyond. “I fully value the education I received at Presentation, as it successfully prepared me for St. Mary’s High School, my future in college and the workplace,” says Matthew Avila, a graduate of Presentation.

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1635 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton

(209) 472-2140,

Cathedral of the Annunciation

Cathedral of the Annunciation, located in central Stockton, has served the community as a dynamic K-8 Catholic grammar school since its founding in 1956. Annunciation is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockton and is fully accredited by WASC and WCEA. Annunciation School strives to teach the whole child, in order to produce well-rounded students who are active Christians, quality academic producers, effective communicators and problem solvers.

The environment is rich with parent involvement, extracurricular and community service opportunities for students, and innovative faculty and staff members. The students are immersed in a pastoral setting with elevated expectations, which serves them well. Annunciation graduates succeed at the high school and college levels, where they utilize their strong academic foundation and faith based values to maintain a strong work ethic, whether it be at home, at school, or in the community. Annunciation School fosters a lifelong commitment to the Catholic Church, which, in turn, promotes a lifelong habit of being industrious and compassionate family and community members.

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1110 N. Lincoln St., Stockton, (209) 444-4000,

Snell’s Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten School

Snell’s Pre-Kindergarten School, the oldest, privately- owned pre-school in California, has been a family tradition for many; and a must for those seeking educational excellence and a joyous learning experience for their children. Our teaching philosophy combines old-fashioned values, new ideas and skills for the challenges children and parents face in the 21st Century. Our dedicated staff works with the individual youngster to facilitate and expand their learning capabilities. Keeping with the tradition established by Miss Snell in 1906, we continue to develop innovative, specialized programs and keep abreast of necessary academic standards and skills needed upon entering Kindergarten, all-the-while maintaining our priority for each child to understand and learn life skills needed to become a happy, productive citizen.

We offer half-day Pre-Kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Using a definite yet flexible program, and our century old music and movement curriculum, we help each child learn in accordance with his or her needs and interests. We strive to make each child feel secure in school; to be responsible; to be independent; to use and to expand their knowledge and vocabulary; to be happy in learning and being with other four and five year olds.

Our objectives for our Tuesday and Thursday 3 Year Old Classes are to have a happy learning atmosphere in which each childs’ individual capabilities and interests are developed; to help each child learn to listen and follow directions; to see each child work and play cooperatively with others; and to see each child gain respect for themselves and others.

In addition to our traditional Pre-Kindergarten half-day programs we also offer a before-and-after-school extended Educare program for working parents needing full and part-time care for their child.

Helping today’s child become tomorrow’s responsible citizen!

–Register NOW for our 2015-16 school year!

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9371 Lower Sacramento Rd.

Stockton, (209) 478-6161,

Presentation Parish Preschool

Presentation Parish Preschool opened its doors in January 2015, offering a much-needed Preschool for the faith-based community in the surrounding area. Our school is bright and inviting with a beautiful playground and outside area to enrich the lives of the children in our program. The program serves children three to five years of age.

Our goal is to nurture the development of the whole child in a faith-filled environment, spark imagination and discovery, build self-esteem, foster learning through play, empower children and encourage parent involvement. With our staff ratio of one staff member per eight children we are able to meet the individual needs of each child in our care. Children feel safe and secure in their environment, giving them the confidence to learn and grow at their own pace.

When you look for a high quality Preschool you will find everything you need at our school. Presentation Parish Preschool has a literacy-rich, diverse, inclusive, social, emotional, interactive and engaging print-rich environment, with all centers accessible to all children, so they may learn and play at their own level of development. Register soon to get the spot you want in our 2015-2016 school year!

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1626 McClellan Way, Stockton, (209) 320-5734 (Under Early Childhood Ministries)

St. Mary’s High School

St. Mary’s High School is celebrating the legacy of 140 years of Catholic secondary education in Stockton. So much has changed since 1876, yet the intangible spirit of St. Mary’s remains stronger than ever. St. Mary’s enrolls approximately 900 students from 30 cities, some traveling more than 45 miles to attend. We provide quality education to students of all faiths through affordable tuition and scholarship assistance.

Our students take great pride in being part of St. Mary’s. We have a 100% graduation rate and the Class of 2015 was offered $16,266,901 in college scholarships. St. Mary’s strives to develop the total person – intellectually, creatively, socially, physically and spiritually. Each student dedicates a minimum of 60 hours to community service. We offer 20 Honors/AP courses, 16 athletic programs, more than 30 student-organized clubs and an award-winning fine arts and theater program. We are introducing a new broadcast TV station this year and implementing the one-to-one iPad instruction in our classes.

As our mission states, we are proud of our traditions and our history in this community. We offer campus tours and a student shadow program. Visit St. Mary’s High School and find out what it’s all about.

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St. Mary’s High School

5648 El Dorado St., Stockton

(209) 957-3340,

Jacobo Dental Institute

Jacobo Dental Institute is number one; offering amazing instructors and high-quality education. Our program is designed for students to recieve hands-on training required to begin a career in the dental field. The 10-week Dental Assisting Course offers classes one day a week, at a fraction of the cost!

Our Dental Assisting Program provides basic training in dental assisting. This program is designed for students with no prior work experience in the field. You will acquire knowledge and skills at entry level, to work as a dental assistant. Enroll for Classes Today!

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1035 W. Robinhood Dr., Ste. 200, Stockton

(209) 679-2832,

Tracy Learning Center

First opened in 2001, the Tracy Learning Center is a tuition-free, K to 12 public school providing quality education for all. We are a three-charter complex consisting of Primary Charter (K-4), Discovery Charter (5-6) which includes the Pre-High School Academy (7-8), and Millennium Charter (9-12).

The award-winning Primary Charter exists to enable opportunity for children to explore and develop a passion for learning. Primary and Discovery students receive a learning foundation second to none.

TLC provides access to technology and supremely competent, qualified instructors as a source of information and learning. Parents, students and educators benefit from productive and specialized classroom environments that provide exciting learning opportunities.

The ultimate college preparatory high school experience, Millennium High School, offers opportunities for early college enrollment, reimbursement of college tuition, and a mandatory summer term called Fast Track that provides opportunities for accelerated learning. A full spectrum of athletics and extra-curricular activities such as band and drama are also offered.

Now accepting open enrollment applications.

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51 E. Beverly Pl., Tracy, (209) 831-5240,