3 Must-Have Back to School Items

June 30, 2018

In addition to the laundry list of school supplies every district requires, these extras will make starting school something to get excited about! Monogrammed backpack and lunch pail Let’s face it, kids lose stuff. And sometimes classmates have duplicates. Keep your child organized—and ensure lost […]

Twinkle Toes Dance Studio

June 30, 2018

In a world where it’s too easy to plop your child in front of an iPad, TV, or smartphone, physical activity is crucial for both a child’s physical and mental development. Equally important is tending to their capacity for creative expression—fortunately, providing all of this […]

Summer is Booked

June 30, 2018

Summer is meant for exploration and adventure, so encourage kids to turn off their screens and foster their love of the great outdoors with these new summer releases. These five books explore the world from the wonders of our own nation to faraway seas, towering […]

Princesses with a Purpose

June 30, 2018

Just three years ago Jennifer Shields stood in the doorway of a dance studio as her six-year-old daughter cried, afraid to join the other students. Now Jennifer watches her confident nine-year-old perform in front of live audiences at events like the Asparagus Festival, even encouraging […]

Parents Magazine

Fostering Community

June 30, 2018

Being placed in foster care means losing your support system. It means changing homes and families, schools and friends. For the nearly 1,400 foster care children in San Joaquin County, it can be an isolating experience. This is why Parents by Choice prioritizes creating a […]

How To: Pack a Lunch

June 30, 2018

An emphasis on healthy eating, a no-microwave policy, and heavier restrictions on what can and can’t come to school in a lunch box doesn’t make meal planning for school-aged children any easier. Check out these cool tips—and gear!—to make lunchtime more enjoyable, affordable, healthier, and […]

Last Word: Little Miracles

June 30, 2018

The years are short but the days are long. Why is it every cliché rings truer as I get older? It’s really easy as a parent to become bogged down by the days. Especially in summer when schedules are up in the air and there’s […]

Exspearience Asparagus

February 27, 2018

Ever been so desperate to get your kids to eat their vegetables that you’ve considered resorting to veggie-based desserts? This year’s Asparagus Festival has the solution to your woes: asparagus churros and asparagus ice cream. This April the popular festival is back to serve up […]

SJ City Guide

Learning to Speak, Again

February 27, 2018

Cleaning up your vocabulary is part of getting pregnant. It’s like the day you learn you are with child you start actively avoiding the expletives that probably found their way into your conversations more often than you’d like to admit. And then, you get lucky, […]

Make Tech Time Count

February 27, 2018

The mom guilt is real. Letting kids watch television or play games on tablets is taboo in some circles. So when moms give in to electronics, guilt can overwhelm us. The good news is not all tech time will rot your child’s brain. Kids can […]

Mommy Me Time

February 27, 2018

A mother’s job so often is to take care of everyone around her. But let’s not forget self care—you can’t pour from an empty cup and all that. Instead of burning out while fulfilling roles as housekeeper, short-order cook, and full-time caretaker of tiny humans, […]

Make a Smaller Family Footprint

February 26, 2018

The message is crystal clear. Whether you’re tuning into the radio, watching the news, or running errands around town, it’s obvious that everyone is going green. And why shouldn’t you? After all, recycling that Kombucha bottle is much better for mother earth than the landfill. […]

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