Paper Mache Earth

Celebrate Earth Day the crafty way: teach your child about the importance of preserving the earth while making this fun paper mache version of the globe. Here’s how: What You’ll Need: Round Balloon Newspaper Paper mache paste Acrylic Pain Paintbrush  Steps: Blow up your balloon. […]

Snow Fun in California

Who says you have to cross state lines to enjoy the snow? Stay in California—and just a short drive from home—with these kid-friendly winter wonderlands. LathropOkay, so the snow isn’t exactly falling from the sky in Lathrop, but Dell’Osso Family Farms brings the next best […]

Great On the Floor, Great Out the Door Tibon’s Karate

Like many extracurricular activities, martial arts can be both a fun and enriching hobby as well as a learning experience that offers its students lifelong lessons. And at Tibon’s Goju-Ryu Fighting Arts Karate in Stockton, they’ll get the added benefit of learning a unique fighting […]

Kindergarten Readiness

So, your child is entering kindergarten in the fall? That can feel like an overwhelming first step for any parent, especially if this is your first child. It’s hard enough to worry about your little one being gone for many hours of the day—perhaps for […]

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Say Good-bye to Colds & Flu the All-Natural Way

Cough syrup, allergy pills, and over-the-counter pain medicine—oh my! What is a parent to do when they’d rather skip the NSAID aisle and deal with a child’s cold the all-natural way? Finding your way through organic medicines can be a chore. Skip it all and […]

Raising Positive Kids

For me, one of the most draining parts of parenting is the negativity. It’s the whining and complaining, the constant tattling and “he’s touching meeeeee” coming from the backseat. It’s not so much that I need peace and quiet—the volume is fine if it comes […]

Yogi Kids

The word yoga tends to conjure images of barefoot adults on colorful mats listening to soothing music while in downward dog. But have you ever stopped to consider the benefits yoga offers to kids? Asking children to slow down and clear their minds may sound […]

Turkey Day Games

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family, friends, and food . Make the most of Thanksgiving Day by maximizing family fun time with these themed games. Play Ball It’s fun to sit around and watch football all day. Try breaking it up by […]

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Willow Tree Days

Children’s Boutique Ushers in a Family-Friendly Era in Lodi Mindy Maiwald Compton has always believed in the importance of putting family before one’s career. Then again, instead of choosing between the two, Mindy has always found a way to combine them. “I wanted to have […]

Q&A About Mental Health

Jeremy Sinclair Answers the Tough Questions About Mental Health & Our Kids Mental health is a hot topic today. Not only are adults being diagnosed with disorders such as anxiety and depression, kids are commonly receiving these diagnoses as well. Whilst treatments like Nutra CBD […]

The Truth About Santa Claus

Experts often disagree about how and when to tell your kids about Santa. Does it promote dishonesty to keep the secret? Are you protecting a child’s innocence by letting them believe? There are a lot of questions for parents to consider before spilling the beans […]

Mom’s Night Out

Let’s face it—whether you slay at home all day or are a full-time working mama, you deserve a break from the chaos of family life every once in a while. Grab your girlfriends for a night on the town! We’ve got suggestions so epic they […]

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