Theatre for Families

November 8, 2017

Make theatre your family’s next tradition. For children, attending live theatre performances at a young age increases their ability to feel empathy and demonstrate tolerance. It also enhances literary knowledge in a way reading and watching movies does not. Attending as a family is a […]

Raise Thankful Kids

November 6, 2017

Raise good humans—that’s the goal. Kids can start learning how to express gratefulness at a very young age, with a little guidance from parents.   Age 1+ Integrate thankful vocabulary young. The first steps to teaching kids how to be thankful are using the words […]

It’s a Jungle Out There

November 6, 2017

A visit to the emergency room is stressful regardless of age, but it can be absolutely terrifying for young children. Adventist Health Lodi Memorial Medical Center’s ER sees roughly 12,000 pediatric patients a year, and Leadership Lodi has teamed with the hospital to ensure a […]

What’s New at Dell’Osso

September 1, 2017

Over the last 20 years Dell’Osso Family Farm has proved that there is nothing quite like getting lost in an 18-acre field of corn or shooting targets with mini pumpkins to get you in the mood for Halloween. In addition to the ever popular corn […]

SJ City Guide

Calling All Super Heroes!

September 1, 2017

Run with CASA on Oct. 7 at Lodi Lake Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of San Joaquin County gives a voice to abused, neglected, and abandoned children that have become dependents of the County Court. The volunteers that make up this nonprofit work with the […]

Ginger Bugs

August 30, 2017

Mommin’ ain’t easy. Sometimes we need validation, adult interaction—and a healthy dose of caffeine! And sometimes (or, wait, is it all the time?!) our kids need a release, a play buddy, and a place to (safely) jump off the walls. Maybe that’s what makes Ginger […]

Celebrate Family in San Diego

August 30, 2017

With Kids Free October! Gearing up for a family vacation? Head south to San Diego where kids vacation free in October! It’s all part of the city’s Kids Free San Diego promotion, October 1-31, packed with free meals, free admission, free tickets, and more. We’ve […]

Grandparents Who Babysit

August 30, 2017

Ever feel bad asking your parents to watch the little ones while you and your spouse enjoy a (long-overdue) date night? Or just so you can catch a couple hours of “me time”? It’s time to put the guilt aside. According to recent studies, grandparents […]

On the Town

Top Performers

August 30, 2017

UVDC Helps Tiny Feet Make Big Moves Do you have a child who aspires to dance? A born performer with a knack for movement? At Unique Visions Dance Company in Stockton, Owner, Director, and Dance Instructor Chelsea Hill puts an emphasis on getting those tiny […]

Touring Tower Park

July 28, 2017

Ah, summer. When our beautiful Californian sunshine reaches its peak of west-coast perfection. For those along the coastline, this means warm beach weather, perfect for soaking in that lovely tan line, taking the kids out for a swim, or playing fetch with Fido along the […]

Pet Positive

June 14, 2017

Getting a family pet is a big decision. Whether it’s a goldfish or a dog, pets come with responsibility and they can really alter a family’s dynamic. While you’re weighing the pros and cons of pet ownership, consider these positives. Responsibility The added duties associated […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

June 14, 2017

Looking for a springtime activity to enjoy with your kids? Now that the weather is warmer it’s time to break out the shovel and break ground on a backyard garden. “Everything is a teaching opportunity—the planting, the weeds, the water, the soil, the bugs, the […]

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