Outdoor Oasis- How to Achieve a Low Maintenance Hostess Hot Spot

outdoor oasis

outdoor oasisMany homeowners are saying goodbye to their large backyards and happily greeting beautiful stonework to lessen upkeep and improve entertainment value. The big trend at the moment is to have large trees around their backyard for shade and install stonework that will allow better socialization. They would rather hire a tree service Washington DC to trim their trees and occasionally powerwash their stonework than spend hours gardening and weeding.

Matt Foster of Lodi Design and Landscape says trending hardscapes invite people to truly enjoy their yard or garden features that may be missed when restricted to sitting on a patio and observing from a far. This landscape application has even come to outrank native plantings, foliage design and water features in both popularity and value. As a landscape expert, Matt can create your dreamland area of low and nearly no maintenance features from start to finish, even sharing a few tips for you do-it-yourselfers.

When it comes to masonry, the options seem endless; fire pits, walkways, grill islands, tree rings, rock gardens and extended patios are among the most popular ways to turn your high maintenance yard into a hassle free hostess heaven. Whether it’s getting a Stamped Concrete Contractor to install an outdoor BBQ patio area or using natural rock in your landscaping, there are so many ways you can go about it. The benefits continue on as these features reduce your water bill, free up your Saturday afternoon of mowing, almost eliminate the need for weeding and add serious value to your home.

Just as diverse as design options is the variety of color, texture and style of concrete pavers, brick, tile, stone and natural rock choices for each application. Dependent upon your needs and desires, you can choose from high-end stone, to eco- friendly options and affordable, copycat concrete; each offering a variety of finishes, textures and colors. If you love the high-end look of stone but must stay within budget, consider opting for decorative concrete finishing that mimics stone, and use natural stone for an accent border.

To keep your hardscape clean and preserve it for years to come, Matt suggests sealing after application, a feature offered by Lodi Design and Landscape. “Following the effervescence period, which gets rid of the white casting, we come in and seal it- preventing ageing and dirt collection while keeping colors vivid and bright,” explains Matt. “The sealer needs to be applied every two years because of the wear and tear of the sun. And, if your home is in an area with lots of moisture or moss, sealing prevents algae from poking its head.” He continues to suggest that routine maintenance is key since wear and tear from the weather can warp and cause parts of your patio or outdoor living space to warp and sink. In such a case, some homeowners use concrete mudjacking to lift and shape these parts of their property. It’s another low maintenance solution.

Another great feature to any outdoor entertainment space is a fire pit. For you do-it-yourselfers out there, Matt has tips for you! “You can pick up fire ring kits that come pre-packaged with stackable blocks. Simply drop the fire ring in the middle and border with the blocks,” Matt explains. If you plan on installing your fire pit on your concrete patio, Matt suggests putting a foundation of firebrick, first, to protect the concrete. “You can cause damage to the concrete without firebrick,” he says. Or, if you plan on utilizing the experts at Lodi Design and Landscape, they will create a designated hole for your fire pit when creating or expanding your patio.

In the spirit of low maintenance, the use of rock mulch, gravel or crushed brick in your garden and within tree rings add a seamless, clean transition from stonework to your yard and garden. These options also add additional aesthetic properties as they compliment or contrast your foliage.

When considering décor for your outdoor oasis, stop by Lomeli Gardens for low maintenance outdoor seating, architectural elements, planters and statues to accompany your hassle free backyard. At Lomeli, in-house made concrete or tile patio sets are available in a variety of beautiful designs. These sets stand abuse of the sun and rain, leaving you free to enjoy your seating with no worry of dragging it inside during a storm, or shading it from harmful UV rays.


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