How to Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Bash

A Foodie Philanthropist Guide

Did you volunteer to host the Super Bowl party this year, but have no idea where to start? No need to sweat it. We’ve got the play by play game plan on how to throw the ultimate Super Bowl Party in the 209. Truth be told, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. All you really need are the essentials: food, friends and football! The rest is just gravy!

First things first. You must invite friends. In today’s tech driven world, this is easier than ever. Gone are the days of having to order fancy paper invites. Create an Evite or send out an email to invite your friends. Just make sure you ask them to RSVP so you can get a good idea of how many folks you need to feed! And try to do this at least a month before the big game.

As the Super Bowl approaches, you can start to draft your menu. Once we find out who will play in the Super Bowl (two weeks before game day) you can pick a few themed dishes based on the towns. For example, if Philadelphia is playing, ditch the sliders and go for Philly cheese steaks. If the Tennessee Titans make it to the big dance opt for some Nashville Hot Chicken, one of the hottest dishes in America right now. Just have fun with the theme and your guests will be happy either way.

Take some friendly advice from someone who loves to host parties-it’s better to have too much food than not enough. And it’s always a good idea to have a combination of hot and cold items on your buffet. Utilize crock pots and chafing dishes to keep hot food warm as much as possible. And lastly, have a good combination of food coma inducing football food and healthy eats. Think veggie trays and fruit platters alongside cheeseburger sliders, hearty chili, and seven-layer dip with chips.

Pro tip: keep snacks on all the end tables or coffee tables to keep the guys satiated during the game. Things like popcorn, spiced nuts and pretzels are super easy to put out and simple to keep refilled throughout the day.

And don’t forget dessert. People always want something sweet after a few drinks! There are two super simple desserts you can whip up to play along with the football theme. The first is chocolate rice Krispy treats. Make a batch and form them into mini-footballs. Use white cookie frosting to make laces (like on a football) and voila! You can also dip fresh strawberries in chocolate and use the white frosting to make the same laces as you did on the rice Krispy treats. At least the kids will be happy, right?

On game day, you can never have too much beer. Make sure you have plenty of ice chests on hand and even more importantly, make sure they are well stocked. I recommend going with a couple kinds of beers: pick up a local brew from the guys over at Five Window or Channel Brewing and then fill in the rest with an easy drinking beer like Bud Light. You also want to make sure you have plenty of ice to keep the beer cold. No one wants to head to the store in the middle of their own party!

And if your friends are big on cocktails, buy accordingly. I like to keep it to two or three choices: vodka, rum, and whisky. Those cocktails need mixers, and again, lots of ice! Most importantly, be sure to have a good assortment of beverage options for the non-drinkers. Think soda and bottled water. You might even want to stock up on juice boxes if there are going to be a ton of little kids!

It doesn’t hurt to have a little fun with your Super Bowl party décor, and I’ve got two words for you-Party City! The store has football themed platters, tablecloths, disposable plates, and napkins, along with signs and banners for your epic party. Don’t want to spend the money? Simply put down green butcher paper or green wrapping paper as a runner on your dining room table.

And you must have ample seating. Make sure there are enough chairs for everyone to have a seat. If you don’t have enough, rent them or ask your guests to bring a few extra. If you have oversized pillows, put them on the ground in front of your television-someone will enjoy sitting on them.

Not everyone will be into the game, so be sure to have some fun activities to keep guests entertained. Cornhole is a great choice to put outside or in your garage. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Be sure to have a football or two to be thrown around at halftime or in between quarters.


Recipe 1
Wild Game Day Chili

2 lb. Ground Beef

2 lb. Ground Venison

2 Yellow Onions, Chopped

3 29 oz. Can Tomato Sauce

4 28 oz. Can Chili Beans

3 Chili Bricks

1 to 2 TSPN Cumin

3 C. Cheddar Cheese, Shredded

2 C. Green Onion, Chopped

Sauté the ground beef, venison, and onion in a large pot until cooked through. Add the chili brick, tomato sauce, and beans. Stir until combined. Add cumin and let simmer for 30 minutes or longer. Keep hot until ready to serve. Transfer to a crock pot and keep on low setting for serving. Garnish with shredded cheddar cheese and chopped green onion.

Recipe 2
Cowboy Sliders

4 lb. Ground Beef

2 Packages Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

1 Package Frozen Onion Rings

2 8 oz Package Sliced Cheddar Cheese

½ C. BBQ Sauce of your Choice

3 TBSN. Worcestershire Sauce

2 to 3 TBSN. Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe Seasoning

Turn on BBQ grill. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line three cookie sheets with foil. Place frozen onion rings on one of the cookie sheets and place in the oven for 14 to 16 minutes. Form burger patties into 3-inch patties and arrange on two of the cookie sheets. Pour a splash of Worcestershire sauce on each patty and season with Fiori’s seasoning (or your favorite burger seasoning). Meanwhile, split each Hawaiian roll in half. Cook hamburger patties for two to three minutes on each side and add the cheddar cheese while burgers are still on the grill. Remove from heat. On each roll, place one burger, two onion rings and add BBQ sauce. Serve immediately or keep in a warming drawer until ready to serve.

Recipe 3

Beer Cheese Fondue


1 C. Pilsner Style Beer

1 lb. Gruyere Cheese (or, if you can’t get gruyere, a gruyere cheese substitute)

1 TBSN. Cornstarch

2 TSPN. Dijon Mustard

Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

1/8 TSPN. Paprika

½ TSPN. Hot Sauce


Bring the beer to a boil over medium to high heat in a saucepan. Reduce the heat to low and simmer. Meanwhile, toss the gruyere cheese in the cornstarch and add the cheese to the beer one handful at a time. Stirring until each batch is completely melted. Add the mustard, Worcestershire, paprika, and hot sauce and combine. Transfer to a fondue pot or crock pot to keep warm. Serve with bread, fruit, or vegetables. Can be made up top two days ahead and reheated.


Party Ready Checklist

  • Ice (you can never have enough ice)
  • Ice chests
  • Disposable plates, napkins, cups, and silverware
  • Chairs. Always have more chairs than you think you will need. Rent them, borrow them – whatever you have to do, just have enough chairs.
  • TVs (Be sure they are working before friends come over)
  • Booze
  • Beer
  • Food
  • Slow cookers
  • Chafing Dishes


Five Local Hail Mary Helpers

We recognize not everyone is prepared to throw a Hail Mary in the fourth quarter, so in case you run out of time, these local establishments can help you satisfy your partygoers in a pinch. In fact, a good hostess knows how to outsource some of the work!

  • Fire Wings
  • Lockeford Sausage
  • Salisbury’s Deli and Grill
  • Whirlows
  • Habañero Hots
  • Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar

The Super Bowl is the ultimate Sunday Funday! With friends, football, and some serious comfort food, your bash will be a huge hit. Just follow my game plan for the win!