Breakfast is Served

Step inside Stockton’s Heirloom Kitchen for your first meal of the day and you’ll find yourself welcomed by the golden sunshine cascading through the dining room windows, uplifted by the bright and airy walls accessorized with green hanging plants and earthy accents, and inspired by […]

La Bamba Mexican Food makes every day feel like Tuesday

Look up “Taco Tuesday” and you’re bound to go down a rabbit hole of stories about who exactly coined the phrase and when. The year 1989 was the official year “Taco Tuesday” was trademarked by Midwest fast food joint Taco John’s but dig a litter […]

Best of San Joaquin 2022

Best Of Health   Allergist   Allergy Immunology & Asthma Medical Group (209) 951-5353 4628 Georgetown Pl., Stockton   Whether you have an itch you can’t explain or serious hay fever that just won’t quit, treatment is available at Allergy Immunology. The Stockton office […]

SJ City Guide

Nightmare on Kettleman Lane

Imagine a semi-venomous 18-foot False Water Cobra slithering through a cage, a terrifying African Spitting Scorpion that can accurately shoot venom from one foot away into your eye causing you to go blind, and a colorful Ball Python that stretches up to six-feet long. What […]

Mixology at Home

Think you need to leave home to enjoy that cocktail? Building your own home bar is actually quite simple, with just a handful of tools, you’ll be hosting your own speakeasy in the comfort of your own living room. While we can help you become […]

Tasty drinks without the hangover

Berry Jubilee – As the days get warmer this season, we know what we will be sipping over at West Oak Nosh in Lodi. The Berry Jubilee zero-proof cocktail has fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda before it is garnished with a sweet […]

At Home Mag

How one orthodontist spearheaded a cause to care for SJC families

Manjeet Samra was born and raised in Lodi. But his parents and other family members migrated to Stockton in the 1980s from Punjab, the Indian state near the Pakistan border often targeted by extremists. Self-sustainment was the family’s priority in California; orthodontic care wasn’t apriority. […]

The Yin Crowd

Namaste. That’s the respectful and honorable greeting spoken as a Hindu customary and deeply rooted in yoga practices across the globe. Vinyasa. That’s a style of yoga focused on moving seamlessly from one position to the next, pairing movement with breath. Yin. It means to […]

10 Great Dates

Every Brilliant Thing Tour March 4 & 5 Changing Faces Theater This one-man show comes to Lodi for two days only to cover the heavy themes surrounding suicide with a lighthearted touch. The show is rated PG-13. Tickets are $20 each. Bob McMillen Memorial […]

Patrick Langham plays, performs, and teaches the craft

“It all started when I was in elementary school,” says Patrick Langham, director of Jazz Studies at University of the Pacific. “I went to audition for elementary school band and already had it in my mind that I wanted to play trumpet. The band instructor […]

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