Best of San Joaquin 2022

Best Of Health




Allergy Immunology & Asthma Medical Group

(209) 951-5353

4628 Georgetown Pl., Stockton


Whether you have an itch you can’t explain or serious hay fever that just won’t quit, treatment is available at Allergy Immunology. The Stockton office helps with everything from seasonal allergies to skin conditions like eczema, immune system deficiencies to anaphylactic shock. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, help is just an appointment away! Come in for allergy testing, medications, and long-term treatment plans to find relief from what ails you. A team of doctors is at your disposal so you—and your allergies—can finally get the help they need.


Assisted Living Facility


O’Connor Woods

(209) 956-3400

3400 Wagner Heights Rd., Stockton


If you have a loved one who needs a little help around the house, schedule a tour at O’Connor Woods. The Stockton retirement community is a gated, resort-style oasis, created with comfort and care in mind. While help is on-site for everything from medical ailments to injuries, the focus of the community is fun. Dining experiences and a wellness center provide extra amenities for guests and offers opportunities to socialize. One of the biggest perks of living at O’Connor Woods is that you rarely have to leave. With an on-site day spa, putting green, fix-it shop, library, chapel, classes, and more—you can do it all just steps from your front door.


The Commons at Thornton

(209) 242-9773

10711 Thornton Rd., Stockton


Vienna Nursing & Rehab Center

(209) 368-7141

800 S. Ham Ln., Lodi


Cosmetic Surgery


Vu Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

(209) 476-7074

1617 St. Marks Plaza, Ste. E, F, Stockton


Looking for a literal pick me up? Dr. Hugh Vu is the medical mastermind at this cosmetic surgery clinic, offering procedures to target any area you may be unsatisfied with. From breast implants to face lifts, Botox to laser hair removal, there are a lot of ways to change your body’s aesthetics while remaining healthy and safe, and also managing expectations. To learn more, schedule a consultation, and get started on your journey to a new you—one that is just as good, but with a little extra oomph.


Plastic Surgery Center of Stockton

(209) 870-7100

1805 N. California St. #405, Stockton


Dr. Silverton, Brookside Aesthetics

(209) 952-2251

3133 W. March Ln., Ste. 1040, Stockton


CrossFit Studio


CrossFit 209 Sport

Multiple Locations


High intensity, functional fitness—that’s the very definition of CrossFit. And those who enjoy the exercise, are typically all-in on the program, raving about the results and the community. At CrossFit 209, the exercise craze is accessible, serving fitness addicts from 12 to 80 years old, and providing classes that meet both beginners and more advanced CrossFit athletes. Choose from basic CrossFit classes, Olympic Lifting, endurance-based workouts, and even sport-specific classes aimed at bettering you in your hobby of choice. If you’re interested, you can even train to compete in CrossFit competitions.


ASAP Fitness

Multiple Locations



F4 Fitness & Nutrition

(209) 565-5364

5403 N. Pershing Ave., Ste. 10, Stockton


Day Spa


Wine & Roses

(209) 334-6988

2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi


It’s time to lay back and relax. You don’t have to be an overnight guest at Wine & Roses to enjoy its award-winning day spa. Tucked into the serene hotel setting, punctuated by a trickling fountain and tall, leafy trees, the Lodi location feels like it’s a million miles away while still offering ease of access, located in the heart of Lodi. Browse the menu of rejuvenating massages and body treatments before adding on a facial to give yourself a long-lasting, youthful glow. There are also make-up and waxing services, plus packages perfectly designed for two so you can enjoy a day out with your best girlfriend, or treat your man to a little pampering session.


Perfect Balance Day Spa

(209) 333-8117

401 W. Pine St., Lodi


Blush Bar

(209) 915-3278

2540 Pacific Ave., Ste. 2, Stockton


Dentist (Cosmetic)


Todd Franklin, DDS

(209) 957-5885

The Fountains, 3031 W. March Ln., Ste. #118, Stockton



Dr. Todd Franklin, DDS, heads up the practice Hope Dental of Stockton, offering a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility at The Fountains. Here, a long list of services are available to patients, including cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic dentistry can result in improved self-esteem, oral health, appearance, and function, making it an important part of dentistry today. At Hope Dental, solutions to creating the best smile include porcelain veneers and crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, and other dental restorations. To get started, schedule an appointment and learn what options best serve you. After it’s all done, you’re sure to be grinning ear to ear.


Lester Low, DDS

(209) 474-3333

3133 W. March Ln., Ste. 1090, Stockton


Martin Dentistry

(209) 951-4251

1310 E. Swain Rd., Stockton


Dentist (Pediatric)


Kids Care Dental

Multiple Locations


Fear of the dentist is a normal experience, but at Kids Care Dental the focus is on calming little nerves while also offering top-of-the-line care. Having healthy teeth and a pretty smile starts at a young age, and with plenty of Kids Care dental offices throughout San Joaquin County, quality care is accessible! The team of friendly doctors and dental assistants at Kids Care are well-versed in calming anxious kids, and they are no stranger to awards, including previous Best Of acknowledgements from our readers. When it comes to our kids, we want to put them in the best possible hands, and with our readers there to back Kids Care up, the decision should offer parents peace of mind, too.


Dax Martin

(209) 951-4251

1310 E. Swain Rd., Ste. 2, Stockton


Bethel Kids Dental

(209) 400-2018

531 W. Kettleman Ln., Lodi




Dr. Kyle W. Herbold, MD

(209) 951-1133

4553 Quail Lakes Dr., Stockton


When it comes to our skin, we want our cheeks in the hands of someone we can trust! When it comes to anything medical, choosing a quality physician is of the utmost importance. Dr. Kyle W. Herbold has proven his worth again and again over his more than 20 years in business. Based in Stockton, Dr. Herbold graduated from Yale School of Medicine before embarking on his career in general dermatology, where he now serves the Stockton community and neighboring towns for all of their skin needs.


Lux Dermatology

Multiple Locations


Dr. Stuart Jacobs

(209) 957-6662

5345 N. El Dorado St., #12, Stockton




Brookside Optometric Group

(209) 951-0820

3133 W. March Ln., Ste. 2020, Stockton


Sometimes bigger is better. Brookside Optometric Group is the largest optometry practice in Stockton, boasting a big team of certified, qualified, and excellent optometrists to serve the local community. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their eyes, and luckily Brookside specializes in helping them all. From senior eye exams and diabetes-related management and treatment to children’s eye exams and LASIK care, it’s all possible at Brookside. To get started, schedule an appointment with one of the doctors on staff and let them lead you to clearer days.


Zeiter Eye Medical Group

(209) 466-5566

Multiple Locations


Midtown Optometry

(209) 957-8000

2321 W. March Ln., Ste. A, Stockton


Fitness Classes


Orange Theory

Multiple Locations


A gym is great, but for some workout fanatics, it’s the classes that make exercise fun (or at least bearable). Orange Theory Fitness, with locations in both Stockton and Tracy, is a franchise business that focuses solely on group classes. The physical fitness program touts itself as a smart workout, using various machines and exercises to maximize results—and get you sweating! Learn more about splat points and other perks by signing up for a membership. Not ready to commit? Take an introductory class to ensure it’s a good fit!


In-Shape Health Clubs

Multiple Locations


Twin Arbors

(209) 334-4897

1900 S. Hutchins St., Lodi


Health Club (Multiple Locations)


In-Shape Health Clubs

Multiple Locations


In Shape has 45 locations in California, a few of which serve the San Joaquin County population. The traditional gym offers a lot of amenities, including pools, fitness classes, state-of-the-art workout equipment, personal training services, kids care, and more. If you’re looking for full service and varied—this will be your cup of tea! Convenient locations include Lodi, Stockton, Manteca, and Tracy, and each one offers its own calendar of classes and fit and fun staff to make your workout atmosphere the best it can be.


Health Club (One Location)


Twin Arbors

(209) 334-4897

1900 S. Hutchins St., Lodi


The Lodi facility recently underwent a large remodel to make the gym the best it can be, including adding brand new equipment and upgrading many of the facilities. Add in a friendly and approachable staff that wants to see you succeed, and you’ve got the trifecta of local gyms! The facility offers a combination of sports training, indoor/outdoor pools, weight training, cardio, functional training, yoga, Pilates, group classes, and more. It’s safe to say there’s something for everyone in this bright and airy space curated to inspire movement in every corner.


F4 Fitness & Nutrition

(209) 565-5364

5403 N. Pershing Ave., Ste. 10, Stockton


Ben Mackie Fitness

(209) 955-0360

840 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton


Retirement Community


O’Connor Woods

(209) 956-3400

3400 Wagner Heights Rd., Stockton


Stockton’s O’Connor Woods is a gated Life Plan Community on 34 acres of beautiful and quiet property that will make moving to a new home a positive transition. O’Connor Woods has built a reputation for more than 30 years of catering to their residents’ needs for comfort, wellness, connection, and engagement. If you are looking for a new home that has always felt like home, schedule a tour at O’Connor Woods!


LaVida Senior Living – Lodi

(209) 333-8432

2890 S. Stockton St., Lodi


Solstice Senior Living – Lodi

(209) 498-5344

2145 W. Kettleman Ln., Lodi


Hearing Center


University of the Pacific Hearing

(209) 946-7378

757 Brookside Rd., Stockton


Hearing loss is the third most commonly reported physical condition (following arthritis and heart disease), and about 48 million report some degree of its symptoms whether that is trouble following conversations with others, needing to turn the volume way up on the T.V. or radio, and even avoiding social gatherings because it’s so uncomfortable when you cannot hear at your best. Stockton’s University of the Pacific Hearing Center is the expert at determining exactly what type of hearing loss you are suffering and how to treat it so that you experience improvement in all aspects of your life. Not sure where to start? Take their online quiz to see if you are a good candidate for a hearing test and let University of the Pacific Hearing handle the rest!


American Hearing Aids

(209) 992-3519

880 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton




St. Joseph’s Medical Center

(209) 943-2000

1800 N. California St., Stockton


Dignity Health’s St. Joseph’s Medical Center believes that our mind, body, and sprit are one and the same, meaning, if the mind is calmer because we are being cared for by those around us, our body responds positively, our stress goes down, and we heal faster. St. Joseph’s calls this Humankindness and it has been at the core of their practice and mission for over 100 years. The caregivers at St. Joseph’s put their patient’s needs first—physically, mentally, and spiritually, making the experience of healing from dis-ease one of empathy, listening, and respect. We can all benefit from more Humankindness.


Lodi Memorial

(209) 334-3411

975 S. Fairmont Ave., Lodi


Kaiser Permanente Stockton Medical Offices

(209) 476-2000

7373 West Ln., Stockton


Hospice/Palliative Care


Hospice of San Joaquin County

(209) 957-3888

3888 Pacific Ave., Stockton


The word “hospice” dates back to the 11th Century and derives from the Latin, for “guest” and “host.” It referred to hospitality for the sick and dying as well as for travelers and pilgrims. Today, for ourselves, and for the people in our lives that we love, finding the proper care is essential to enhance the critical season that conditions requiring hospice require. Hospice of San Joaquin Country’s mission is to honor life by ensuring patients and their caregivers are the focus in all that they do. Their vision is to lead in ensuring that the journey from serious illness through end of life is peaceful and safe.


San Joaquin Hospice???


Golden Haven

(209) 464-4743

2324 Lever Blvd., Stockton


Independent Pharmacy


Hammer Lane Pharmacy

(209) 395-1906

2339 W. Hammer Ln., Stockton


The staff at Hammer Lane Pharmacy are there to help you fulfill your prescriptions easily and conveniently. They offer local delivery and are open seven days per week. A full-service pharmacy, they accept all insurances and offer all vaccinations. Hammer Lane Pharmacy treats their customers like family. They are warm and friendly and they work hard to ensure the best service around. Whether you are looking to fill a prescription, receive an immunization or vaccination, prepare for healthy travels, or ensure your pet is at its best, you will find it all at Hammer Lane Pharmacy.


Pacific Compounding

(209) 474-7271

312 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Doug’s El Dorado Drug Store

(209) 464-7722

2005 E. Mariposa Rd., Stockton



Eye Surgery


Zeitier Eye Medical Group

(209) 466-5566

Multiple Locations


The staff at Zeitier Eye Medical Group are dedicated to enhancing and preserving their patients’ sense of sight using the latest technology with the highest-skilled surgeons who practice with care and respect. Come here for help with refractive surgery, cataract treatment, cornea, glaucoma, and retina treatment. They also offer comprehensive eye examinations and have a full-service optical shop. Visit Zeitier and see (pun intended) all they offer!    


Brookside Optometric Group

(209) 951-0820

3133 W. March Ln., Ste. 2020, Stockton


Heritage Eye, Skin & Laser Center

(209) 465-5933

445 W. Poplar St., Stockton




Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Group, Inc.

(209) 466-8546

1617 N. California St., Ste. 2A, Stockton


Gill OB/GYN is the largest OB/GYN Medical Group in the San Joaquin County with roots dating back to 1953. Women’s bodies and needs are constantly shifting and changing and Gill OB/GYN understands this deeply. They serve women during every stage of their lives with expertise and compassionate care. If you are a woman seeking medical attention, be sure to contact Gill OB/GYN for the time and attention that you need to experience the highest quality of health possible. The staff here are committed to excellence, integrity, and empathy, and that mission is felt by all of their patients enabling them to feel comfortable, safe, and happy.


Jennifer T. Phung, M.D. (Sutter Health)

(209) 948-5940

2505 W. Hammer Ln., Stockton


Dr. Nakka

(209) 242-2690

1805 N. California St., Stockton




Samra Orthodontics

(209) 478-4666

1110 W. Robinhood Dr., Stockton


At Samra Orthodontics, the highly skilled orthodontic practice gives patients the confidence they need to smile wide, laugh with glee, and speak with certainty that your teeth look their best and are in good health. They see patients as people with stories, lives, and aspirations, and meet them with care and concern from their first treatment to their final visit. Staff pledge to make whatever orthodontic procedures and treatments you need easier and more comfortable, and that deserves a big smile in our books!


Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics

Multiple Locations


Trosien Orthodontics

(209) 833-1240

2850 N. Tracy Blvd., #300, Tracy




Alpine Orthopaedic

(209) 946-7200

2488 N. California St., Stockton


Alpine Orthopaedic’s board certified physicians are committed to providing the highest quality of orthopaedic care possible. Treating foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow, hip and knee, hand, and spine injuries, and offering comprehensive pain management plans is Alpine Orthopaedic’s specialty. Let’s face it, sometimes we suffer from accidents and illness and we need special care. You can trust Alpine to be with you every step of the way as you recover, heal, and return to living life with less pain, more joy, and more vibrant health. Treating both adults and children, Alpine has a reputation for improving both movement and mobility.


Pilates Studio


Shine Cycle + Yoga + Barre

(209) 473-1332

308 Lincoln Center, Stockton


When it comes to wellness, it’s more than just doing exercise and eating well, there is a whole energy to wellness. SHINE refers to that energy as a vibration, and they know that when you combine good energy with good intention you create a community of like-minded people vibrating higher together, and shining brighter together. SHINE offers cycle, yoga, and barre fitness classes. Get ready to connect with your body and others while you are challenged to reach new levels of personal wellness. Whether you hit the bike, mat, or barre floor, get ready to experience your best fitness levels yet.


True You Hot Yoga

(209) 948-9642

2341 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Now & Zen Yoga Studio

(209) 369-7841

369 S. Lower Sacramento Rd., Ste. B, Lodi


Physical Therapy


Movement for Life Physical Therapy

(209) 334-2224

Multiple Locations


Sometimes you need a little extra help in your physical recovery to get back to your best self, and when you do, Movement for Life Physical Therapy is there to help. A unique outpatient private practice, Movement for Life has orthopedic physical therapy clinics throughout San Joaquin County with highly skilled therapists to assist you in your specific needs. Living with chronic pain from an injury takes its toll, but the therapists at Movement for Life know that recovery can happen one stride at a time. If you are not sure where to begin on your journey to life without pain, Movement for Life is a great place to start.


Pine Street Physical & Occupational Therapy

(209) 339-1690

840 S. Fairmont Ave., #5, Lodi


Golden Bear Physical Therapy Rehabilitation & Wellness

(209) 265-3038

1519 W. Yosemite Ave., Manteca


Yoga Studio


Shine Cycle + Yoga + Barre

(209) 473-1332

308 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Yogis know the value of showing up for your practice, and it’s no secret that where you show up and with whom you show up impacts the quality of your experience. SHINE takes pride in having created a wellness studio that helps clients stay true to gheir personal goals in an environment that is both supportive and connected. With classes such as Hot Phenomenal Flow, Feel Good Flow, Yin Stretch, and even Candlelight Yin (we cannot think of a better way to end the day), you are sure to feel rejuvenated by your practice when you show up to SHINE.


Now & Zen Yoga Studio

(209) 369-7841

369 S. Lower Sacramento Rd., Ste. B, Lodi


True You Hot Yoga

(209) 948-9642

2341 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Urgent Care


Sutter Urgent Care

(209) 954-0404

Multiple Locations


When you need urgent care, you need it to be fast, convenient, and economical. Sutter Urgent Care has you covered on all of these needs. An alternative to an emergency room with expert physicians, nurses, and support-staff, Sutter Urgent Care offers same-day treatment for children three months and older and adults with non-life-threatening illness and injuries. No one ever wants to have to visit urgent care, but there are times that we all need to, and we feel safe with Sutter Urgent Care. With several locations in San Joaquin County, extra care is easy to find.


Stockton Urgent Care Medical Clinic

(209) 952-9696

1148 W. Hammer Lane, Stockton


Trinity Urgent Care & Occupational Health – Stockton

(209) 955-1229

10200 Trinity Parkway, #202, Stockton

Best Of Home


Air Conditioning/Heating


Lovotti, Inc.

(209) 931-2100

3717 West Ln., Stockton


Comfort is key when it comes to making your house feel like a home, and nothing is worse than being too hot or too cold when you’re just trying to relax! Staff at Lovotti, Inc. have all of the skills and equipment to keep your house at just the right temperature for a low cost. Schedule routine maintenance of an existing system to keep it running at optimum levels, or upgrade to something newer and more efficient! Whatever you choose, Lovotti, Inc. will make it easy.



(209) 464-9658

3934 Coronado Ave., Ste. C, Stockton


Honey’s Air & Solar

(209) 566-1978

501 Bitritto Way, Modesto


Custom Blinds


Discovery Shutters

(209) 472-9881

10138 Lower Sacramento Rd., Stockton


You’d be surprised just how many options you have when it comes to window coverings. Spoiler alert: it’s more than curtains and standard blinds! At Discovery Shutters & Shadings, homeowners can choose from a large selection of colors, materials, designs, and functions when outfitting their home, old or new. And the Stockton business offers not just the product—they specialize in Hunter Douglas solutions—but installation, too. The entire process is made easy with in-home consultations, in-person and on-line shopping options, customizable product choices that mean you’ll get exactly what you are looking for.


Budget Blinds

(209) 933-9442

7819 Thornton Rd., Stockton


Elite Shutters & Shading

(209) 825-1400

2343 W. Yosemite Ave., Manteca


Floor Covering Store


Pinnell’s Flooring America – Lodi

(209) 366-1701

225 E. Kettleman Ln., Lodi


The options for floors are endless, which can make choosing the perfect material for your home feel like a dauting task. Have no fear, Pinnell’s is here! The flooring superstore in Lodi offers laminate, carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and tile products in a vast variety of colors and styles. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the options, lean into the ability to truly customize your home with the support and expertise of a Pinnell’s employee.



(209) 473-3081

3110 E. Hammer Ln., Stockton


Big Ben’s Flooring, Carpet, and Tile Cleaning

(209) 487-9663

3675 Wilcox Rd., Ste. A, Stockton


Furniture Store – Modern


C.R. Porter

(209) 956-9250

429 Lincoln Center, Stockton


When it comes to finding new furniture, it’s no surprise our readers are still going ga-ga over C.R. Porter’s carefully curated collection of modern designs. The Lincoln Center shop oozes class and sophistication with pieces that feel special, not like the big box stuff everyone in your neighborhood will have. One of the biggest perks is, not only is the inventory inventive and extensive, but the store is run by interior designers. Go ahead, tap into their knowledge and make your home sing! Here, we don’t choose style over comfort—you get both!


Thornton House Furniture

(209) 369-0130

6 S. School St., Lodi


209 Furniture

1748 W. Fremont St., Stockton

(209) 922-9888


Garden/Patio Store


With Garden Flair

(209) 933-9009

2206 Pacific Ave., Stockton


With Garden Flair has a little bit of everything, from big outdoor purchases (like that new fire table and rocking bench) to small extras, including candles and outdoor décor. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find that (and more!) at the outdoor specialty store. And if you don’t have a specific vision in mind but know your outdoor spaces need a refresh, simply browsing the Stockton shop will offer all of the inspiration you need to redo and revise what feels tired.


In Season

(209) 949-2499

215 E. Alpine Ave., Stockton



Home Builder


FCB Homes

(209) 957-8112

10100 Trinity Pkwy., #420, Stockton


Do most people even think about who built their home? When you’re buying new construction, builder names become obvious and you’re likely to know exactly who you are dealing with, but it may be something we overlook when buying already finished homes. Pay attention to the builder; after all, they are the ones that dictate the quality of the craftmanship. If you’re home was built by FCB, you’re in good hands! This Stockton builder brings in big ratings for customer satisfaction, and when we’re looking at dropping hundreds of thousands, if not a million bucks, we want to make sure it’s a solid investment!


Caresco Homes Inc.

3350 Deer Park Dr., # C, Stockton

(209) 952-6733


Elliott Homes


Home Water Filtration


Fidelis Elite Systems

1401 Willow Pass Rd., #1025, Concord

(877) 820-1971


The water in your home matters, and did you know you have a choice about its quality? While we can’t decide what reservoir our home will pull water from, we can make the best of what we’re given. At Fidelis, the goal is to get every customer water that is high-quality and great tasting! Start with a free home water test, and then learn more about their purification and softening systems, including a salt-free water refinement system, multi-stage refinement, or reverse osmosis.


Interior Designer


KTJ Design Co.

(209) 932-9801

404 N. Harrison St., Stockton


Whether you’re looking for a new couch or want to give your entire home a facelift, Kathleen Jennison has you covered. The celebrated interior designer offers full-service interior design, including a storefront with hand-selected goods to shop as well as professional help with pulling your home together or giving it a much-needed refresh. Her full-service design promises assistance from concept to conclusion, leaning into major changes but always supporting the client’s vision first. Everything from new paint and plush pillows to updated lighting and polished built-ins is possible with KTJ and her team on your side.


C.R. Porter

(209) 956-9250

429 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Classic Design Interiors

(209) 334-4060

2303 S. Stockton St., Lodi


Kitchen/Bathroom Design


Mazzera’s Remodeling Center

(209) 466-9724

312 S. Sacramento St., Lodi


Did you know that the kitchen and bathrooms are the best investments when it comes to updating your home? Research shows that a remodel in these rooms will get you the most bang for your buck, and a bigger return on investment than remodels in other rooms. Mazzera’s is a Lodi-based retailer that serves San Joaquin County in a slew of renovation projects. And when you do business with Mazzera’s, you know you’re supporting a family-owned business, which always feels good. The team also doesn’t lack experience, with more than 80 years in the industry. Now that’s something we’re happy to get behind!


Classic Design Interiors

(209) 334-4060

2303 S. Stockton St., Lodi


Dan Davis Construction

(209) 323-0057




We Paint

(209) 937-2468


It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! Whether you’re painting inside or outside of your home or business, the readers have chosen We Paint as their contractor of choice. Owner Jason Gonzalez and his crew promise professional, reliable, and trustworthy service from start to finish. And with We Paint, you know you’re getting the best of the best—not just because our readers voted it so, but because the team only employs skilled craftsmen dedicated to their trade. Opened in 2004, the company has been stacking their Best Of awards for years, not just from us, but from The Record, too.


Tony Canton Painting

(209) 334-2741

2400 Eilers Ln., Lodi


Real Estate Agent


Lance McHan, Broker Associate

(209) 986-9292


If you haven’t heard, it may be the perfect time to sell your home. With interest rates low but home prices skyrocketing, it’s easy to say you’ll get more in return if you put your home on the market now. If you’re ready to take the plunge, we know who your first call should be! Lance McHan has a stellar reputation in the community. Selling homes since 2015, his real estate background actually began in 2000 when he began a career as an appraiser. If you have a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to real estate agents, you’re not alone! Lance avoided the career path for years because he didn’t like how some agents behaved, so instead he vowed to be the type of agent he wanted to see more of in the local market. With another Best Of award on his shelf, we’d say he achieved his goal!


Beth Meredith, RE/MAX Grupe Gold

(209) 969-2502

3255 W. March Ln., Ste. 400, Stockton


Charles Lewis Realtor

(209) 518-8145

3516 Deer Park Dr., Ste. A, Stockton

Best Birthday Party Spot


Ginger Bugs

(209) 224-8684

2 W. Oak St., Lodi


Ginger Bugs knows how to get the party started! The kid’s birthday hotspot is no stranger to our Best Of list, collecting accolades as local patrons rave about their customizable party packages. Starting at $475 and maxing out at $900, parents can choose to be involved in the planning process or show up to a perfectly curated event ready to wow! Options include photo collages projected during your child’s event, balloons and décor, food, and more, plus a slew of creative themes to choose from. One of the biggest perks is an event specialist to make sure your kid’s big day goes off without a hitch! And of course, all birthday parties have access to the Ginger Bugs’ super-fun play features including a ball pit and tricked out play structure.


Sky Zone Trampoline Park

(209) 888-0900

5358 Pacific Ave., Stockton


World of Wonders Science Museum

(209) 368-0969

2 N. Sacramento St., Lodi



Charter School


Aspire Public Schools

Multiple Locations


Aspire Public Schools has a big reputation both in the San Joaquin County and beyond. With 16 schools serving kids in TK through twelfth grade, Aspire has a large presence in the Central Valley. Beyond that, there are additional locations in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Among those schools represented by Aspire, there are eight Stockton locations serving every grade level. Parents and students alike thrive in the environment, with an emphasis on equal opportunity education and zero-tolerance for bullying. Ultimate, the goal of Aspire schools is to help students prepare for life beyond school with small, high-quality charter schools in low-income areas backed by some of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the country.


Venture Academy Family of Schools

(209) 468-5940


Delta Charter Schools

(209) 830-6363

31400 S. Koster Rd., Tracy



Children’s Ballet/Dance Studio


Unique Visions

(209) 479-5384

702 Porter Ave. B, Stockton


Get ready to DANCE! Chelsea Hill, the director, owner, and sole instructor/choreographer of the Stockton dance studio, possesses a unique skill set that makes her an ideal teacher for young students interested in a variety of dance styles. Her background in performative arts paired with her studies in elementary education, gives parents the confidence that not only will Chelsea teach students how to leap and twirl, but also how to do it all with grace and compassion in an environment that feels safe to them. In addition to ballet, Unique Visions offers classes in pointe, jazz, tap, acrobatic dance, and contemporary dance for kids ages 3 through high school. There are also holiday shows and an annual showcase to get kids acquainted with performing on stage.


Twinkle Toes

(209) 712-7989

400 E. Kettleman Ln., Ste. 1, Lodi


The Dance Connection

(209) 956-2522

9951 Lower Sacramento Rd. Stockton



Children’s Clothing


Sassy Pants Children’s Boutique

(209) 451-9775

354 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Kids deserve to look fun and fabulous, too! And what’s better than a boutique that offers everything your kids need season to season with the promise of name brands and new trends every time of year? Spend a day shopping with your brood in Lincoln Center and pick up everything from stylish jeans and party dresses to tie-dye t-shirts and seasonal items like umbrellas and headbands. Kids will love the bright colors and glittery extras that catch their eye, while parents will love the convenience of the store’s location and its varied inventory, offerings clothes and more for boys and girls of all ages.


Willow Tree Children’s Boutique

(209) 339-7300

120 N. School St., Lodi


Caterpillar Children’s Boutique

(209) 487-7102

906 N. Yosemite St., Stockton





GymStars Gymnastics

(209) 957-1919

1740 W. Hammer Ln., Stockton


GymStars Gymnastics offers a little of it all! From tumbling and gymnastics classes to ninja, dance, karate, and more, it’s a one-stop shop for high-energy fun! The entire business was born on the premise of delivering local parents what they needed to help their kids thrive. The multi-sport facility caters to families with all sorts of needs from weekly classes to camps, and always with a clean and safe environment. In addition to quality instruction for a variety of disciplines, GymStars is dedicated to building happy, healthy, confident, and responsible children who are learning life lessons all while having a good time!


Impact Sports Center

(209) 369-2436


Royal Gymnastics & Sports Academy

(209) 650-0098

2151 N. Tracy Blvd., Tracy



Indoor Family Fun

Great Wolf Lodge

(888) 966-9653

2500 Daniels St., Manteca


Great Wolf Lodge is making a splash in Manteca! The newest outpost of the indoor water park landed in the Central Valley city after years of pandemic whiplash. The end result has been an over-the-top, fun-for-the-whole-family experience that adults love just as much as kids. Stay on site and enjoy a staycation in your own backyard, packed with plenty of pool time, extracurricular activities, and family bonding experiences including mini bowling, arcade games, mini-golf, and a ropes course. You never have to leave the lodge, where restaurants serve family-friendly meals and on-site coffee and candy will keep you and the kids going all day long as you venture from the outdoor pool to the indoor slides, and even a lazy river.


Sky Zone

(209) 888-0900

5358 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Chuck E. Cheese

(209) 956-1640

6436 Pacific Ave., Stockton



Martial Arts School


Tibon’s Goju Ryu Fighting Arts

(209) 465-0943

923 N. Yosemite St., Stockton


There isn’t exactly a shortage of marital arts schools in San Joaquin County—especially in Stockton. So, to come out on top, is a pretty impressive feat. Goju refers to a hard soft style karate that blends the hard style of Okinawan Japanese straight line fighting with the soft style of Chinese Kempo that focuses on angular and circular movements. At the head of the operation is Sensei Tibon, teaching kids how to expertly move between jamming, isolation, and parry combinations to create a single fighting form. To accommodate all schedules, Tibon’s offers both in-person and virtual classes for students of all ages and skill levels. And in addition to learning self-defense and fighting skills, students come away with more confidence, respect, and discipline than they entered the dojo with on day one.


Stockton Jiu Jitsu Academy

(209) 244-5668

2222 Grand Canal Blvd., Ste. 8, Stockton


Discovery Martial Arts

(209) 466-1009

5308 Pacific Ave., Stockton




Children’s Photographer


Sweet Sisters Photography

8825 Thornton Rd., Ste. A, Stockton


Life moves fast so it’s important to capture those little moments. Pictures have always made such special keepsakes and gifts, and if anything, the art of photography has become more treasured over the years. So, who will you trust with life’s most precious moments? Sweet Sisters Photography wants to grow with your family, by your side, lens in hand, every step of the way. From maternity and newborn shoots to family photos for your annual Christmas card and even senior portraits, put your trust in the capable hands of Janda, a family photographer and Stockton native who has landed the Best Of San Joaquin award for children’s photographer for eight years.


Little Love Story Photography & Design

(209) 327-9704

115 S. School St., Ste. 14, Lodi


Heather Jean Photography

(209) 406-3682






Parvin’s Hopeland Preschool

(209) 474-9144

5965 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton


In Stockton, parents have a lot of options for where to send their kids for early childhood education. Topping our Best Of list offers a lot of clout to Parvin’s. Founded by Dr. Parvin Soleimani in 1981, the preschool has a long history of combining learning and fun to turn out kids that are ready to take on elementary school—and beyond! A dedication to quality education has always been important at Parvin’s, which is why the curriculum includes language, early literacy, math, science, art, music, drama, social studies, and even Spanish foreign language instruction rooted in an environment that focuses on health, safety, creative expression, and multicultural education. 


CAMP Preschool

(209) 464-4524

540 N. California St., Stockton


St. Basil Preschool & Child

(209) 478-5252

920 W. March Ln., Stockton



Private School


St. Mary’s High School

(209) 957-3340

5648 N. El Dorado St., Stockton


At St. Mary’s High School kids learn more than how to be good students. A compelling and competitive curriculum combined with faith-based instruction sent St. Mary’s apart from other schools nearby. At St. Mary’s, students are challenged to meet their full potential while developing as leaders and growing in their faith. As a college preparatory high school, education is very important to students and staff, but many of the lessons learned will teach beyond a child’s high school or college career. The dedication to hard work, attention to detail, and disciplined work habits all combine to create well-rounded individuals and adults who will eventually lead this county—and beyond.


Presentation Parish School

(209) 472-2140

1635 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton


Annunciation School

1110 N. Lincoln St., Stockton

(209) 444-4000



Swim School/Lessons


Justin’s Scuba Time

(209) 851-2928

3255 W. Hammer Ln. #2, Stockton


It’s more than a scuba shop! The best swim lessons in the county—voted by our knowledgeable readers—are at Justin’s Scuba Time. At Justin’s no one is too young or too old to perfect their swimming skills. Classes are separated by age and skill to ensure every student gets the most out of their experience at Justin’s, with courses made for kids under three, older than three, and even adults. Lessons occur twice per week for three-week sessions (a total of six classes), or parents can opt for private swim instruction. Plus, the indoor heated pool makes it easy to master your swim skills year-round, and not just in the summer months.


Twin Arbors Private Sports Club

(209) 334-4897

1900 S. Hutchins St., Lodi


Syd Mardon’s Swim School

(209) 477-9601

9951 Lower Sacramento Rd., Stockton



Midgley’s Public House

(209) 474-7700

296 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Being the Best chef in San Joaquin County means more than turning out delicious food. Ok, the fare is the biggest part of the accolade, but being a friendly part of the community helps, too! Michael Midgley may be Stockton’s celebrity chef—with runs on Top Chef, Cut Throat Kitchen, Knife Fight,” and “Top Chef Masters”—but he’s as down to earth as they come, which makes having a casual conversation with him in Stockton’s Lincoln Center is almost as much fun as diving into his inventive dishes served up at Midgley’s Public House.


Christ Isert, Brookside Golf & Country Club

(209) 956-6200

3603 St. Andrews Dr., Stockton


Ruby Lopez, Mezzo

(209) 473-7300

3499 Brookside Rd., Ste. A, Stockton



Chinese Restaurant


Midori Fine Asian Cuisine

(209) 835-8882

2541 Naglee Rd., Tracy


The excellent food at Midori’s is the result of a group of talent that heads the restaurant. The owner, Harry, has his hand in other restaurants in San Joaquin County, including Mikasa in Tracy. His head chef, Albert, brings 30 years of industry experience to the table. And anyone who frequents the establishment knows “Mama” is there to care for you. From the crispy noodles to the homemade sauces, everything at Midori shines, creating a Chinese meal you can’t get just anywhere.


Dave Wong’s Restaurant & Deli

(209) 951-4152

2828 W. March Ln., Stockton


Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

(209) 478-1818

848 W Benjamin Holt Dr, Stockton



Clam Chowder


Bud’s Seafood Grille

(209) 956-0270

314 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Look, if you haven’t learned this yet, when it comes to seafood, those who live in San Joaquin County are going to brag about the Lincoln Center hotspot, Bud’s Seafood Grille. The restaurant is a staple in Stockton, known for serving up a lot of fresh fish. Amongst those favorite dishes is the clam chowder, a traditional New England style bowl that is creamy with just the right amount of meaty clam doused in a white sauce. Order it as a cup to start off your meal or go for an entire bowl and really indulge! Both come with warm, buttery sourdough bread for dipping.


Midgley’s Public House

(209) 474-7700

296 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Brookside Golf & Country Club

(209) 956-6200

3603 St. Andrews Dr., Stockton

Best Art Gallery


Haggin Museum

(209) 940-6300

1201 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton


A little art. A little history. One of the reasons Haggin Museum is a favorite is because of its wide variety of exhibits. The museum opened in 1931 and has long housed historic artifacts representing Stockton and San Joaquin County. Over the years it has evolved to include interactive exhibits, private art collections, and more. In addition to the permanent displays, temporary exhibitions rotate in and out of the museum so there is always something new to see. With events back in full swing, there are more ways for the family to  enjoy Haggin Museum than ever before.


Double Dip Gallery

(209) 365-3344

222 W. Pine St., Lodi


Mexican Heritage Center & Gallery

(209) 969-9306

111 S. Sutter St., Stockton




Casino (within 100 miles)


Jackson Rancheria

(800) 822-9466

12222 New York Ranch Rd., Jackson


Just a quick drive away, located in Jackson, Calif., a three-star hotel, full casino, and an award-winning restaurant make for a fun getaway for folks 18 and older. While the Lone Wolf Restaurant & Lounge voted Best Steak Dinner in Amador County, it’s the slots and table games that most come to the ranch for. In all there are more than 1,700 video games including slots, Keno, and poker and 32 exciting table games ranging from various types of poker to pai gow and black jack. Perhaps what really makes it a favorite, however, is the ability to win; Jackson Rancheria boasts more MegaJackpot winners than any other casino in Northern California.


Harrah’s Northern California

(866) 915-0777

4640 Coal Mine Rd., Ione


Thunder Valley

(916) 408-7777

1200 Athens Ave., Lincoln




Downtown Stockton Hotspot



(209) 594-0339

116 N. Hunter St., Stockton


Get ready to get FED. This Stockton destination offers everything from a high-end steak dinner to bottle service for late night guests. Depending on the day and time, you can have myriad of different experiences at FED from a midday recovery brunch on Saturday to bar bites served until 9 PM to accompany your first drinks of a late night out. We’re not sure if it’s the atmosphere, the food, or the craft cocktails that make this restaurant the Best hotspot in Stockton, but our money is on some combination of all three.



Cast Iron Trading Co.

(209) 227-8585

114 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton




(209) 910-9714

40 N. Sutter St., Stockton



Golf Course (Private)


Brookside Golf & Country Club

(209) 956-6200

3603 St. Andrews Dr., Stockton


You’ll feel like royalty as a member of Brrokside Golf & Country Club. The 18-hole championship course designed by golf royalty, and renowned golf course architect Robert Trenty Jones Jr., offers play suitable for all ages and skill levels, combining Scottish flavor with man-made beauty. The contoured course features trees of varying heights and fourteen lakes, adding to the serene beauty of the par-72 course while also creating a challenging game. In addition to the course itself, there is a two-tiered driving range, an expansive putting green, and a well-targeted chipping green, allowing members to fine-tune their games and warm-up for an on-site tournament.


Woodbridge Golf & Country Club

(209) 334-5455

800 E. Woodbridge Rd., Woodbridge


Stockton Golf & Country Club

(209) 466-4313

3800 Country Club Blvd., Stockton





Wine & Roses

(209) 334-6988

2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi


Looking for a little R&R without traveling far? Whether you’re visiting town to take in SJC’s wine country, or are a native Lodian simply looking for a place to rest and recharge without the long drive, Wine & Roses is the place to be. The gorgeous grounds located in the middle of town transport guests to a tranquil paradise. One where an open spa offers rejuvenating treatments, long dinners are spent with a soundtrack of live music, and a serene pool beckons guests to jump in and cool off. Every aspect of the property, from its grab and go breakfast to its lovely little wine walk, is designed to provide guests a home away from home, even if Lodi is where you call home.


University Plaza Waterfront Hotel

(209) 944-1140

110 W. Fremont St., Stockton


Hilton Stockton

(209) 957-9090

2323 Grand Canal Blvd., Stockton





Haggin Museum

(209) 940-6300

1201 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton


Doubling as both an art gallery and a history museum, there is plenty to see at the Haggin Museum. If you’ve ever been curious about Stockton’s humble beginnings, this is the place to learn all about your hometown and how it came to be. Extensive collections and interactive elements walk kids and adults of all ages through Stockton’s storied past and also explores details of other California locales. Become an expert by padding your way through the museum Wednesdays through Sundays.


World of Wonders

(209) 368-0969

2 N. Sacramento St., Lodi


Children’s Museum, Stockton

(209) 465-4386

402 W. Weber Ave., Stockton

Best Accountant/CPA Firm


Iacopi, Lenz & Co.

(209) 957-3691

3031 W. March Ln., Stockton


When it comes to our money, we like to see it stay in our bank account, and we bet you do, too! Sometimes the best way to manage your money is to put it in the hands of a professional. And because even the simpler tax returns can feel like a headache, we have a feeling if you’re doing your taxes with only the help of purchased software, you may be leaving money on the table. Whether you operate an LLC or are simply a professional individual looking for a little guidance, IACOPI, Lenz, & Co. are dedicated to protecting your accounts and maximizing your refunds with an experienced tax professional.


Bowman & Company, LLP

(209) 473-1040

10100 Trinity Pkwy. #310, Stockton


Croce, Sanguinetti & Vander Veen, Inc.

(209) 938-1010

3520 Brookside Rd #141, Stockton



Animal Rescue/Shelter


PALS Haven

5113 W. Sargent Rd., Lodi,


In 2021, PALS Haven made the move to a larger facility, offering 13,000 square feet of space to care for pets in need and facilitate adoptions. The remodel added additional kennels and more play space, plus a dog run in the front “yard.” As a no-kill shelter, the mission has always been to save cats and dogs from certain death, and with room for 50-60 canines and 100 cats, the new facility certainly aids founders Nancy Alumbaugh and Daunis Bradshaw in achieving their goals. PALS Haven houses separate isolation cages for those that come to the rescue ill, a grooming area, three viewing rooms, a 500-square foot cattery where cats roam free, separate kitchens and laundry rooms for cats and dogs, and a separate kennel room for small dogs and senior dogs.


Delta Humane Society – SPCA of San Joaquin County

(209) 466-0339

4590 CA-99, Stockton


Animal Friends Connection Humane Society

(209) 365-0535

933 S. Cherokee Ln., Lodi




Auto Body/Collision Shop


Fabian’s Collision Center

(209) 474-9465

2615 West Ln., Stockton


It’s usually not on your best day that you’re calling up auto repair shops, but at Fabian’s, the team is determined to make your bad day a little better. For 27 years, Fabian’s (formerly known as Fairway Auto Body & Paint) has offered customers a full-service collision facility, boasting more than 85 years of combined experience in the collision repair business. Not only will they get your car back in tip top shape, but staff also works alongside customers to streamline the insurance process and even works directly with insurance companies to ease customer nerves. From 8 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday, the team at Fabian’s is there to help.


All Foreign and Domestic

Multiple Locations


All American Auto Body

Multiple Locations



Bank (local)


Bank of Stockton


Bank of Stockton is woven into the fabric of San Joaquin County’s rich history, providing finance and banking services for individuals and businesses for more than 154 years. With a friendly face, staff at Bank of Stockton provide a personal experience to every guest and showed their dedication to customer wellbeing by remaining open as an essential business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic shut downs. Bank of Stockton continues to serve its large customer base at branches in San Joaquin County and beyond, providing easy access to banking professionals from open to close, and assisting in all aspects of personal and business finances.



(800) 888-1498

121 W. Pine St., Lodi (main)


BAC Bank

(877) 226-5820

Multiple Locations



Credit Union (local)


Financial Center Credit Union

Multiple Locations


As an alternative to a traditional bank, credit unions offer the same services with a slightly different business model. The non-profit cooperatives like Financial Center Credit Union have a reputation for offering low interest rates, plus customers can still enjoy the basics, including checking accounts, saving accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and investments. At FCCU, there are extra perks including a data mobile app, theme park tickets, and even business banking opportunities.


Golden 1 Credit Union

(877) 465-3361

Multiple Locations


Central State Credit Union

(209) 444-5300

919 N. Center St., Stockton





Angelina’s Spaghetti House


If you’ve lived in San Joaquin County for long, you’ve likely enjoyed Angelina’s Italian fare at a wedding, or two. The longtime eatery located on Fremont Street offers more than dine in service, with catering services that make up a large portion of its business. Whether the goal is to feed 250 hungry wedding guests or offer a delicious corporate luncheon, the varied menus at Angelina’s offer something for everyone. Getting started is easy, with an automated online system that provides the first steps to making your event a success, followed by a close partnership with the talented and experienced Angelina’s team.


Fat City Brew & BBQ

(209) 323-4920

1740 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Brookside Golf & Country Club

3603 St. Andrews Dr., Stockton

(209) 956-6200



Dog Training


Bon-a-Fide Dog Training

(209) 740-7420


At Bona-a-Fide Dog Training, classes are about more than teaching Fido how to sit and stay. In fact, the training classes are just as much for the human as the canine. Focused on fostering positive relationships between owner and dog, Bon-a-Fide classes help humans develop a close bond with their human partners. After trust is built, commands ensure dogs are well-behaved and ready to be in public with others. The unseen bonus of having a well-trained pet is that behavior issues that could lead to abandoning your pet are less likely to arise. Not every training opportunity is equal, as the team at Bon-a-Fide works with teams to ensure individual goals are met for both person and pet.


Sycamore Lane Kennels

(209) 334-1316

5111 W. Sargent Rd., Lodi


Canine Culture

(209) 931-0758

9751 CA-99, Stockton



Dry Cleaner


Parkwoods Cleaners

(209) 477-4397

1762 W. Hammer Ln., Stockton


There are a lot of options when it comes to dry cleaning services throughout SJC, so how do you know where to start? Being able to trust a dry cleaner with your favorite clothes is important, and you never want to sustain damage to an item that is expensive, or worse, irreplaceable. Our readers have spoken and the votes are in! Parkwoods Cleaner is the premier dry-cleaning facility in SJC. Stop by the Stockton business and see for yourself!


Guild Dry Cleaners & Alterations

(209) 368-2414

17 Church St., Lodi


Fresh Cleaners at Morada

(209) 952-7770

4361 E. Morada Ln. #100, Stockton



Hair Salon/Studio


POMP Salon

(209) 954-9255

349 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Whether you want full color, subtle highlights, smoother hair, or just a trim, the talented staff at POMP Salon has you covered for all of your hair needs! Located in Lincoln Center, the high-end hair studio staffs only the best, licensed cosmetologists. This offers peace of mind for every customer—including those new to the business. The proof is in the feedback. The highly rated and regarded salon collects positive reviews across platforms and shares their work on Instagram so future clients can peep the page for inspiration, or to choose their stylist!


Enlighten Salon

(209) 323-5536

7610 Pacific Ave., Ste. B8, Stockton


Prova Coiffure

(209) 565-5426

526 W. Benjamin Holt Dr. Ste. F, Stockton




Insurance Agent (individual)


George Azevedo Jr., State Farm

(209) 474-3285

718 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Backed by State Farm, George Azevedo Jr. has been serving clients in Stockton since 1983 with a collection of services including auto, home, property, business, life, health, and pet insurance. That makes George a one-stop-shop for individual’s and family’s insurance needs. Give yourself peace of mind not just because you have the policies in place to protect your family, but also knowing you’re going into business with SJC’s Best.


Ryan Turner, Farmers Insurance

(209) 957-1100

4560 N. Pershing Ave., Ste. B, Stockton


Angel Sepulveda, State Farm

(209) 952-2154

1746 Grand Canal Blvd., Ste. 11, Stockton



Law Firm


Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson

(209) 478-2000

7540 Shoreline Dr., Stockton,


Tradition and community are at the forefront of this storied law firm. Serving San Joaquin County since 1946, Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson garners a lot of respect from past customers. The firm’s specialty is on business and commercial transactions and litigation, real estate transactions and litigation, estate planning, trust and probate law, employment litigation and counseling, health care law, and more. Regardless of the area, Kroloff’s team is dedicated to quality, timely, and cost-effective legal services that help clients with a slew of life’s more complicated occurrences.


Neumiller & Beardslee

(209) 948-8200

3121 W. March Ln., #100, Stockton


Hakeen, Eliis & Marengo

(209) 474-2800

3414 Brookside Rd., # 100, Stockton



Pet Boarding


Sycamore Lane Kennels

(209) 334-1316

5111 W. Sargent Rd., Lodi


It’s natural to feel a pang of guilt when we head off on a family vacation without the family pooch, and perhaps the best way to ease that uneasy feeling is by giving your pet the luxury of its own vacation. At Sycamore Lane in Lodi, the boarding facility feels like an oasis for our furry friends, equipped with comfortable dog runs and a grooming spa. One of the most unique aspects of the business is the ability to book activities for your pet while you’re away. In addition to several beautiful play yards, there is a lake for longer walks, a Zen Den for cuddle time, and event group play offerings on select days for social dogs.


Canine Culture

(209) 931-0758

9751 CA-99, Stockton


Sunset Kennels

(209) 369-9400

19705 N. Ray Rd., Lodi



Pet Spa/Groomer


Sycamore Lane Kennels

(209) 334-1316

5111 W. Sargent Rd., Lodi


Did you know grooming your dog regularly is good for their health? It’s not just being clean that’s important; professional groomers are trained to pick up on potential problems before owners might. With a trained eye, skin issues, dietary concerns, or even lumps and bumps may be found during a grooming session that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. In addition to the health benefits, grooming makes dogs look, feel, and smell pretty. Choose from a basic bath and tidy service or go for the full groom.


The Pampered Pet Grooming & Spa

(209) 833-7600

1872 W. 11th St., Tracy


Paw Prints Grooming & Spa

(209) 464-7297

2222 Grand Canal Blvd., #1b, Stockton



Tattoo Studio


Emerald Tattoo & Piercing – Lodi

(209) 333-8282

2525 S. Hutchins St., #8, Lodi


Nobody wants to rush a tattoo, considering the whole “it’ll be on your body forever,” thing, so how do you get inked without regret? Go to one of the Best tattoo shops in the county, obviously. Emerald Tattoo has a reputation for turning out stellar artwork across its many locations, including the Lodi branch. With an emphasis on quality artwork and superior customer service, the artists at Emerald Tattoo aren’t just locally renowned; they’ve also been featured internationally. If you’re interested, schedule a consultation and browse some of the artist portfolios online. Each has their own specialty when it comes to ink, and the studio as a whole has a bomb reputation for both unique designs and cover-up work.


12 Monkeys

(209) 839-1265

911 N. Central Ave., Tracy


Quarter Horse Tattoo

(209) 227-8374

916 N. Yosemite St., Stockton




Veterinary Clinic


Village Veterinary Hospital

(209) 951-5180

3125 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton


When it comes to our pets, no expense is too great, especially if we’re talking about their health. At Village Veterinary Hospital, Fido comes first, and the staff is not only attentive to your pets, they are cognizant of your needs as a pet parent, too! Located in Marina Center, services include everything from dental work and preventative wellness to senior pet care and scheduled surgeries. Whether you need an emergency check-up or a routine appointment, the staff at Village Vet will take care of you and your furry friends!


Venetian Pet Hospital

(209) 477-3926

6610 Gettysburg Pl., Stockton


Walker Veterinary Hospital

(209) 478-8883

7600 West Ln., Stockton




Auto Dealership


Chase Chevrolet

(209) 565-1923

6441 Holman Rd., Stockton


When you’re looking for a new car, the process can feel daunting. But with the right sales team on your side, it’s more fun than fury! Roll into Chase Chevrolet in Stockton to test drive your new vehicle. Everything is done in house, and the customer service is top-notch. If they don’t have what you are looking for, the sales team will do its best to track it down for you or get you into something even better at an affordable price! And while they may be a Chevrolet dealer, they have more than just Chevys to sell. Stop by and peep the lot for yourself.


Big Valley Ford

(800) 971-8112

3282 Auto Center Cir., Stockton



Mercedes-Benz of Stockton

(209) 944-5511

10777 Trinity Pkwy., Stockton



Bicycle Shop


Robby’s Bicycles

(209) 951-4371

7931 Thornton Rd., D, Stockton


Robby’s Bikes is more than a retail store. This favorite Stockton bike shop is a place to find your next ride, get your current ride fixed up, and learn about all the new tech available on the market. Whether you’re in for a purchase or just want to pick the brains of the on-staff experts, Robby’s got you covered for all your biking needs. From BMX and mountain bikes to commuter and fitness bikes, Robby’s has it all—and the team to help you keep it in tip-top shape after purchase.


Lodi Cyclery

(209) 365-7433

312 N. Ham Ln., Lodi




Consignment Shop


New & Again Consignment Furniture

(209) 368-2200

210 S. School St., Lodi


It may be used, but it’s new to you. New & Again sells furniture and other homewares to refresh your house on a budget. Not only can you shop the inventory, but customers can also make a profit by selling their own goods through New & Again’s consignment service. They also handle estate sales. Due to the business model, inventory is always changing, which means you can shop something “new” every time you step in the store. What’s better than a constantly updated inventory that has no limitations when it comes to eras, style, and more?


My Best Friend’s Closet

(209) 833-6232

53 W. 10th St., Tracy


Crossroads Trading

(209) 476-1301

5756 Pacific Ave., #26, Stockton



Designer Eyewear


Great Spectacles

(209) 955-7570

622 Lincoln Center, Stockton


It’s easy to look stylish in your shades when you shop at Great Spectacles! The Lincoln Center shop has a varied inventory of designer glasses, glasses accessories, and cases, for both casual wearers and those that need prescription lenses. With an array of stunning shades from labels including Cartier and Chanel, you’ll feel like a million bucks walking out of the specialty store and donning a new accessory that is sure to be the envy of all of your friends!


Brookside Optometric Group

(209) 951-0820

3133 W. March Ln., Ste. 2020, Stockton


Midtown Optometry

(209) 957-8000

2321 W. March Ln., Ste. A, Stockton



Fashionable Accessories


Fina Boutique

(209) 478-5670

240 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Do you need a new hat? How about new shoes and a handbag to match? The adorable clothing store in Lincoln Center has more than just pants and dresses to keep customers looking cool. The shop is consistently recognized by our readers as a top contender for fashionable accessories, too. Come down and see what’s in store from trendy shades and large hats to gold pendants and slip-on sandals. It’s easy to dress yourself from head to toe with the inventory at Fina, and the best part is we can all but guarantee the slew of compliments that will start rolling in for that new belt or headband.



(209) 469-0369

2230 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Fashion Safari

(209) 263-7059

123 S. School St., Lodi



Gift Shop


Best Wishes

(209) 478-3220

325 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Need a last-minute gift that doesn’t feel last minute? Best Wishes offers everything one could need to impress the recipient at your next bridal shower, baby’s first birthday, or engagement party. Specialty gifts including kitschy signs and kitchen pans that feel thoughtful and soft, quality baby gifts that aren’t duplicated at the big box stores. Plus, you can grab a card while you’re there, too—no need to make two stops! Located in Lincoln Center, it’s convenient for stopping in while shopping about the plaza, adding to the overall convenience of the experience. That’s one more point in the column for Best Wishes!


The Owl Box

(209) 830-0796

131 W. 10th St., Tracy


Cena Luna

(209) 481-3883

2106 Pacific Ave., Stockton



Music Store


Music Go Round

(209) 473-6868

944 W. Robinhood Dr., Stockton


If you have a musician in the family, you know how important a quality music store is. Not only is it ideal to have a go-to place for purchasing sheet music and accessories for your instrument(s) of choice, but the consignment part of the business means musicians can make a profit, too, selling their older items to use toward new needs. In addition to more traditional instruments, Music Go Round also sells sound equipment both new and used.


Main Street Music, Inc.

(209) 835-1125

45 W. 10th St., Tracy


Bill’s Music on the Mile

(209) 466-4596

2312 Pacific Ave., Stockton



Pet Supplies


Carter’s Pet Mart, Inc.

Multiple Locations


Everyone in San Joaquin County knows that Carter’s is the go-to place for pet needs. Supporting local is important, and there is next to zero competition for Carter’s unless you count the big box stores. Come in for all of your pet needs including food, treats, and wellness items. Fido will love picking a new toy off of the shelves, and kids like to browse the fun clothes and accessories for pets. Regardless of what you are looking for, Carter’s most likely stocks it at one of its four locations in Manteca, Stockton, Lodi, and—just outside of SJC—Modesto. Plus, pet adoptions are back, so you can even get your newest family member at Carter’s, making the real question, what don’t they have?



Shopping Center/Mall


Lincoln Center

(209) 477-4868

374 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Lincoln Center is a one-stop-shop for any weekend afternoon or summer weekday evening. All within one shopping center, locals can buy a new wardrobe, enjoy a glass of wine on the patio with friends, eat a hearty lunch from one of Stockton’s best eateries, and pick up groceries before heading home. That doesn’t even touch on the special community events Lincoln Center hosts, including live music and holiday family fun. Stop by and see for yourself or plan your next date night here where axe throwing and an escape room are just the tip of the entertainment iceberg.


Weberstown Mall

(209) 477-0245

4950 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Sherwood Mall

(209) 952-6277

5308 Pacific Ave., Stockton



Specialty Store


Cena Luna

(209) 481-3883

2106 Pacific Ave., Stockton


The adorable and perfectly curated airy shop sells everything from soy candles to culinary items, luxury planners to little wooden toys perfect for tots. The store looks like something out of a dream with its neat shelves boasting quality wares. Whether you came in with the hopes of finding that one perfect thing, or had no agenda at all, we’re sure you’ll walk out with a shopping bag full of goods to take home with you, and perhaps some new design inspo for your own home!


Best Wishes

(209) 478-3220

325 Lincoln Center, Stockton

Best Wedding Venue




(209) 956-6200

3603 St. Andrews Dr., Stockton


Brookside Country Club is sure to make your wedding the talk of the town. Equipped to handle large parties with 250-300 guests, the indoor space promises a memorable affair that guests will be talking about long after the last dance ends. Onsite food and beverage service makes planning an event at Brookside easy with an extensive (and delicious!) menu and a robust selection of wine and liquor. Soaring ceilings, jewel tone accents, elaborate crystal chandeliers, and stunning panoramic views of the golf course ensure a Clubhouse wedding will be everything you dreamed it would be—and more.


Wine & Roses

(209) 334-6988

2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi


River Mill

(209) 983-9114

1672 W. Bowman Rd., French Camp




Wedding Venue (outdoors)


Wine & Roses

(209) 334-6988

2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi


A wedding at Wine & Roses feels like a fairy tale. With twinkling lights and towering trees, the outdoor space is enveloped in magic, a perfect balance of rustic charm and modern luxury located in the heart of Lodi but also somehow away from it all. Weddings as intimate as 25 guests and as grand as 350 can be accommodated onsite, and with catering available through Towne House Restaurant and room blocks available to guests, Wine & Roses becomes a one-stop shop for busy brides and grooms.



(209) 956-6200

3603 St. Andrews Dr., Stockton


Oak Farm Vineyards

(209) 365-6565

23627 N. Devries Rd., Lodi



Wedding Cakes


Fizz Bakery

(209) 951-3499

9210 Thornton Rd., Stockton


Fizz Bakery is famous for their confections including both decadent and inventive creations and traditional sweets. One of the company’s most impressive offerings, however, are their customizable cakes. Available for any occasion, Owner Tiffany Torres works with lovebirds to create everything from five-tier designs to something a little more modest. And the design options are endless with subtle creams and bright whites t bright mints and creamy pastels. The textures and extras are even more fun, with giant bows and edible pearls offered to spruce up the dessert display and plenty of finishes to add a wow factor to cake cutting time.


Frosted Flour

(209) 369-2253

904 W. Lodi Ave., Lodi


M&W Dutch American Bakery

(209) 473-3828

4343 Pacific Ave. Ste. A6, Stockton





Tuxedos of Lodi

(209) 339-8897

24A N. School St., Lodi


Men deserve to stun the crowd on their big day, too! While eyes may be on the bride, tuxedos can also be showstoppers—or at least compliment the bride’s attire. At Tuxedos Of Lodi, the emphasis is on looking good. The family-owned store treats each client like they are special while finding the suit that best fits them, in both style and size. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, quality is of the utmost importance whether you’re strutting down the aisle in a black three-piece-tuxedo with tails or making a more casual appearance in a gray suit. As an added bonus, the tuxedo shop is equipped to serve the whole wedding party—and guests!


Men’s Wearhouse

(209) 474-1638

5756 Pacific Ave. Ste. 44, Stockton



Wedding Dress/Bridal Attire


Sheryl Giles Bridal Couture

(209) 224-5793

286 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Sheryl Giles’ journey to opening her Lincoln Center bridal store started from modest beginnings. Working as a bridal seamstress, she discovered her love for beautiful gowns. It seemed only natural to open her own store featuring picturesque wedding dresses and other bridal attire in a range of sizes and styles. While she’s now in the driver’s seat, that doesn’t mean Sheryl has put down the needle and thread. One of the details that sets Sheryl’s apart is the offer to embroider sentimental details into a woman’s dress to bring a little extra meaning to her special day. In addition to bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses are aplenty and alternations and customizations are available for everything sold in store.


Elizabeth of Lodi

(209) 369-9046

20 S/ School St., Lodi


Maggie’s Bridal & Formal

(209) 478-1888

6295 Pacific Ave., Stockton



Wedding Flowers


Silveria’s Flowers & Gifts

(209) 477-4407

995 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Silveria’s has a large assortment of floral arrangements available for every day. Many locals are familiar with the business’ easy-to-use website, featuring colorful options for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulatory occasions, and more. When Silveria’s is hired for weddings, the process becomes more intimate. The family-owned flower shop has a large inventory of fresh flowers primed for weddings but doesn’t forgo the personal touch that a family business has, making it easy for couples to get exactly what they want on their big day with all of the care they could imagine.


Stockton Floral

(209) 361-6466

924 N Yosemite St # C, Stockton


Charter Way Florist

(209) 956-9087

5620 N. Pershing Ave. Ste. A, Stockton



Wedding Photographer


Briggs Photography

(209) 239-7542

2316 Fawnwood Ln., Manteca


A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s why getting the right photographer is so important on your special day. Briggs Photography has a reputation for securing the shot, turning out wedding albums that are full of personality and style. Owners of Briggs photography Shawna and Richard, are both photography junkies and they are no stranger to love themselves, having married before opening their photography business together. In fact, the couples’ first date was shooting a wedding together! Now, they shoot everything from weddings and engagement shoots to life’s other big moments including senior portraits.


Donna & Matthew Photography

(530) 965-0559


Jon & Jess Photography

(209) 594-3310



Wedding Rings Jeweler


Gary J Long Jewelers

(209) 477-6881

320 Lincoln Center, Stockton


Looking for the ring to dazzle your future bride? Since 1983, Gary J Long’s specialty has always been pairing anxious grooms with the ring of their girlfriend’s dreams, making proposals happen all across San Joaquin County. And after the big YES, comes the “I do,” when Gary J Long’s staff will happily pair duos with wedding bands and any other jewels needed for the big day—and beyond. Family owned and operated in Stockton, the Lincoln Center shop comes with credibility and experience, selecting only the finest diamonds to pass on to customers and racking up 25 years of Best Of awards from various publications.


Kevin Schimke Jewelers

(209) 464-9904

2349 Pacific Ave., Stockton


Peck’s Jewelers

(209) 478-6510

260 Lincoln Center, Stockton