2014 Hair Trends

While certainly not dabbling in surgery or dentistry any longer, anyone working professionally in the cosmetology field still needs extensive training, both initially and ongoing. That’s because in the world of beauty the only constant is change: What’s the new hot style? The best tools and techniques? Things are always evolving, and require constant education to keep up. We asked a few San Joaquin area salons to share some of what they’ve learned, and weigh in on hair care trends for 2014. According to Dino Ballini, owner of Salon Avanti, the B Hive Hair Salon and several others, the biggest trend right now seems to be variety. Based on what we’ve heard from others in the area, he’s quite right.

Everything starts with the right cut. In addition to determining your overall style, a proper haircut also helps maintain general hair health. Even if you’re letting your hair grow out, regular trims will keep it strong and actually speed up the process by clearing away brittle split ends, so it’s worth booking an appointment at one of the Hair Salons Colorado Springs, or wherever you are, regularly. Lorie Williams of Sir Gauuan’s Superhair recommends trims as frequently as every 4-6 weeks for the best results. Williams also notes that, while not perhaps trendy in the strictest sense, having a “long, flowing style” is a perpetual favorite. Adding volume and texture to longer hair is also important these days, achieved through finger waves, pin sets, layering and so forth. Meanwhile, the growing number of celebrities cutting it all off is also resulting in increased requests for pixies and undercuts. There are edgier “rock and roll” takes on these shorter cuts. But especially popular are shorter styles that are layered to keep them soft and feminine. “Haircuts are softer on the edge,” observes Iva Watson of Salon Sirah. And when it comes to finishing off soft layers, “Bangs are also here, both straight across and sweeping off to the side.”
And what are the guys up to? Marcella Galante of Destination Salon has noted more men starting to grow beards and mustaches again. “We are now educating our guys on grooming and conditioning their facial hair,” she says. And when it comes to cuts, “the look is retro modern, sleek but soft, not greasy.” Megan Harvey of Salon Avanti concurs. “Men’s hair is currently getting its inspiration from the ‘40s and ‘50s, with tapered back and sides, strong parts and cool pompadours.”

In the past, coloring was done mostly in secret, to hide greys or subtly jazz up a blah hair color. But these days, people aren’t afraid to show their…well, true colors. So, hair colors are running the gamut from bold primaries down to softer pastels like violet and powder blue. In order to change things up–but not too much–highlights continue to be very popular. If done properly, they can give existing hair color extra dimension and drama. While you’d normally think blond or red, Anne Oliver of The Headquarters Salon has actually had requests for highlights with a bit of silvery grey in them. This points to the fact that the highlighting approach is a great way to experiment with unusual colors, like adding peek-a-boo streaks of blue, pink or purple.

And why get only one color when you can have two or more? While ombre continues to be in demand, people have started looking for softer options. Sue and Lou Meyer, who own and operate Indulgence Salon, have seen a rise in balayage (French for “sweep”), a kind of ombre/highlights hybrid technique originally conceived to help a color grow out gracefully. “This allows for longer time between touch-ups,” Sue says. “Some of our clients are able to go for four months with this technique, as opposed to four weeks with other types of color techniques.” Also, according to Barbara Guthrie, a stylist at Salon Avanti and color advisor for Joico, “Balayage is great for those who don’t want to commit to a drastic color change.”

DSC_9318 hair-discovery-01Extensions help people get the length and volume they want instantly. Most often made out of real hair, extensions can be so smoothly integrated that no one would ever know it’s not your real hair. Exactly how they’re incorporated is usually determined by the condition of the recipient’s existing hair and scalp. Most last 3-6 months.

Tape-in extensions:
essentially taped onto the row of hair just
underneath without any chemicals or tools.

Bead or clip-in extensions:
Attach to hair with a small bead and pliers.
Available in a range of sizes, with no chemicals required.

Fusion extensions:
Hot or cold, attaching with hot glue or a gentler keratin-based polymer.
Weak, dry or damaged hair? Itchy scalp? Numerous intense and soothing treatments are available to sooth and even reverse such troubles. Pretty much every salon we spoke with mentioned increased interest in intensive, yet natural and gentle-feeling leave-in treatments including deep-conditioning treatments for chemically treated hair, scalp refreshers and keratin complex smoothing treatments. Finally, according to Ballini, Brazilian blowouts remain in high demand. “Those who get this service seem to be forever hooked. It really does make your hair much more manageable, and it feels and looks amazing.” Using such treatments will get hair healthy and strong; ready for whatever future trends you might want to try.

DSC_9189DSC_0321Not All Salons
are Created Equal

These days, many hair salons have turned into what are being termed “full service” salons. Basically, these are now places where you can go for all your beauty-and pampering – needs. Need a pedicure as well as a trim? Done. A massage or a facial…or both? Of course! The best part of this full-service phenomenon is that, since you can get everything you need in one place, you only have one convenient stop to make. Read on to discover the many other services available at local salons


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