La Bamba Mexican Food makes every day feel like Tuesday

Make Taco Tuesday Great

Look up “Taco Tuesday” and you’re bound to go down a rabbit hole of stories about who exactly coined the phrase and when. The year 1989 was the official year “Taco Tuesday” was trademarked by Midwest fast food joint Taco John’s but dig a litter further and you will see it gained popularity all the way back in 1933 with El Paso’s White Star Cafeteria, in a newspaper ad for some tasty, can’t-miss deals on tacos that you could buy on—you guessed it—Tuesdays.

Flash forward to today and “Taco Tuesday” has become a part of our weekly vocabulary. While there is some debate as to where the phrase actually begun, there is no debate that La Bamba Mexican Food is making “Taco Tuesday” a delicious possibility all week long. And the taco truck does like to market that well-known phrase, too, begging patrons to “Make Taco Tuesday Great.”

Carlos Arechiga, owner and operator of Lodi’s La Bamba Mexican Food truck, knows a thing (make that a lot of things), about preparing mouth-watering street tacos, a traditional Mexican taco served on a corn tortilla with meat, onions, and cilantro, as well as other delicious Mexican foods such as burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos, tortas, and soups.

“We always try to use the freshest, best quality ingredients,” says Arechiga. “Even though they cost more, we think it’s worth it. From our meat to our tortillas, I always ask myself, ‘Would I eat this?’”

When asked who taught him how to cook, Arechiga credits his dad, who started the family business back in the mid-1990s. “He taught me everything I know,” says Carlos. 

Another thing that sets La Bamba apart from other taco trucks is their enthusiasm for creating a menu that caters to all customers, regardless of dietary needs and preferences. Think tender cuts of carne asada wrapped in grain-free cheese shells for your friends eating keto, smoky mushroom and pico de gallo tacos for your vegan friends, and a grilled fish burrito for your pescatarian friends. Going out to La Bamba means that everyone (and we mean everyone) will find something on the menu for them, with a side of friendly faces from those working the La Bamba food truck.