Becca Reed adds choreography to cycling classes

Spin to Win

There are many benefits to participating in spin classes. The fitness phenomenon that has taken off in popularity the last decade has given rise to a movement of avid enthusiasts who spin anywhere and everywhere they can. Spin instructor Rebecca Reed has enthusiastically evolved into a believer of the proven fitness workout that has captivated the world.

“I have been an avid weightlifter my whole life and five years ago I realized that I needed to add more cardio to my life,” Becca says. She did not enjoy running and found cardio workouts boring. But she tried spinning and fell in love with the effective 45-minute workout. She was hooked and was soon certified and began teaching at Crunch in Stockton.

“If someone hasn’t done spin before, they can expect really high energy, great music, a team environment, and specifically, I teach rhythm riding… We all ride together!” Becca says. Riders work together doing the same moves and Becca incorporates fun choreography into the exciting workout. Classes include between 15 and 36 riders.

Becca’s favorite saying is “Do you!” and she encourages new riders to give spin a try to pick up on the energy the class provides. Spin classes fly by quickly and in addition to an excellent cardio workout, are a great way to tone your legs and glutes and keep your core strong. There are a couple of very effective ab workouts that Reed incorporates into routines that include moves like Russian twists. “Your core is going to get a good workout and I would say this is a full body workout, to be honest,” explains Becca. “It gets your heart rate up… It’s great cardio and it’s great strength training as well.”

Becca includes a lot of hill “climbs” in the class and when spinning resistance is increased, it also increases muscle.

What’s good for the body is good for someone’s mood, too. “If you’re having a bad day, just spinning for a few songs will change the whole trajectory of your day.” Becca now teaches spin at Crunch in Stockton and Ride 209 in Manteca.


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