Spring into Salads

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By Copper Williams

Who doesn’t love the tantalizing crunch of a freshly prepared salad? Whether bedded in arugula, romaine, or sailing in a sea of spinach, the salad is a bundle of flavor that can be built with the preferences of almost anyone in mind. And that’s just what these masters of culinary charm have crafted in our corner of San Joaquin! Check out their artful combinations featuring freshly sliced fruit and vegetables, chopped nuts or succulent varieties of shrimp, chicken, and more. By the time you’re done, you’ll be rethinking your dinner plans and making reservations!


bbq chicken2Bow Down to Barbecued Shrimp

            Prepared by School Street Bistro

Ready to kick up your salad-tasting experience? Pick up that fork and stick it straight into crisp red onions, blue cheese and cole slaw, served up on fresh field greens. Not enough to make your mouth water? Then lay on the chipotle barbecued gulf white shrimp and feel your taste buds tingle.


waldorf2Reaching for Will’s “Waldorf” Chicken

Prepared by School Street Bistro

Are you looking for something hearty? Start with field greens and chopped romaine. Then drop on slices of red delicious apples and red onions. Pour on the Gorgonzola cheese, spiced pecans and crispy potato strings. Spill over the grilled and chopped chicken breasts and maple dressing to create perfection. Go big. Or go home.


prawn2Art of the Prawn

Prepared by Blend Food & Drink

In search of a unique twist in flavorful combinations? We’ve got something just for you. Prepare for a power-packed combination of grill blistered grapes, juicy watermelon, and prawns. Garnished in arugula to wrap up the flavor and settled atop a mixture of fresh lime and maple syrup, your taste buds will be begging for more!


blush-beetsUn-beet-en Flavor in every Bite

Prepared by Blend Food & Drink

Looking for incredible flavor off the beaten path? Then you’ll find it right here. Because when you mix red and tioga beets and salted pistachios with pea puree, whipped honey goat cheese AND embellish the very top with a pea tendril, you’re binging a simple, but bold take on the traditional salad. And that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.


mangoMatch Made in Mango Heaven

Prepared by Delta Bistro

If only the rich flavor of avocado had the perfect companion for a salad like no other. But wait. What’s this? A crispy and refreshingly layer of lettuce, plump cherry tomatoes, and crumbling Feta cheese? And what’s that beautiful, radiant glow? Dare I say it? Diced…mango? Salvation is at hand and it’s covered in poppy-seed dressing, folks.


Craving that Cranberry Spinach

Prepared by Porter’s Pub

Wrangle in your taste buds with something both sweet and crunchy! Served over a plate of vibrant spinach with a side of sesame dressing is an assortment of crisp apple slices, juicy mandarin segments, and tangy dried cranberries. Add a little feta cheese, toasted almonds and avocado to complete this tantalizing masterpiece!


Find Your Favorite At:

Blend Food & Drink

115 S. School St., #13, Lodi

(209) 334-2036



Delta Bistro

110 W. Fremont St., Stockton

(209) 323-3131



Porter’s Pub

121 S. School St., Lodi

(209) 400-7147


School Street Bistro

116 N. School St., Lodi

(209) 333-3950