The Kitchen at Stonebrier embraces a fall menu

Decadence Meets Comfort

Walking into The Kitchen at Stonebrier is like finding yourself in an old European city center, with brightly lit, colorful chandeliers in red, yellow, and blue, hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the room, and artistic and sophisticated Italian ads decorating the walls. The windows that stretch from floor to ceiling are adorned with vertical vines that provide a sense of calm and serenity. The tables are topped with clay-toned marble, each with their own individual lamp casting a bit of sunshine onto your dish. The bar is adorned with aged spirits, impressive wines, and fresh citrus waiting to garnish the next cocktail. The newly renovated garden has an open-air concept, an architectural update that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating an eating space filled with fresh air. 

A visit to The Kitchen at Stonebrier is a Stockton escape from the ordinary, a creative and delicious fine-dining experience focused on fresh, seasonal ingredients, many of which are grown right here in the San Joaquin Valley.

Chef Shane Tracewell is celebrating Stonebrier’s connection to the abundance of harvest with his fall menu. Understanding the value of cultivating relationships with local farmers, and continually refining how he can facilitate fine dining for all of the restaurant’s guests, he has created an experience at Stonebrier that is unmatched.

We suggest starting with a cocktail—the Brown Derby with Bulleit Bourbon, honey syrup, grapefruit, and orange peel is an autumn favorite. Every sip is filled with the fragrance and promise that a new day brings and ends with the flavors of a crisp autumn evening with just a touch of warmth.

Try the baby spinach salad with juicy sliced pear, roasted delicata squash (a must-try root veggie for Fall, sourced from a local SJV farm) creamy, tangy goat cheese (also made locally), crunchy toasted walnut, marinated red onion, and sweet pomegranate seeds, all tossed in a refreshing wine vinaigrette. Each bite is a reminder that we have seamlessly moved from summer to fall.

Then, order the duck breast. Each forkful is perfectly tender, its skin bursting with savory flavor. It’s served on a bed of sweet and smokey fig mole (arguably the most delicious mole you will ever taste), alongside handmade red beet gnocchi, a pillow of nourishing flavor, comfort, and pleasure. Chef Shane tops this dish with shaved carrot and parsnip, for an added layer of delicately sweet, savory, and cleansing perfection. This is fall at its finest.

The Kitchen at Stonebrier has not only perfected traditional dining, they also have extended services to include fine catering and private dining for smaller parties, including an elegant banquet room with a private bar and an outdoor garden with firepit. The main kitchen offers wine pairings with their menu on the last Tuesday of each and they have weekly live music.

Perhaps the best part of the dining aesthetics at Stonebrier is when you close your eyes. Hear the water trickling? A faraway city’s fountain. It’s where the people gather to relax, unwind, and connect on the day’s events, where you meet a familiar face, or maybe even the face of someone who will become a part of your life. It’s where the city shares life, energy, and makes memories, and no doubt this is what it’s like to dine at The Kitchen at Stonebrier.

The Kitchen at Stonebrier
4780 West Ln., Stockton
(209) 932-9322