American Waffle Diner adds new menu items

Sweet as Cotton Candy

Do you remember the first time you tasted cotton candy? Its airy texture that melts in your mouth is the classic childhood treat that keeps amusing us with its unique and satisfying flavor. In hues of pink, blue, and purple, tasting it immediately makes anyone feel like a kid again whether at the county fair or out on a sunny day at the boardwalk.

Now you can relive your memories of this mouthwatering treat when you visit Stockton’s American Waffle Diner. Owner Nesrin has added two new menu items featuring homemade spun cotton candy—topping a waffle and a cocktail. Enjoy the taste of cotton candy layered on one of their crisp and fluffy, hot, golden waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and dusted with powdered sugar or on top of a giant mimosa (bring a friend to share, this one is built for at least two). Both items come garnished with edible butterflies atop the magical spun sugar.

It’s all part of American Waffle Diner’s always expanding menu, keeping our appetites satisfied and bellies entertained. When you dine in, don’t forget your camera to document the experience!