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  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

    7 Ways to Warm Your Home this Holiday Season Winter is officially upon us and temperatures are dropping but fear not! There are several ways you can keep the heat from leaving your home! Over the next few pages, take a peek at our list […]

    10 Upgrades for Better Holiday Hosting  

    Ding, ding! What’s that? It’s the sound of your alarm clock, the doorbell, the oven timer, and the Salvation Army volunteer rolled up into one. Does it signal the last of your sanity escaping you? Possibly. It’s no secret that you’ll be running non-stop from […]

    Refresh Your Deck

    As that hot summer weather finally starts to relinquish its grip upon the Central Valley, it’s time to start enjoying the outdoors again. But, what if you neglected your outdoor digs all summer? Have no fear—it’s easy enough to breathe new life into your deck! […]

    On the Town

    Home, Made Easier

    In a world that’s growing busier by the second, it can be hard to stay on top of all your daily household tasks. But, with advancing technology, innovative companies are working hard to make life just a little bit easier for all of us. If […]

    Top Five Tips for the First-Time Seller

    It’s almost inevitable that at some point in your life, you will part ways with your very first home. Sure, memories were made there, and milestones occurred—but, it’s important to embark on this new life adventure with a strictly-business state of mind. Set aside your […]

    A Greenhorn’s Guide to Gardening

    Here in the “breadbasket of the world” it’s practically a sin to admit a lack of gardening knowledge. While so many San Joaquinians do find joy in getting their hands dirty—literally—those who have never tried but are interested in growing their own garden may not […]

    The Tiny Life

    Tiny Homes: Less a housing decision and more a lifestyle choice. Most of us have seen the endless variations of these cute living spaces, but few people really understand what the tiny house movement is about, or why anyone would choose to live in a […]

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    Allergy Friendly

    Hypoallergenic friendly dogs present good option for sensitive pet owners For some, allergies are a daily struggle. And for dog lovers, this reality can be heartbreaking! Constant shedding and dander can pose significant problems so severe that some people fear that they just cannot have […]

    Butterfly Gardening

    Picture this: Upon waking up to a glorious morning, you pour yourself a cup of coffee and step outside into a garden that’s bursting with a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Too serene to be true? Au contraire! Butterfly Gardens do exist, and if you’re interested in […]

    Your Smart Home

    The digital age has influenced everything from social interaction to transportation, and now, our homes! Check out these tech-savvy picks sure to make life a little bit easier on the home front. Illuminate your musical experience with this levitating Bluetooth speaker! Perfect for setting both […]


    How to choose, and what trends to act on. Our floors are high-traffic, highly visible areas of our home. They either work for us or against us—trapping dirt and stains that force us to spend Saturdays steam cleaning, or facing our brood with style and […]

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