Home Improvement: Turn a Boring Bedroom into Your Ultimate Oasis

By Caitlin Hamer

Your bedroom should be more than just the place you head to at the end of the day to (hopefully) get some sleep – it should be the tranquil space that welcomes you to unwind. Unfortunately, when our busy lives get in the way, comfort isn’t exactly a priority. But with tips from some local home and design experts, you’re closer than you think to transforming your bedroom into the relaxing retreat that you deserve. Whether you want to focus on just a few upgrades, or you’re ready to do a total overhaul, read on for advice and inspiration.


Has your carpet or hardwood floor seen better days? Whether you want to switch things up or just go for a fresher version of what you already have, it’s not a part of your upgrade that should be ignored. There’s no denying that hardwood floors need maintenance, and now might be the time to start. Before getting your timber floors done, make sure you choose the right floor sanding company to do it. Unless you are confident in sanding them yourself, you should definitely look to a professional. These days, experts are leaning towards hard flooring for bedrooms.

“Traditionally, people have less carpet in their bedrooms, due to ease of maintenance,” says Tom Mathews of Shelton Lee Flooring. “People are putting hard surfaces in their rooms, and then getting a luxurious area rug to put underneath the bed or at the end of it.” Try pallet wood flooring, which is easy to clean and looks fantastic, and then get creative with a fluffy rug in the color or pattern of your choice. You could even check out these stunning wool rugs melbourne if you wanted to add a luxurious vibe to a room.

“A rug gives you the opportunity to change your looks up,” adds Tom, suggesting that you view your rugs as an accessory that you can switch out when the mood strikes you. To keep that luxurious vibe to your floors, you also might be interested in looking at the Rug Cleaning Brunswick companies can offer, this way you’ll be sure to keep all carpets and rugs in pristine condition, which will also add to the tranquility of your bedroom.


If your room is filled with natural light during the day, then make sure to take advantage of that and let the sunshine in! But once it’s time for bed, you’ll want privacy. Fortunately, Budget Blinds has you covered – literally!

“For the higher budget, fabric roman shades or woven shades are a great option,” suggests Rod Smith of Budget Blinds. Do some research to select the window covering that best fits your décor style and your preferred level of light.

If you’re looking to keep your costs down, Rod suggests roller shades, which are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, and which offer diverse light-filtering options. “Roller shades offer a modern, sleek look compared to most other window treatments,” he says. “Choose from several colorful and decorative valances for a customized designer’s touch.”


Unless the idea of clean, white walls soothe you, you’ll likely need to start perusing paint samples. Just make sure that the hues you chose reflect the restful vibe you’re going for.

“The colors in your room play an essential role in your overall mood,” says Kathleen Jennison of KTJ Design Co. “Blue, purple, or light pink help induce tranquility, while light greys, mid-tone beiges or browns provide a neutral background which can be animated with colorful rugs and artwork.”

Next, take things back to basics and add as many natural elements to your room as you can. Start with wood and stone elements. You can play around with this by looking for fun ways to incorporate that style into you room. Go for a fully rustic room, or just add touches here and there. Either way, make sure you avoid plastics and metals, which Kathleen says can add a sense of artificiality.


Need inspiration for the rest of your home? Check out these hot ideas:

Bobbin Chairs – These chairs appeal to antique lovers who still crave comfort.

Blue-Green Hues – Customizable to your preferred shade, this color combo can work in any room.

Southwest Motifs – Rich, warm colors will have you dreaming of rugged desert landscapes.

Historic Geometric Patterns – Add eye catching patterns with wallpaper, tiles, or area rugs.


To ensure the highest level of comfort, you may need a new bed. Upsize your mattress if you have the space to do so, and invest in a sturdy, long lasting bed frame (remember, no metal or plastic). While you’re at it, your bedding may need upgrading, too!

“Choose natural fabrics, if possible,” recommends Kathleen Jennison. “Go for silky sheets in soothing colors, soft quilt, delicate duvet, preferably hypoallergenic covers and as many pillows as you think you may need.” Opt for cottons, silks, and bamboo fabrics, as these will absorb excess moisture and provide optimal comfort.

Other bedroom furniture essentials are nightstands and dressers. If you have enough space for a sitting area, invest in some extra pieces, like cozy reading chairs – just don’t let one of those chairs become that chair where clothes get piled up (you know the chair). Play into those natural elements with a rattan chair and chunky wool throw to wrap yourself in.


If you really want to go the extra mile in terms of making your bedroom the serene spot you know you deserve, then Kathleen Jennison has a few further suggestions.

Set yourself up with some cozy mood lighting at night by combining various light sources, like bedside lamps and scented candles. Or consider a Himalayan salt lamp or photo moon lamp, which are both trendy pieces that are both functional and decorative. The pink lamp “enables you to breathe better during the night due to its air-filtering quality, and it spreads a pale, pink-toned glow into the darkness of the room,” says Kathleen.

Another self-care trend that can help you achieve a calm state of mind is aromatherapy. Use your favorite essential oils in a diffuser to make your room smell incredible and help you relax before bedtime (chamomile, vanilla, and lavender are all popular choices). Or, try herbal sleep pillows, which are small pouches stuffed with various aromatic herbs that you can place inside your pillowcase for a better night’s sleep.

If you’ve been on the fence as to whether or not you want to undertake a bedroom upgrade, don’t hesitate. Just because bedrooms are a private part of your home that guests won’t see doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be presentable. Making your bedroom the most comfortable and inviting part of your home may even encourage you to start going to bed at a more reasonable hour – just make sure you don’t spend your entire weekend there, hiding from your responsibilities.

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