Flower Power

Who said fresh flowers are only for special occasions? The many benefits associated with keeping fresh flowers in your space suggest otherwise. Got a case of the summer blues? It’s a proven fact that just being around fresh flowers increases one’s happiness, reduces anxiety, and promotes relaxation – making them worth every penny! They’re also a great way to add an instant pop of summer color and freshness to your décor.

Tips for making a bouquet at home:

  1. Choose flowers that haven’t fully opened up yet. Although the bigger, fuller looking blooms on display may be the ones that first catch your eye, choosing flower’s that haven’t fully bloomed yet will allow you to enjoy the bouquet a few days longer than you otherwise would have.
  2. Trim the ends of your flowers every time they are taken out of water. Since most cut flowers drink from the stems, it’s important to give a fresh, clean cut before putting them into the vase. Be sure to cut them at a slanted angle, so the flowers are able to drink as much water as possible.
  3. Choose a vase that fits the flowers, and then cut to a length that is proportionate to the vase’s height. Often times trimming a few extra inches off the stems of flowers will make them appear prettier and fuller. It’s a simple trick that makes a big difference!
  4. Remove all of the leaves that fall below the water line from the flower’s stem. Leaves that are left to sit in water will rot, resulting in bacteria growing in the water. Keep the water clean and free of slimy green stuff, and flowers will last much longer.
  5. Add a handful of ice cubes to the water in your vase. Keeping flowers in cold water causes them to open a little slower. You can also store the bouquet in the fridge if you are trying to keep it looking fresh and at it’s best for that backyard summer dinner party you’re hosting in a few days.