Amazing California SPA-HHH Moments: Great Getaways close to home and worth the drive

Our Fabulous Spahhh Moments in California
Our Fabulous Spahhh Moments in California

We live in a highly-charged, technologically-driven time that makes us want to escape to another world so often, if only for a few hours, to power down from external stimulation. This urgent need to get away is becoming increasingly more fundamental to recharge the batteries of our souls. Enter the SPAHHH… a much sought-after refuge that helps us indulge in much needed “me” time, to switch off and relax, recharge, reflect, detox, and beautify. Modern spas cater to a range of health promoting experiences.  The healing powers of touch therapy have been expounded on since ancient times. Spas and touch therapies are thus intrinsically connected.  We at San Joaquin Magazine uncovered 11 great getaways close to home and worth the drive that will make your SPAHHH moment not only possible, but magical.


Bacara Resort & Spa

8301 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA

(877) 713.2942,


Bacara Resort and Spa is Spanish-style lavish resort and has been referred to as one of the “great luxury spas” resting above the soothing blue waters of the Pacific on the legendary Gaviota Coast. 42,000 square-feet and four stories of tranquil space await to embrace you, slow you down, elevate and celebrate your well-being, and release your cares into the ocean breeze. Self-care is at the heart of the resort’s philosophy, and the ambition is for each guest to feel an experience infused with the gift of a genuinely better way to live. The Spa at Bacara offers over 60 specialized treatments by world-class massage therapists and aestheticians, including soothing massages, Eastern origin and locally inspired treatments, and body treatments for the mind, body and spirit. In the rare setting of this acclaimed spa in Santa Barbara, you’ll find an abundance of amenities and activities to choose from including mud-based treatments and scrubs on the rooftop terrace, a private European sunbathing area, and an adults-only heated saline lap pool. Before or after any service, guests can enjoy the Spa’s rooftop terrace, fireside lounges, eucalyptus steam room, redwood sauna and other luxuriant amenities. The Spa at Bacara understands that luxurious doesn’t necessarily mean over the top and high-flown, and that when you want to be pampered, sometimes all you need a cozy spot that feels like home. The award-winning Spa at Bacara is spectacular in every way, from its beautiful architecture and incredible array of services to its skilled staff.


Editor’s Pick: Organic Bliss Facial – Perfect for the holidays, Bacara insists this is the organic way to enjoy a beautiful holiday glow! This festive treatment includes an array of fresh berries and other natural organic products to cleanse, detox, masque and hydrate the skin. 80 Minutes | $150


The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa

41Tunnel Road

Berkeley, CA, (510) 843-3000


Situated overlooking the san Francisco Bay, “The Hotel on the Hill”, as it is referred to, offers a full service spa dedicated to helping guests lead healthier, more balanced lives at their own pace. Of course, the Claremont Spa offers all the spa necessities – skin care services, massage therapy, body treatments, and full service salon features; however, they also present complete serenity and a menu of amenities you need to relax, rejuvenate and unwind, or “live well” as they like to say. Named a Top 10 Best Spa in the country by Vogue and Shape Magazines, Claremont Spa treatment selections span from head to toe, embracing the mind and the body. Spa guests can partake in ancient healing acupuncture and other modalities based on the core philosophy of self-awareness through movement such as Pilates, yoga, and functional strength training. Spa Claremont offers a signature Pre-Spa Hydrotherapy Ritual, a radical combination of water-based treatments to help guests achieve the greatest benefits of their spa experience. A purposeful journey of warming and detoxifying the body to increase circulation and awareness, the pre-spa ritual is designed to intensify the effects of Claremont’s body treatments. A series of mini encounters starts with a soak in the whirlpool tub, which comes complete with a sprawling view of the San Francisco Bay and skyline. Next up, guests indulge in a deluge shower, a warm water massage that stimulates the body to release natural stress by reducing endorphins and increasing blood circulation. Afterward, spa-goers relax in the eucalyptus-filled steam room, which clears the head and nasal passages and refreshes the spirit, promoting clarity of mind. The steam relaxes stiff joints and muscles, cleanses the skin, eliminates toxins and boosts the immune system. The hydrotherapy cycle ends in an invigorating shower underneath10 exhilarating showerheads, leaving the body and mind readied for the deeper therapy that awaits with any one of Claremont’s services and treatments.


Editor’s Pick: Hawaiian Retreat – This island retreat begins with a mango-coconut sea salt scrub and volcanic clay wrap. Following an application of warm kukui nut oil, the island experience culminates in a traditional Lomi Lomi massage with plumeria and fresh ginger oils. 130 total minutes | $400

 wine and roses spa

The Spa at Wine & Roses

2505 West Tuner Road

Lodi, CA, (209) 334.6988


Blending wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, the Spa at Wine & Roses creates the perfect setting for optimal health, spiritual well-being and aesthetic beauty. Nestled in the heart of Lodi Wine Country, The Spa at Wine & Roses will transport you into another world. The five essential elements (wood, earth, metal, fire and water) found in the environment help you to purify and restore harmony in your life.  Harmony and relaxation bring balance to the emotions, spirit and mind, as well as to the physical body.  Of course, the most important ingredient in providing the experience of well-being is the quality, experience and commitment of the skilled professional services staff. There is a strong relationship between the outdoor spa garden and the indoor spa experience. Natural light and views of the beautiful gardens housing a thermal soaking spring and relaxation deck is a signature offering. The purpose of the Spa at Wine & Roses is to provide new experiences that will help inspire guests to explore paths and make mindful choices in everyday life that lead to physical and spiritual well-being. With an unwavering commitment to education and growth, the Spa at Wine & Roses offers a variety of services that get in touch with the inquisitive mind, the active body and the imaginative spirit. Slow down and breathe, immerse yourself in the hot and cold plunge pools, practice the art of play, relax in the steam room, share in a labyrinth walk, and renew yourself with a massage.  The Spa at Wine & Roses embraces local natural resources, utilize fresh ingredients, and offer herbs, flowers, and plants found in the relaxation garden for use during treatments. Throughout the year, the Spa at Wine & Roses brings together the essence of wine country with the change in seasons by offering such seasonal treatments as fire and ice facials, pumpkin-orange purees, berrylicious pick me ups, and herbal rejuvenations.


Editor’s Pick: Organic Icing on the Cake – Luscious layers of honey, carrot, lemon and vanilla-all applied after exfoliation and wrapped in warm blankets. A sensation for the senses and body, provides deep relaxation, vitamin rich nutrients for the skin, and exquisite hydration.

60 Minutes | $100


cosmo spa

Sahra Spa & Hamman

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV, (702) 698-7171


The Sahra Spa and Hammam is located within the racy Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas. Drawing its inspiration from the desert’s startling depth and beauty, unimagined life, and profound strength, The Sahra Spa and Hammam is not your ordinary day spa, it is an authentic oasis. The folks at Sahra Spa & Hammam believe that the desert’s striking contrasts-exhilarating intensity encompassed by ageless stillness and peace- create a path to balance, clarity, and calmness. The “Space Between” is where guests are suspended post check-in and pre-service. This breathtaking passageway with natural sandstone walls, falling waters, and a glimmering desert night sky ceiling transports you from the bright lights of Vegas to the quietness of the desert, creating a soul-soaring atmosphere. Complete with private men’s and women’s saunas, steam rooms, cool mist rooms, vitality pools and even a Monsoon Cave, The Sahra Spa and Hammam offers a menu of holiday treatments, sahra transformations, massages, body services, baths, skin care, and signature Sahra Hammam services. The hammam encompasses a heated motherstone slab with two whirlpools, steam rooms and stone loungers. This, their ritual space, is a modern homage to a sensual, centuries-old practice of purification that combines body detoxification, steam treatment, and a cooling bath- all conducted amidst an atmosphere of deep, grounding warmth. The 50,000 square-feet facility features 28 treatment rooms and four luxury suites. Their signature hammam treatment, Sahra Journey, alternates scrubs and masks with steam, followed by a cooling bath and full massage. Guests are bathed rhythmically from streaming metal bowls while bubbly suds emerge from a magical pillowcase. All the treatments on the menu draw from the richness of desert oil infused with minerals and plants containing powerful healing properties. What’s more, even something as simple as a body massage is personalized so that each guest experiences a one-of-a-kind encounter as unique as they are. Seemingly simple yet magnificently complex, The Sahra Spa and Hammam is a true luxury spa and wellness retreat.


> Editor’s Pick:  Red Flower Hammam Experience – A sensual and fragrant ritual of heat, steam, detoxification, and relaxation. Eleven flower oils and fruit essences are bestowed upon the body. Each level of this experience releases an intense, redolent scent along with therapeutic healing properties. 80 Minutes | $300


kenwood spa

Kenwood Inn & Spa

10400 Sonoma Highway

Kenwood, CA, (800) 353.6966


Rated California’s #1 Spa Escape and named one of the Top 3 Spa Resorts in the USA, Kenwood Inn & Spa is an intimate hideaway with 29 dreamy rooms and suites. This Tuscan fabricated retreat is designed with handcrafted artistry, providing an atmosphere to nourish the soul and engage the senses. Enclosed with soaring palms and sweet-smelling shade trees, guests are transported to the Italian countryside as they stroll through quiet courtyards and lush gardens. It is here guests are promised to be pampered like never before. With an extensive array of spa products and services to promote well-being, the aptly named Benessere (Italian for “Well-Being”) Spa is about your state of mind, quality of life and true wellness spiritually and physically. The Kenwood experience is by-and-large based on the vineyards of Italy, so guests will find grapes and wine at the core of their Sonoma County experience. Partnering with skin care line Caudalie, Kenwood offers relaxed pampering and clinically validated treatments that create visible changes to the skin. Caudalie is the first beauty company to harness, patent and use the potent antioxidants that come from the grapevine, which Kenwood utilizes in their signature vinotherapy body treatments the Honey Wine Wrap, Crushed Cabernet Scrub, and the Lavender Salt Scrub; and facials Vinoperfect and Vinexpert. For couples, Kenwood offers the ideal romantic interlude with their Ti Amo package, a candlelit side-by-side 80-minute Swedish Couples Massage while enjoying sparkling wine in the privacy of your guest room or in the spa terrace. Other amenities to throw yourself into are two outdoor heated saline pools, sunning terraces, and a hot tub. This award-winning sanctuary is acclaimed as “pure luxury right down to the custom made scented candles.” Perhaps the most unique way to complete your spa getaway is with Kenwood’s Bath Butler service, a luxurious spa experience in the solitude of your guestroom, which includes a selection of decadent products handcrafted from the estate lavender fields of Matanzas Creek Winery, a bottle of Prosecco, and wine country chocolates.


Editor’s Pick: Vinoperfect Facial – Radiance and vitality restoring facial for fatigued skin; a stimulating, sculpting stone massage with essential oils awaken the luminosity of the complexion and restores tone to facial contours. The Enzymatic Peel Mask is applied to gently brighten and combat dark spots and uneven skin tone. A radiance mask and application of Caudalíe’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and Day Perfecting Moisturizer SPF 15, draws out the skin’s natural glow from within and prepares it to face the world outside. 80 minutes | $125


Kabuki Springs & Spa

750 Geary Boulevard

San Francisco, CA, (415) 922.6000


Located in San Francisco’s Japantown, Kabuki Springs & Spa attracts natives from all over town from all different walks of life. This serene spa believes that true wellness comes from attending to your mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis, and the folks here are devoted to providing a serenity and relaxation oasis allowing their guests to discover and nurture their wellness journey. Kabuki provides a comprehensive array of services integrating many cultures and backgrounds through Eastern and Western massage. Whilst Eastern massage approach is from the energy point of view involving healing based on energy flow and balance, Western massage approach, in contrast, focuses on the physicality of the human body. Kabuki also offers other modalities of bodywork such as: Cranio-Sacral – alternative therapy focused on the concept of “primary respiration” in which therapy consists of light touches to a guest’s skull, face, spine and pelvis;  Reflexology- a form of bodywork that focuses primarily on the feet; Floor Thai-commonly referred to as “lazy man’s yoga”, your therapist stretches you into assisted poses that are relaxing, therapeutic, and energizing; and Reiki- a technique frequently called “palm healing” or “hands-on-healing”, therapists believe that they are transferring universal energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of qi through the palms, which they believe allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium. Keeping in the great tradition of Japanese public baths, Kabuki Springs offers a communal bath designed to encourage harmony and relaxation. The Japanese bath is an important part of the Japanese way of life, and the ritual itself is also a kind of metaphor for healthy communication and good relationships.  Kabuki facilities include a hot pool, cold plunge, dry sauna and steam room. Individual bathing areas include traditional Japanese-seated showers and standing western-style showers. Complimentary bath products, sea salts, chilled face cloths and teas are offered as well, along with a full-time bathing attendant. A  Joie de vivre establishment, Kabuki Springs & Spa delivers an experience tantamount to the “joy of living”.


> Editor’s Pick:  Abhyanga with Shirodhara – Based on Ayurvedic-style massage techniques, this gentle full body massage nourishes tissues, enhances the immune system and reduces stress in the bodymind. Marma therapy is the focus of this rhythmic massage sequence. Warm oils, tailored to each individual dosha or body type, are massaged rhythmically into the Marma points along the body. The treatment concludes with a calming soak in a private furo tub. Shirodhara is a classical Ayurvedic treatment, thousands of years old, in which warm oil is poured in a continuous stream across the forehead. By adding this herbal scalp treatment to your Abhyanga Massage, Kabuki offers one of the most effective methods for reducing stress and relaxing the bodymind. 110 minutes | Pricing varies based on season


The Purple Orchid Wine

Country Resort & Spa

4549 Cross Road

Livermore, CA, (925) 606-8855


Nestled in the heart of Livermore Valley, The Purple Orchid welcomes you with the elegance, hospitality and history of this beautiful city, one of California’s oldest winegrowing regions. A touch of the exotic combined with a variety of traditional and organic spa treatments, The Orchard Spa at Purple Orchid will refine your experience of wine country spa destination. The folks at Orchard Spa invite you to slip away, delight in your senses, and surrender yourself to the talented staff that will help release the tensions of the world outside. Spa offerings include massage, facials, manicures and pedicures, thermal body treatments, seasonal treatments, and packages in a striking setting inspired by an extraordinary landscape that blends exquisite wine tasting, arduous outdoor recreation, and renowned spa treatments. The Orchard Spa has many couples packages to choose from that make for a romantic wine country weekend. The packages are designed to help couples connect and rekindle with the inclusions of lush robes, slippers, complimentary refreshments, and a snack and wine menu crafted to suit the individual palettes of each guest. The folks at Purple Orchid spare no effort when it comes to the relaxation and comfort of their guests. Soft, woodland furnishings, attentive staff, flourishing rose gardens, inviting fireplaces, a “Gathering Table” of wine and cheese, and expansive spa treatments make the Purple Orchid an idyllic wine country spa destination.


> Editor’s Pick: Couple’s Ultimate One night stay Main Lodge Queen Room, Deluxe Stone Massages in Sera Festino Retreat, Biodynamic Facial, Paraffin Hydrating Treatment, Signature Sugar Glow, Light Snack and Wine. Weekdays $925 | Weekends $975


 ojai spa

Spa Ojai

905 Country Club Rd,

Ojai, CA, (855) 697-8780


Sheathed by the inspiring Topa Topa Mountains of Southern California, this 30,000 square-foot day spa is celebrated as one of the preeminent spas in the country. Spa Ojai does not take the spa experience lightly. Rest assured if you choose to spend your reprieve at this wellness retreat, your mental and physical fitness will reach new heights. Upon entry, a Moroccan fountain, 50-foot bell tower and engaging outdoor fireplace welcome you to the Spanish charm and serene ambience of the Spa Village courtyard that is Spa Ojai- the focal point of this 220 acre resort, which encourages renewal and relaxation as you explore your creative consciousness, nourish your body and challenge your physical endurance. Spa Ojai offers the offers the usual massages, body treatments, facials, salon services, and even a young adult menu. Where this spa stands alone is all of the other exhilarating organic treatments and services they offer by intuitive therapy healers. Their Signature treatments are The Essence in Balance, a customized full-body aromatherapy massage in which you create your very own massage oil, and the Ultimate Oxygen Facial with Atoxelene, a customized facial exfoliation and pampering facial massage with Atoxelene. Drawing its inspiration and energy from its natural environment–the earth, the plants, and the very air itself, Spa Ojai offers a collection of seasonal body treatments. Achieving the focused calm of self-connection is Ojai’s goal for each and every guest; therefore, your spiritual journey is as much a focus as is physical wellness. Spa Ojai offers three spiritual journeys, astrological readings, personal mandala readings, and spiritual counseling with Native American card, crystal, and stone readings. Additionally, guests can choose from many Native American-inspired treatments, of course aimed to heighten your mental and physical wellness. The Mind and Body Studio offers an array of classes such as yoga, walks, guided hikes, cardio, spinning, stretching, ball, bosu, seasonal water flow activities, and much more. A Women’s Wellness Journey offers the opportunity for discovery of one’s M.A.P. (Mindset, Abundance and Purpose). Regardless of your pursuit, this much-admired wellness sanctuary provides the means for personal exploration, which will enliven you inside and out.


Editor’s Pick: Kuyam Experience Communal sessions – The only treatment of its kind in the world. Kuyam, a Chumash Native American Indian word that means “a place to rest together”, combines the therapeutic effects of self-applied cleansing desert clays infused with essential oils, dry heat and inhalation therapy, and is accompanied by a traditional Chumash narrative. Diffused low lighting, rich colors and Moroccan-styled tile chaises enhance this unique offering.  Each session can accommodate up to eight women or men. $85.00 per person | Private sessions are $115.00 per person



The Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe Resort

13031 Ritz-Carlton Highlands Court

Truckee, CA, (530) 562.3000


Breathe easy under the California sky at The Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe Resort in Truckee, where you’ll be surrounded by lakeside views and abundant forests in the summer and snowcapped mountains with icy blue skies in the winter. The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Lake Tahoe is an oasis of pampering where the senses are awakened, the body is soothed and the spirit is renewed. With 17 luxurious treatment rooms, a Fitness Center with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight-training equipment, a unified wellness program including an assortment of fitness classes, and a heated co-ed spa lap pool looking out over the inclines, achieving ultimate Zen is effortless. The Spa at the Ritz offers a refreshing menu of treatments drawn from their serene, sophisticated mountain retreat setting. Seasonal treatments – like the Organic Passion Fruit Cabernet Envelopment, a Grape Seed Exfoliation, Mud Envelopment followed by a Hydrating Body Butter Application, or the Olive Orchard Oasis, a warm soak with the aroma of either  blood orange, lavender or verde bath salts followed by a warm stone massage incorporating body butter made from pure organic olive oil – are considered some of their signature healings. The popular packages Renew, Restore, and Relax offer blissfully untroubled afternoons tucked inside cascading woodland. This tranquil timberland is home with a private restoration lounge, detoxifying dry-heat lodge, uplifting eucalyptus steam room with cozy fireplaces strewn about and equally cozy service, as The Ritz-Carlton is famous for. It’s easy to melt into pure rejuvenation with this North Lake Tahoe spa vacation.


> Editor’s Pick: Napa Journey for Two – A gentle passion fruit and cabernet grape seed scrub will be followed by a relaxing soak in the tub and culminate with a hydrating passion fruit and cabernet body butter massage. To further enliven the senses, a glass of red wine will accompanies this treatment for couples. 90 minutes| $300 per person  or  120 minutes| $375 per person


Perfect Balance Day Spa

401 West Pine Street

Lodi, CA, (209) 333-8117


The concept is simple: give yourself the perfect day. With a full menu of signature massages, skin and body treatments and beauty services, guests experience a joyful renewal at Perfect Balance in Lodi. The goal here is to provide the most beneficial treatments and products in a soothing atmosphere where the professional staff caters to your comfort and well-being. The tasteful and welcoming environment of Perfect Balance Day Spa will help you unwind so that you reenter the world with a calm mind and reenergized body. Their signature Classic massages are offered in increments of 20 to 90 minutes, and their Reflexology massage, devoted to the feet, is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality. Perfect Balance also offers the trademark La Stone Therapy Massage. In La Stone, 54 hot stones, 18 frozen stones, and one room temperature stone are used by a certified La Stone specialist. Alternating between heat and cold both stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system, which is very detoxifying for the body. In cooperation with heated stones, chilled marble stones create a dramatic movement of fluids within the body. The therapist places stones of varying weights on the body’s key energy channels, including the seven main chakras. Pebble-sized warm stones are placed between your toes and medium-sized flat stones are placed in your palms. The therapist also uses both hot and cool stones as an extension of his or her hand while doing Swedish massage. In every moment, with every touch, the calming hands of the comforting spa professionals at Perfect Balance work in concert with your spirit so that you can surround yourself with sights and sounds and people who give you pleasure to achieve your perfect day.


> Editor’s Pick:  La Stone –The original hot stone treatment. This soulful experience incorporates both warm and chilled stones to deeply relax and heal. The dual temperatures work with the blood flow, cleansing vital organs. 90 minutes | $120 or  120 minutes | $150


kym with a y spaKym with a Y Organic

Spa & Waxing Studio

307-b Lincoln Center

Stockton, CA, (209) 952-2299


This quaint, organic spa is as local and personal as it gets. Kym with a Y Organic Spa & Waxing Studio offers a fresh approach to the spa experience, setting the foundation for a journey toward better health and well-being. From therapeutic massages and soothing bodywork to nourishing body wraps and holistic skincare, their treatments open the door to a world dedicated to the balance and restoration of your mind and body. The surrender of your senses to the scent of organic oils and herbs and spices serves to help you enjoy supreme relaxation and rejuvenation. Kym features spa services that include: massages, facials, acupuncture, advanced skin care, body wraps, natural and chemical peels, waxing and more. Guiding principles of balanced, holistic wellness inspire Kym’s approach to healthy living through practices like acupuncture and aromatherapy. Their signature treatments will undoubtedly relax you and trigger greater balance in your life, and provide an unforgettable escape from the everyday. The AromaAcu Massage is where East meets West and ancient acupressure points serve to balance, while potent aromatherapy purifies, and the blend of both with touch therapy relieves aches and pains. The Salt, Mud & Massage includes a scrub and Sedona Mud Detox Mask on the back and a full body massage. Kym has partnered with Eminence Organics to offer a wide variety of health and beauty products. The Eminence Organic Skin Care line offers a truly exquisite experience with products that are so natural you can see the fresh fruit pulps and seeds and smell the real herbs. The philosophy is simple and natural, and it fits with the modern need of finding a natural skin care solution.  Kym with a Y Organic Spa and Waxing Studio is a home where tranquility reigns and health, beauty, and comfort are the only concerns of these soothing spa professionals.


Editor’s pick: The Facial Supreme – This crème de le crème treatment includes deep cleaning, extractions, peel, collagen treatment, lymphatic massage, and lifting mask. Reduces puffiness, tightens and tones. This is a specialized skin care treatment that can be customized for all skin types and conditions. 60 minutes | $150.00 (with microderm $200.00)