Limitless Escape Games is Giving us the Creeps

New Room ‘The Morgue’ debuts in Lincoln Center

Limitless Escape Games opened its Stockton outpost in 2017, the second location of the popular escape room business that combines intricate decorations and mind-boggling puzzles in a high-adrenaline atmosphere. If you haven’t gotten into the craze yet—dating back to Japan in 2007—it’s about time, but the newest room, we warn, isn’t for the fearful.

Mid-November, the Lincoln Center company will welcome ‘The Morgue’ to its line-up of interactive puzzle rooms. “’The Morgue’ will be our fifth adventure,” says Owner Michael Hill, who is also behind the Livermore location of Limitless. “The other adventures have been family-friendly, however, with ‘The Morgue’ it is recommended for players 16+.” That’s because ‘The Morgue’ plans to be quite graphic and bloody with plenty of jump scares. “It will not be for the faint of heart,” Michael warns.

This spooky new room is rated at medium difficulty, can accommodate up to ten players, and gives participants up to sixty minutes to escape.

Stockton’s four other rooms include Pirate Adventure, Bank Heist, Sherlock Holmes, and Wizard School.

The best way to get familiar with the rooms is to head online where brief descriptions give background info on each themed experience. Wizard School, for example, asks players to obtain the heart of a dragon. The detailed storyline makes the activity come to life, as you embody a group of ready-to-graduate young wizards embarking on one final dangerous task together. Bank Heist takes you from fantasy to reality, asking your group instead to take on the role of master thieves, break into a bank, and steal one of the world’s rarest and most valuable gems.

Every online description includes must-know details such as how many people can play the room at a time, what skill level the room requires, and the time allotted to escape.

To book, use the online portal. Pick your room, your time slot, and your number of participants. Prepay, then show up. It’s that easy.

Limitless Escape Games
280 Lincoln Center, Stockton
(209) 323-5429