shutterstock_2130637By Lindsey Rodrian

Revamp your home’s exterior with an array of options that bring your desired style, vibe, and function to life.

Update Your Old Front Door

There are no rules when it comes to choice of color and style for your front door- just let your personality and seemingly endless paint options shine through. Whether you choose to repaint an existing door or welcome a new one, you can easily make a statement or enhance your overall exterior. Choose a bold, bright color if you want to make your front door a statement piece; even consider mixing your own original color if you don’t find your ideal shade while perusing samples. Who cares if your neighborhood is a mecca for boring brown doors? To pull your home front together, consider your landscape and exterior colors, and choose a complimentary color scheme. For a natural, earthy look stain your wood door and let its beauty shine through.

Mailbox Makeover

Bump up your curb appeal with a little mailbox makeover. You’ve got a host of options when it comes to this insta facelift. For a near-to-nothing fix, scrub down your old mailbox, removing any dirt, debris or rust, and spray paint a new, bright color. Take it an extra step and buy stenciled or brass house numbers, or a welcome stencil saying ‘hello’ to take your mailbox makeover to the next level. Another cute mailbox edition? A flower box. Pick one up, or make one of your own and screw it into your post for sturdy, year-round enjoyment.

Cut Back Trees  & Bushes

Proper landscaping can make a home front look like new. Dedicate a Saturday to show your front yard a little tender loving care. Trim up your tree branches, remove old bushes and de-weed your garden beds. This essentially free exercise will reap serious benefits as you open up your entryway, expose details of your home and create a well-groomed appearance.

Add a Landscape Patio or Balcony

The experts at EMD Designs offer free consultation and custom design of porch additions and exterior entryways. These options can be an investment, but, will without a doubt, bring your exterior to life as they greet family and friends with open arms and ample room to enjoy a crisp fall evening. EMD’s owner Enrique De La Cruz is an insured designer, Auto-Cad Specialist and project manager, with certification in architectural design. His creativity can seamlessly fuse a front addition, adding loads of character, personality and depth. Explore options like customize designed entry gates, the perfectly sized front patio, stairs leading guests to your doorway and much, much, more.

Invite Tranquility with Water Features

The sounds of trickling water create relaxation, and a beautifully designed feature can act as a statement piece in your front yard. Lomeli Gardens of Lodi has an array of unique water features ranging in style, price and size. Whether you choose a whimsical garden fountain, a vase fountain or the modern column fountain, their benefits are vast. These installments bring nature to your front door, quite literally, with tranquil sounds that attract natural wildlife and enhance our ecosystem.  An added bonus: they require very little maintenance because the features re-circulate water, so you won’t notice a spike in your water bill, or growth of bacteria.

Install Lights AlongYour Entrance

Solar powered walkway lights can be found in packs for around a dollar each! If you’re not working on a budget, explore the beautifully detailed lights that cost upwards of $20 a pop. Either way, a lighted path makes visitors feel homey and safe. Line your driveway, garden beds or patio for nearly nothing. Installation is quick and easy, all you’ll need is a tape measure, a hammer, and the sun’s rays will do the rest! This easy enhancement will create a great ambiance to be enjoyed year round. Take it a step further and involve the experts at K&T Lights in Stockton for beautiful home installations elegantly draped from you back patio, accenting your foliage, lining your pool, and more!