Inside Out Lighting and Décor offers versatility

Anything but Cookie Cutter

Tired of your home décor matching your neighbor’s? Instead of shopping big box stores, let your personality shine through with stunning pieces from Inside Out Lighting and Décor is for throughout your home. Owner Deitra Kenoly has a passion for beautiful pieces of furniture and an eye for lighting to set the mood, whether you are looking to improve your home’s entertaining style or are simply updating your home office.

“I like to think of lighting as jewelry for your home,” says Deitra. “It’s the most important part of creating a room that you and your guests will love and it can make or break a space. Want to update your space? Change the lighting! It changes everything!”

Deitra handpicks every item she sells in her store, from breathtaking chandeliers to accent lamps, statement pieces to everyday furniture, artwork, and even bedding. She picks pieces that are stylish and different and finds her inventory all across the country—including Dallas, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and High Point, North Carolina (the furniture capital of the country). Valuing distinct pieces that reflect personal style and energy, she helps customers select the perfect accents for their homes. She also offers customizable artwork and goes out of her way to make sure your home reflects your own brilliant style, while still meeting its functional needs.

For those who will be entertaining this holiday season, or who simply want to entertain their own senses, be sure to check out Insight Out’s assortment of holiday ornaments, sure to make your home extra festive, cheerful, and merry.

Walk throughout Inside Out Lighting and Décor and enjoy all of the imaginative pieces that the store holds. Feel your senses ignite as you stroll through the rows of inventory. Everything from modern to glamourous, eclectic to European, it’s hard not to marvel, especially when you are shopping for the most important place you will be this season—home.