A Taste of the Caribbean


The flavors of the South Atlantic have made their way inland, skirting the Delta waves and slipping into our port city. Welcome to the Breadfruit Tree restaurant, where powerful combinations of spices and freshly prepared produce provide a tropical tour of the Caribbean. And who do we have to thank for this flavorful venue located not only at Paradise Point Marina, but now off of Pershing in the heart of Stockton? None other than Chef Louis Bynoe, owner and founder of both fine dining establishments.

Louis’ passion for cooking traveled with him when he arrived in the United States, prompting him to open up the Breadfruit Tree restaurant along our Delta waters. It’s a home away from home in the Caribbean-esque setting, with the bay-kissed breeze skimming up and along the channels and a perfect view of incoming boats, docking for a well-deserved meal. These hungry guests are always pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of dishes on the menu. And what do these folks dig into once they’ve reached dry land?

“The Sweet Chili Fish, which is a fish fillet marinated, pan-seared and topped with sweet peppers, onions, and sweet chili sauce.” Louis explains, also adding that many of his frequently returning customers have enjoyed the Poulet A Coco. “A charbroiled chicken in coconut rum herb sauce.”

It’s these sort of dishes, alongside the tropical atmosphere, that customers keep coming back for, year after year. After all, when you’ve got the chance to sit outside and along the water’s edge, or inside to view the wall-length mural depicting day to day Caribbean life, the visit becomes less about a meal and more about making memories. And a memorable experience is exactly what Louis wants to bring to each table he serves.


After seeing the popularity of his first restaurant, running on its 25th year, Louis decided it was time to take his love for Caribbean cuisine further inland. With the grand opening of his second restaurant, he’s decided to draw focus to a certain region for customers’ dining experience. “[The] Pershing restaurant is an extension of the original restaurant, with a little bit more influence on the Yucatan Caribe, which is more on the coast line of the Caribbean Sea Basin.”

His hope is to bring the same, relaxing atmosphere into Stockton. “We just finished painting murals of the Piton of St. Lucia. We do have music at the new restaurant.” With a few adjustments from its mother restaurant, alongside incredible menu options such as the Peleau, a rice stir fried with mixed vegetables and a honed ensemble of spices, the key components for the second Breadfruit Tree are set and ready to showcase all that is great in Caribbean dining.

Whether you’re making the trip out to Pershing or diving into a tasty experience alongside the Delta waters, you can’t go wrong with the Caribbean Style Oxtails, a dish served over rice comprised of spicy, stewed oxtail doused in brown sauce. It’s something Louis considers perfect for first time customers new to dishes from the South Atlantic.

For those with a fickle palette, don’t be shy! Your visit to Breadfruit Tree is never just a destination for a meal, but a journey across an ocean and into a tropical oasis. With so many entrees to sample, from Jamaica to Tobago and Canouan, too, you’re bound to taste that little piece of paradise Louis stores in his heart, served up for your enjoyment.


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