It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

By Copper Williams

Looking for a memento from all those trips to the winery, but can’t quite fit a barrel into the backseat of your car? Why not go for a clock? Rick Serna of Lodi Barrel Designs has taken our Lodi Appellation by storm, crafting unique furniture pieces and room accents out of barrels you’d find your favorite zinfandel aging in. Our personal favorite? Customizable barrel top clocks.

With a layer of lacquer spread over his canvas, Rick sets to work with acrylic paints and his own unique templates stamped out in vinyl to design clocks that complete any man cave, restaurant wall, or parlor room. Better yet, the barrels can be personalized with family names, wedding dates, or business logos. Give them a call and take a little bit of our appellation back home!

Check The Time At:
Lodi Barrel Designs
1807 LBD Way., Lodi
(209) 603-2636