Lifelong Learning

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By Copper Williams

The opportunity to learn never diminishes. It’s a constant and incredible force that propels us toward an ever-changing and promising future. The more we know, the more our eyes open to a world of possibilities. But as we grow older, we sometimes lose that flicker of enthusiasm for the new and unknown. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep up in such a fast paced and ever-evolving society. Luckily, our love for knowledge needn’t ever decline.

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of the Pacific strives to bring promising students back to the classroom. As DeeLynn Rivinius, Program Representative for OLLI@Pacific, explains, “OLLI@Pacific serves as a source of good memories, intellectual growth, and fellowship with others. Our classes and lectures have a lasting impact on our members.” There’s no requirement such as having been a student of the school, or better yet, having gone to college at all. OLLI@Pacific has only one goal in mind: Connecting with seniors above the age of 50 and giving them the chance to take hold of each learning opportunity at their disposal with no pesky exams or final grades to detract from the experience.

With class sizes varying between 10 to 20 students, and 20 to 50 for lectures, students have a diverse range of like-minded peers to connect and converse with. Some of the university’s top instructors and retired personnel, and experts from across our community teach the courses held directly at the university or an off campus location in Stockton or Lodi. The program is always open to insightful suggestions from students for new courses, one being the Zen Photography class, taught by Glenn Williams.

Classes with OLLI@Pacific are broken down into semesters available in spring, summer, and fall. These semesters provide students with a variety of courses that will either meet throughout the semester, will meet two to three times, or will be one-time learning opportunities. And classes are held throughout the day, ensuring that you’ll find more than one or two courses that will fit into your busy schedule.

Let your thoughts evolve with lectures on local, national, and worldwide topics. Participate in wellness courses to ensure that your body stays just as sharp as your mind. Enjoy literature discussions and writing exercises, hands-on visual art opportunities, and a plethora of technology courses aimed at keeping you up to date on the computer or its smaller, hand-held counterparts.

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Check out the musical or culinary inclined courses and leave your day’s lesson on a high note or with another notch in your belt. If you’re really feeling that sense of adventure, hit the road with your peers. OLLI@Pacific features numerous day trips involving both local destinations, excursions around California, and tours across our United States! “OLLI@Pacific is committed to maintaining the high level of learning opportunities and environments our members have grown accustom to over the years!” DeeLynn states.  “OLLI@Pacific is also committed to identifying new learning opportunities and new innovative ways in which to deliver these learning experiences.”

Become an active member and realize how OLLI@Pacific opens up more than just the classroom. Enjoy free admission for two conservatory concerts that host the University Symphony Orchestra, the Pacific Jazz Ensemble, Resident Artist Series, and more. Check out several discounts with local and online businesses such as Haggin Museum, DeMarcus Brown Theatre, Take 5 Jazz Sessions with Valley Brew, and Microsoft or Apple products.

Challenge yourself to step back into a world of limitless potential and register today. Annual memberships cost $30 and the semester registration fees vary from $25 to $55 according to your involvement with the university. Scholarships are available for those faced with financial hardship, but are still more than eager to return to the classroom.


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