The Facts on Artificial Grass

Grass sucks. And we mean that. Literally. Those luxurious green blades are impeccable at sucking up every droplet of water poured over them. Grass is also great at sucking up a heaping ton of your water bill and-if you haven’t yet installed sprinklers-your precious time. So why do so many people still bother with such a lame mane? Because it looks good, that’s why!

And it’s for that very reason that we’d love to suggest going artificial! Many homeowners are now opting to Buy Synthetic Grass in Perth over having the real thing because it’s far easier to look after. Having reservations about this bountiful DIY? Fear not! We’re here to clear the air of any apprehensions you might have.

Q: Are the savings that come with an artificial lawn all they’re chalked up to be?

Because there is no watering, fertilizing, de-weeding, or time spent on any of these tasks, an artificial lawn can ultimately save hundreds and even thousands of dollars over its lifetime depending upon its size.

Q: What’s the usual maintenance?

Any typical maintenance on the grass is entirely dependent on how much foot traffic the grass receives. If people and pets are walking across its surface daily, it’s best to give the turf a brush down to improve the turf’s overall look. Always remember to brush against the fibers to maintain that lovely, spongy texture that natural grass provides. If the turf is looking a little dingy, give it a quick spray down to ensure it maintains its glossy look.

Q: What do I do about my pet’s droppings?

If the droppings are solid, wait for them to harden before scooping them up and giving the area a quick squirt with the hose. If they are loose or if its urine that’s pooling, feel free to take out the hose and spray the surrounding area. The leavings will then filter through the porous surface and away from your grass.

Q: How long does it last before the grass needs to be reinstalled?

Your lovely new lawn is here for the long haul, clocking in anywhere between 10 – 15 years of service. And because not all areas are affected as much as others, some areas won’t need to be replaced as quickly, meaning you can divvy up the installation dates and budget accordingly.

Q: Roughly how long does installation take?

On average, installation can be completed in one day, but three to four at max as installation area increases.


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