• Bank of Stockton
  • Paradise Designs- Creating Luxurious Landscapes

    Escape the Central Valley and step into your own private vacation spot, right in your back yard. Thanks to the superior service, supplies and years of experience, San Joaquin’s Paradise Designs offers customers a chance to make their dreams a reality by re-creating their indoor […]

    Outdoor Oasis- How to Achieve a Low Maintenance Hostess Hot Spot

      Many homeowners are saying goodbye to their large backyards and happily greeting beautiful stonework to lessen upkeep and improve entertainment value. Matt Foster of Lodi Design and Landscape says trending hardscapes invite people to truly enjoy their yard or garden features that may be […]

    One Tough Mudder

    What is your biggest objection to putting carpet in your house? It gets dirty, right? After all, we love the warm feeling of sinking our toes into soft carpet when we get out of bed. But that comfort soon fades as we are faced with […]

    Houseplant Reference Guide

    Indoor plants and herbs pose many benefits for your home. Aside from their aesthetic charm, houseplants make breathing easier, they purify the air, improve your health, sharpen your focus and release moisturizing vapor. In this issue of San Joaquin Homes and Gardens, we encourage you to […]

    On the Town

    California Closets

    What’s a Woman to do With All Those Shoes? The kids have gone back to school, the holidays are around the corner and the seasons are changing, making this time of year notorious for its chaotic qualities. The last thing needed in your morning routine […]

    Tips From Tiffany: Setting The Scene

    It seems everyone has their eyes glued to their smart phones or tablets these days. It’s easy to deride social media for taking the place of face-to-face conversations and to lament the days that thank you notes were written on stationary and sent off with […]

    BTA SOLAR – Soak up the rays in cost efficient ways

    If you’ve got a utility bill, Stockton’s BTA Solar can show you how to supplement or eliminate your electric utility costs for decades to come. As an efficient and effective form of energy, solar power uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity so you won’t […]

    DIY Haunted House

    Halloween is truly a fun time of year. In addition to the joys of costumes and candy, this particular holiday offers a great opportunity to put your creative cap on and get seriously crafty. We encourage you to start a new family tradition, a mid-October […]

    SJ City Guide

    DIY Photo Line

    Showcasing special moments within your family brings warmth and character to your home. Engagements, weddings, anniversaries, vacations and newborns fill our camera and computer hard drive, and although we cherish the moment the photo captures, sometimes it is difficult to showcase all of those milestones […]

    Save, Plan, Remodel!

    The thing about remodeling is… one thing always leads to another. One scenario: you’ve seen how gorgeous your new bathroom vanity is so now you want to redo your floors. Another, once you’ve pulled out your kitchen cabinets, you find termites or mold. Is that […]

    The Decorative Rock Network

    The Decorative Rock Network has the largest collection of natural stones in all of Northern California! Their impressive inventory is a dream come true for your masonry or landscape projects. In addition to natural stones, the company boasts an entire line of California Quarried Natural […]

    How to Incorporate the Wow Factor into Your Next DIY Design

    Most people don’t think about the window coverings, lighting, and artwork until the very end of their design project. At this point their budget is almost depleted, but these elements are the MOST important. Allocate at least 50% of your budget to window coverings, lighting, […]

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