Clean up on Tile 9

By Copper Williams

Tough stains don’t stand a chance when it comes to the perfectly lain porcelain tile that Trevizo Tile and Stone provide for their customers! A product purchased through Bedrosians, Daltile and Marazzi, these porcelain pieces are the very best at ensuring that wear and tear is a passing thought. After all, porcelain tile is made to endure the intensity of high-traffic homes!

And when it comes to maintaining porcelain tile, Hugo at Trevizo knows just the way to keep it looking as good as new! He explains to us that, truth be told, it’s all about the grout when keeping floors well-groomed! “Your tile will never stain. It will always stay looking good with soapy water,” Hugo explains. “But for grout joints- mix white vinegar with water- it’s a natural acid and will eat up any dirt or stain in your grout.”

A solution of fifty percent water and fifty percent vinegar will do the trick for any tough to tackle grout stain, and use of a toothbrush will take the cleanliness of your grout to a new level. Anything that’s barely visible can be handled with a ten percent vinegar solution. All you need is a bucket, your vinegar concoction and a cloth or toothbrush to take on the stain! Looking at a stain that won’t come out? It’s an easy fix, Hugo explains. “Anytime the grout stain is not coming out you can dig it out with a razor blade and you can re-grout” Simple advice for maintaining an amazing tiled floor, sure to last for years to come!

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