WOW Museum Summer of Science Camps

The time has come once again to start thinking about your summer plans. What better way to keep your kids engaged than to send them to the World of Wonders Science Summer Camp! This summer […]

Autism Awarness Month

Did you know one in every 88 children in American has been diagnosed with autism? In order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism, join the Autism Society in celebrating National Autism Awareness Month. […]

Red Rhino Orphanage Project

Born through the rugged travel experience of founders Greg and Susan Traverso throughout Africa, the Red Rhino Orphanage Project’s mission is “to enable some of the most desperate and disadvantaged children in Kenya to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation.” […]

Sassy Pants Boutique

Although the fight for a matching wardrobe may prove difficult, Sassy Pants Boutique is a fashionable, creative outlet for both mother and child. […]

Parents Magazine

Aging Parents: Know When to Step In

It’s something most of us will have to face in our lives—knowing what to do as our parents get older and begin to deteriorate in physical or mental health. There may eventually come a time […]

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