How To Get a Good Kid’s Haircut

By Nora Heston Tarte
When you’re gearing up for back to school, a stylish ‘do is a must for little boys and girls. However, if you’ve been in the parenting game for long, you’ve likely had a less-than-desirable experience when it comes to cutting those little hairs, whether too-short bangs were a result of your own foray into playing beautician, or a professional gave your child an uneven trim. Give your kid a coif that will be the envy of the playground with these tips from San Joaquin stylists.
Step 1:
Find a stylist that knows how to work with children.
Even if you’d trust your hairstylist with both the life of your firstborn and your own outward appearance, that doesn’t mean he/she is equipped to handle kids. Some stylists—no matter how talented—just don’t do kids cuts, and they might not necessarily turn you away if you ask.
Your kid’s comfort is key. “Sometimes kids are just scared of certain people and you just have to go in and find someone that they’re comfortable with,” suggests Liz Smith, a hairstylist at Indulgence Salon in Stockton.
Step 2:
Bring a distraction/know your child’s needs.
If your child scares easily or doesn’t do well with strangers, ask if they can sit on your lap for the duration of the appointment. You can also calm their nerves by forgoing razors or other appliances beyond scissors. “A lot of [kids] don’t like the bib or the drape around them… It scares them,” Judy Huffman, a stylist/barber at Salon Sirah explained. It’s okay to skip the cover, but bring a change of clothes just in case.
If your child is known for an outgoing personality, they may struggle to sit still for long enough to achieve the desired look—and a sudden jerk can result in a lasting faux pas. “Bring them a lollipop,” Liz says. “You have to keep them occupied and happy.”
Step 3:
Have realistic expectations.
Maybe you want your son’s hairdo to be a clone of his father’s, or perhaps you have a very specific cut in mind for your little girl. Kids are like adults when it comes to hair. Not every style fits every person and the texture of his or her hair may not lend to the desired look. Ask the stylist beforehand how realistic your expectations are and adjust if necessary.